A Neptune and Pluto Day to Remember, Part 2 of 3
A Neptune and Pluto Day to Remember, Part 1

In contrast to the crash chart from earlier in the day, this one had a clearly Eastern first quadrant below-the-horizon dominance. At first, I was baffled about this kind of dominance since the action was happening to my 16-yo co-traveler and me; but then it hit me: I had developed the chart about the cab and its driver so yes, it fits perfectly. He had clearly taken the first step–and all of the rest of them for that matter too.

Rogue cab

In that brief span of time from the accident in the afternoon (3:45 PM) in New York City until the time of what I’m calling the rogue cab chart (1:17 AM, Binghamton), the Part of Fortune [PoF] to Sun-Mercury semisextile with Mercury as the farthest point, now resolving the Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile at 14 Libra 45. This resonant point closed the gap in the conjunction to 9th house Jupiter. But the Sun-Mars semisextile with the Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile at 14 Scorpio 44 now formed a new semisextile and established a shadow to the Sun. This point is where we actually began–at the PoF and Mars semisextiles to the Sun. I wasn’t surprised to see the involvement of the Part of Fortune since he was earning from this, and quite well, I might add!

The Sun-Mercury conjunction in this case establishes a significant resonant placement by that conjunction since it represents the focal point of what could be considered a Undecaquartisextile Shadow Yod. I might otherwise be hesitant to use it but the driver, despite his perfect Italian accent,was such a glib talker–by the time I realized what had happened–I was just feeling blessed to have gotten out of the situation without more dangerous events taking place. Looking back, I realize his movements later heightened my sense of his being something along the lines of the used car salesman or the guy on the street whose constant prattle is so off-putting in the midst of his convincing you that you can bet him and win in the shell game he’s playing, you don’t realize what’s happening.

I thought perhaps that Venus was a single heartbeat in the chart or somehow otherwise involved in an interaction with Neptune, but it wasn’t that simple: On the surface, that Sun-Mercury placement represented a huge focal point since the serious “I’m here to help you” attitude appeared to be the first layer. But that was the point! It was only the first layer. When you look at the heartbeat of the chart, you see what’s really going on lies in the Venus-Jupiter-Neptune sequence. Every motivation the driver had, every step he took from start to finish was focused on this point of illusion.

It’s a bit disconcerting to realize you’ve been had, but it was in familiar territory. In New York City, it would have been (and was) less likely to have happened. I knew I probably could have told the cabbie who was involved in the accident that I wasn’t paying, but this one was on me: I didn’t feel like arguing. It wasn’t about my defenses being down, rather about my deciding it wasn’t worth it; catching up with dear friends was more important. At home, on the other hand, we were in such familiar territory, our defenses were down. At that hour, it simply led to the ease of what took place next.

Since these events took place–obviously–in the United States the day before Pluto was stationing to Retrograde (Rx) motion, I decided to vary my usual presentation of the Pluto station charts to offer the United States first. However, this time, as you’ll see, I’m placing the UK chart last. It will make sense as I continue forward.

USA - PL Station Rx

I didn’t really expect the Pluto station to Rx chart to surprise me much. The Eastern 4th quadrant above-the-horizon dominance is so obvious even to the untrained eye, it speaks of a focus on US interaction in the world. Is anyone surprised at that? sighhh The Pluto Rx began about 7.5 hours after the second of the events during my Neptune and Pluto day with the Moon now having shifted to the 9th house of international affairs, laws and the courts.

I couldn’t help but notice the obvious connections to the powers that be in the Oval Office. At first, I thought it might be necessary to develop a biwheel chart with Trump’s on the outside of the Pluto SRx chart. But while the transiting Pluto Station to Retrograde chart shows transiting Mars in the 12th house in a 36-minute partile square to Trump’s Ascendant as well as in a separating square to his Mars. While the square to Mars generally points to a period about six months ago when Mars opposed his natal Mars, this can be seen as a testing period in which ideas or projects he had in development might succeed or fall through. How this could play out in the 4th house of the Pluto chart, however, remains to be seen. For now, I’m more interested in seeing the dynamics so I’ve decided to bypass the synastry chart and to stick to the basics since there are still more charts to see.

I will offer the USA Powell chart (reference: astrologer Gary Lorentzen) on the outside since this actually appears to have enough substance to start considering as a valid chart for the nation.

USA - PL SRx inside, US Powell chart outside

While I was struck, as I mentioned earlier, by the partile square from 12th house Mars in the Pluto SRx chart to Trump’s Ascendant as well as a square to his 12th house Mars (in the 4th of the SRx chart), I’m more taken by the 10-minute partile semisextile between the Pluto SRx Mars and the Powell chart’s Venus resolving at 14 Sagittarius 27, establishing a mere 20-minute partile conjunction to the 7th house cusp!

What’s significant about this particular aspect–the transiting Jupiter conjunction to the Powell Saturn lies in the presence of a tight Cardinal T-square between the Powell Full Moon with the Powell Moon still within orb of the conjunction to the Pluto SRx Pluto–both of which are also still within orb of the Pluto SRx Uranus–with Saturn at the arm. Now I don’t mean to imply that Uranus’ presence in this pair of charts should be considered part of a Grand Cross although it’s still a Cardinal placement, it feels a bit too far for me call it that–that is, until I see Chiron in the Powell chart which is clearly close enough to create that synchronistic connection. So although it’s a T-square, natally, the Jupiter square to Pluto is enough to provide the connections for the two charts to show such power in being triggered.

Surely that sounds like a stretch, but please bear with me because I think it’s worth your consideration. The Pluto SRx chart’s Jupiter-Pluto square triggers the Powell T-square while that Pluto transit pulls in the Powell Chiron for this kind of energy. Even the Powell chart’s Uranus so close to a conjunction to the Pluto SRx Ascendant and the Powell chart’s Mars just about equidistant from inside the first to the Ascendant didn’t have as much impact on me as these other factors. And coincidentally or not, the Powell chart’s Mercury on the Pluto SRx’s 3rd house cusp was involved in a 27-minute approaching square from the Pluto SRx Uranus. It seems too telling for all of these signs to be simply coincidental.

Although my concentration began on the Pluto SRx chart with the Powell chart as a side focus from outside the wheel, these correlations gave me reason to check the view with the Powell chart inside and the Pluto SRx outside as a transit.

USA - Powell chart inside, PL SRx OUTSIDE

Take note of the Powell chart’s Full Moon now taking horizon prominence from the 1st to the 7th houses with its Saturn and the Pluto SRx chart’s Jupiter conjunction now falling–still obviously square to the Full Moon–in the 9th house. For me, this alone is a major warning sign. But then Pluto SRx’s Sun-Mercury Rx 29-minute partile conjunction also in a 28-minute and 57-minute partile conjunction to the Powell chart’s IC offers yet one more type of validation for me. It’s just too uncanny!

Additionally, in this wheel, we can’t miss the Pluto SRx chart’s Pluto now rising with Powell’s Mercury Rx opposed and well within orb and the Pluto SRx chart’s Uranus nearing the IC. And then there is that now Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile formed from the 5th house Pluto SRx Mars-6th house Powell Venus semisextile to the cusp of the 12th house (also a 46-minute partile at 14 Sagittarius 27). Time to move on because there’s more to cover.

While my family member and I dealt with rebalancing our equilibrium after our own events, Friday our time, Saturday in India saw a deadly lorry crash in which up to 21 (The numbers I’ve seen range from 14 to 21) were killed while they protested outside at a police station in Yerpedu, Andhra Pradesh. Another 18 were injured–some critically–after the lorry plowed into the protesters. But it wasn’t just plowing through: It struck a car, then an electricity pole and then roadside shops and the protesters. Six had been crushed under the wheels of the truck and another nine had been electrocuted. A local newspaper reporter lost his legs.In a follow up story, the Times of India said the driver had been drunk with 20 times the legal limit allowable for driving.

India - PL Station Rx

I’m always fascinated to see the story unfolding with the undecaquartisextile (UQSXT) series because it offers an opportunity to see an outcome or the dynamics of what will happen: the houses as well as the placements (angles, planets, but even a Part of Fortune) can reveal much in these aspects coming together. After Brexit, Tony Blair’s July 6 speech gave me an opportunity to look at one more chart in which I recall seeing signs of secrets coming out and legal issues. (John Davenport recalls about the secrets better than I do; but those legal issues preceded news of the PLO filing suit against the UK related to the Palestinian State, a result of the Balfour Declaration, I believe. This suit was followed by India’s decision to file for the return of the Kohinoor diamond that sits as the focal point of the crown Queen Elizabeth wore for her coronation.)

In this accident, the Mercury Rx-Mars semisextile unfolds to a 3rd house Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile at 14 Scorpio 45. It established the setting in a local neighborhood, where normal daily activities were taking place. Mercury rules the natural zodiacal chart’s third house of daily affairs. In this chart, the placement falls in the 9th house of legal affairs. Mars rules the natural zodiacal chart’s first house, pointing to initiation, the body, the head. In this chart, Mars sits in the 10th house at what I mentioned early in this article as the Pleiades, pointing to accidents and violence. Intentionally or not, this was clearly something that could be considered as having fallen into the realm of the Pleiades. The resonant point in the 3rd house falls in Scorpio, ruled traditionally by Mars (known for accidents) and in more modern terms by Pluto, which is, of course, a major focus of this article.

Moving on, I’ve pulled up the Pluto SRx chart revealing the 7-minute partile conjunction of Uranus on the 7th house cusp while Pluto in the 3rd approaches the IC. The 7th house Sun/Mercury Rx conjunction forming the seisextile to Mars in the 8th house now resolves in the 1st house at that degree I mentioned above–14 Scorpio 45. In this chart, take note of the terminal houses being activated with the Moon in 4, Mars in 8 and Jupiter Rx in 12. The second resonant point from the 6th house (cusp) Venus semisextile to the Sun-Mercury Rx conjunction resolves in the 12th house at 13 Libra 31. Still, the 12th house is where we note hidden enemies.

Now I realize many wouldn’t see the ongoing conflict between India and Pakistan as “hidden“; but while they are indeed open enemies, they are also hidden since one is never truly aware of when the next attack will take place. In that particular region, all could be well and suddenly shift in the blink of an eye.

I usually see stationing body signs–especially with the outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto)–beginning as long as a month before the actual station. It takes about a week or so for the impact to finish with its stationed cycle into the new apparent direction. We often see an increase in events clearly related to these changes in direction. Not that this will be all, but certainly they’ll feel so strongly Saturnian or Uranian, Neptunian or Plutonian. It won’t be hard to miss. If you’re experiencing an outer planet transit to one of your natal placements, that outer planet may also lend a certain flavor to the experience or events you’re noticing. Never underestimate the stations–direct or retrograde. They are quite telling.

India - PL SRx inside, India OUTSIDE

Just some quick views now since I’m sure you’re catching on to the UQSXT patterns in the repeating charts, so unless there’s a remarkable difference, I won’t need to go over those again. I’ve placed India’s natal chart outside the Pluto SRx chart since there are some key placements that bear being discussed. You already know that the India-based chart for the Pluto SRx reveals a 4/8/12 terminal house complex, but take note of the MC conjunction to the 4th house Moon of the Pluto SRx while India’s natal Ascendant conjuncts Mars in the 8th and natal Neptune, while not conjunct Jupiter, is now in the 12th house. In the natural zodiacal chart, we’d see Pisces in the 12th house, and here, we have Jupiter, Pisces’ traditional ruler, and Neptune, the modern day ruler of Pisces, are both in the 12th! Let’s not stop there though: Take note that India’s natal Moon forms a conjunction to the Pluto SRx chart’s MC! I believe its also worth noting, btw, that Libra is the antiscion sign to Pisces! (I mentioned early into this article that the Pluto SRx 12th house Jupiter sits at the antiscion to the Pluto SRx 5th house Neptune.)

Since I pretty much pointed out the reversed version of the above chart with India inside, I’ll move to the UK and the Pluto SRx charts in part 3 now. First, just the Pluto SRx chart. This alone should offer a pretty full picture although I might be surprised and still look at the natal with this one.

Until next time…in part 3

Namaste, I love you,

©2017 Michelle Young