A Uranus Direct Moment Steve Harvey Won’t Ever Forget!
Before I had the opportunity to post this article, I was in excruciating back pain and was dealing with that, often spending hours on my feet because neither sitting nor lying down helped at all. Now that I’m starting to function more normally again, I’m back on the roll and will begin to post as I had planned to do all of this past week. Mea culpa for the delays; it couldn’t be helped. Rest assured, my back is on the mend now.

In the week leading up to Uranus shift to apparent direct motion again on the 25th/26th of December–depending on where one is in the world–not surprisingly, a series of unusual events took place including the moment Steve Harvey.would probably love to forget. I’ll cover some of the week’s events in a separate article, but this caught enough attention to make national and world headlines for a few days at least. As of the 23rd of December, it was still drawing a good amount of attention including surprise from some who couldn’t believe that Harvey would still be MC of the show next year.

By now, you’ve probably already heard who was Miss Universe 2015 for about four minutes before the crown was removed and placed on the one who actually won the vote. Just in case you haven’t, however, here’s the quick recap:  At 6:58 pm PST, Steve Harvey announced Miss Colombia as the new Miss Universe, and she began the traditional runway walk to the obvious delight of fellow Colombian, Miss Universe 2014, Paulina Vega. But at 7:03 pm PST, before Miss Colombia was done receiving the applause and cheers from the crowd, Harvey returned to the stage and apologized for the first-ever error. Miss Universe 2014 then removed the jeweled crown from Miss Colombia’s head and placed it on the head of Pia Wurtzbach of the Philippines, the actual winner of Miss Universe 2015  I didn’t bother to continue with the new winner’s crowning since a mere 5 minutes–1° on the Ascendant–had passed by that time. Not enough change to move forward with that one. Nevertheless, I’ll add the chart for those of you who are interested.
Miss Philippines actual winnerIn all fairness to Harvey, we’ve all had those egg-on-the-face moments. Many people might not want to admit to some of them, but then they probably didn’t have the additional ouch of knowing millions around the world were watching on TV!

I didn’t succeed in finding Steve Harvey’s time of birth in Welch, West Virginia, and have gone with an untimed chart set for noon on January 17, 1957. But after finding the times of both the error and the actual winner being named, I figured it was worth a little time to have a look at what happened.
Steve Harvey untimed chartObviously, I can’t see the house placements or dominances in Harvey’s chart, so this is just to see what he has in hard aspects. Not that soft aspects don’t matter. Of course they do. But hard aspects are often triggered at times like these. His Capricorn Sun, for example, forms an out-of sign fixed T-square in opposition to Uranus in Leo with dear old Neptune at the arm, ironically on the MC in the untimed chart. It would seem like he has had many of these kinds of foibles taking place in his life although perhaps not all in major events like this was; but then I really know very little about him save for his friendship with Dr. Phil.

It’s hard to say whether his Leo Moon is actually where it is or might be within orb of the conjunction to Uranus or Pluto. Were I to hazard a guess however, I’d say it’s most likely to be closer to Uranus and possibly within orb; but that guess would be strictly based on what happened at the Miss Universe pageant. That’s not the best way to make such a judgment call. On the other hand, he does have a Mercury-Venus conjunction in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, and Venus is in square to Jupiter in Venus-ruled Libra.

I tend to take rulerships into consideration because they often will point to nuances we may otherwise miss especially when we have no dominances or accurate house cusps to consider. Since Venus is the factor in play between the placement in Capricorn and its rulership of the sign in which Jupiter is placed, I looked to Saturn in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius (SAG). Saturn obviously plays as critical a role in this square as Venus does since he’s also in the midst of his Saturn return. As of this writing, Saturn was making a 44-minute partile conjunction to the natal placement at 10 SAG 59.
Error inside, Harvey outsideAt the three-hour event drew to a close, the Ascendant had moved to Leo, and the 10th house Moon had transited to 1 Taurus 38, forming a mere 6-minute partile square to the Ascendant. Again, we see Venus coming into play as the ruler of the sign in which the Moon was placed. The symbolism is remarkable when you consider these are the first two cosmic bodies we usually think of when we consider women–Venus as the ideal woman, and the Moon as the mother. Transiting Mars at 22 Libra (LI) 27 was making a tight conjunction (2°10′) to the IC while Steve Harvey’s natal Mars fell in opposition to that point, conjunct the MC. In fact if Harvey’s Mars is actually at 23 Aries 26 and not a minute more, it was falling in 59-minute opposition to Mars! Transiting Saturn and, of course, Harvey’s Saturn were intercepted in the 5th house, bringing that combination into play especially since transiting Saturn is still very much in square to transiting Neptune in the 8th house. And again, the Peeling of Life’s Onion comes into play!

As if that weren’t enough, however, take note of transiting Pluto’s conjunction both transiting Mercury and Steve Harvey’s natal Mercury. While Mercury was in the midst of its return for Harvey, that placement of Pluto is especially important since it was making a mere 9-minute partile conjunction to the midpoint of Steve’s natal and transiting Mercury! At the same time of course, Mercury was making a perfected square to transiting Uranus conjunct the MC. Mercury in square to Uranus can certainly speed up the occurrence of events like these with everything you didn’t want to say, the errors you (and Steve Harvey) really don’t plan to make, and other general foot-in-the-mouth happenings you’d really like to forget.

While John Davenport had pointed to transiting Uranus as it formed a Blooming Undecaquartisextile (UQSXT) to the midpoint of Harvey’s Jupiter-Neptune semisextile, the error also brought out the eye-rolling OMG moment with the transiting Moon making an UQSXT to Venus, the Mercury-Pluto conjunction forming an UQSXT to the Ascendant, and some might want to include (I’m holding off in doing so since this one offers a 3°58′ orb and would rather observe the wider orbs for a while before accepting them.) transiting Neptune’s UQSXT to the North Node. But I’m not calling Neptune more out of the water just yet because it’s still clearly in play with transiting Mars’ antiscion forming a 13-minute partile conjunction to transiting Neptune! An antiscion (Solstice Point), for those who need a reminder, operate like ocnjunctions to the planets at those degrees just as the contra-antiscion serves as an opposition to the planet. In this case, since transiting Mars’ antiscion is conjunct transiting Neptune, the antiscion of Steve Harvey’s natal Mars becomes Neptune’s contra-antiscion point. The poor man must have simply been mortified at the mistake! As I said early on, this may have been “the moment Steve Harvey.would probably love to forget.”

On that note, on to the Uranus Direct article!

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