Ambush – A Peaceful Protest, A Deadly Night

The Dallas Morning News and the Washington Post report 11 police officers have been shot by what was originally thought to be two snipers “from elevated positions” in Dallas, Texas. One civilian has also been shot. Five of the officers, 4 Dallas police, and one a transit officer, are dead. The scene was chaotic as I started this article, and a pair of videos have been posted already online that have shown clear angles of the shootings.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

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“Dallas Police Chief David Brown said about 8:58 p.m., at least two snipers shot 11 officers and one civilian from elevated positions with rifles during the rally in downtown,” the Dallas Morning News said. NBC News confirms that time with a quote by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings. “At 8:58, our worst nightmare happened,” Rawlings said. “It is a heartbreaking moment for the city of Dallas.”

According to the Washington Post alert, the fracas began around 9 pm Central Time, but I have amended the time to reflect the Dallas Morning news time. The incident occurred as an otherwise peaceful march on Dallas was taking place in protest of the killings of two black men, one in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the other in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, apparently near the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area.

One of the suspects is still shooting and is “holed up in a garage.” In fact, the shootings took place at the end of the protest. The Dallas Morning News has a one-word headline that fits what happened: “Ambush.”

As the news has progressed, officials indicated that three are in custody, and police are currently engaged in a shootout with another suspect in a garage. Apparently a female has also been taken into custody, but they haven’t said what her role is. But police have now admitted to not being sure of how many were actually involved in the attack. The bombs, if they actually are planted, are also still in question since police have no idea whether they’re actually planted or not–or where, other than in downtown Dallas. One of the witnesses to the attack said one of the snipers appeared to be prepared with body armor since he had been shot in the back and appeared not to have been fazed at all by the bullet.

This attack “was planned in a coordinated fashion,” said CNN’s Don Lemon. “They are not confident that they have all suspects in custody at this point.”

TX - 11 cops shot, 5 dead

The news obviously is still coming in, but I thought I’d have a look at the chart. Venus sits on the 7th house cusp which certainly can point to a peaceful setting for the protest as it wound down. What strikes me, however, is the 35-minute partile square between Uranus and Venus with Uranus forming a 1°41′ square to the Ascendant as well.

While this appears to be a fairly accurately timed chart, of course, we can’t be positive about this actually being the case. However, as charts have been showing lately, no dominance is present between the Eastern and Western hemispheres; they’re evenly split, indicating to me at least the likelihood of this being a coordinated attack, as early reports have mentioned. To be sure, all of these activities have been so publicly visible, there are two videos on Facebook already with clear views of at least one officer being felled and the gunfire taking place.

The third and fourth quadrants are also split for shared dominance and only the clear in-your-face event taking place in full view. Now there is commentary coming in right now (1:32 AM CDT) in which a reporter has mentioned hearing a sound of a possible explosion, but it was not known yet whether what was heard was a protective measure on the part of officers or an actual explosion.

And again, a Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile develops out of the semisextile between 2nd house Chiron and 3rd house Uranus to 9 Libra 46 on the cusp of the 9th house while still in the 8th. This aspect in this particular points to the assault on law officers. Note Jupiter in the 8th and Pluto in the 12th. While they’re in trine, I find this particular placement extremely interesting since the trine would indicate an ease of energies. But Jupiter and Pluto in aspect often refers to interactions with police, which obviously has been the focus of the night’s events.
TX - 11 cops shot, 5 dead inner, Dallas middle, State of Tx outerMoving from the single view to the triple wheel with the ambush chart in the innermost wheel, the Dallas chart in the middle and the state chart in the outer wheel, the contacts to the current situation are simply stunning. Take note of the chart-by-chart connections as well as the house placements in the synastry of the three with the 4/8/12 houses taking what might be called center stage as events transpired.

Dallas’ chart shows Uranus in the 12th house natally now placed in the attack chart 4th house while the state chart–also showing Uranus in that chart’s 12th house now conjunct the Dallas chart’s Part of Fortune at the third house cusp.

But the state chart also shows a Mars-Uranus conjunction with a 1°41 orb. I’m more intrigued, however, by the Moon in the state chart conjunct transiting Pluto in trine to transiting Jupiter and also in trine to the Dallas chart’s Uranus which, in turn, forms a conjunction to the state chart’s South Node.

A transiting Sun-Mercury conjunction opposes transiting Pluto with the Sun forming the 9-minute partile opposition to transiting Pluto and the conjunction also opposing the Moon in the state chart.  Saturn in the Dallas chart forms a semisextile to transiting Venus, and a Blooming Undecaquartisextile comes to life with the state chart’s Sun receiving the conjunction at 9 Capricorn 12 (1°16). “In the line of duty” comes to mind with the snipers, of course, having been hidden from view until the videos came to light.

The state’s Venus-Neptune conjunction served as another point of curiosity for me since Venus formed a 2-minute partile quincunx to the event chart’s Venus. But when the state chart’s Venus is compared to the Dallas chart, we can’t help but notice the sextile from the Dallas chart’s Moon which also establishes a quincunx to the event chart’s Venus. The three points form a very tight yod, warning for adjustments to events that were about to come.

To be sure, the Peeling of Life’s Onion is still very much a part of the dynamics as well here with Neptune in the 2nd house in square to 11th house Saturn in Sagittarius. I struggle to believe this gunman now holed up in the Dallas Parking Garage will get out alive, or at least that doesn’t appear to be his intention. For Dallas and for the state of Texas, it’s obviously going to be a long night. The shootout continues to go on as I prepare to close this now. I no sooner wrote the last sentence than I heard the news: The suspect in the standoff is dead, and now authorities can begin a critically important search–for the bombs and other possible suspects.

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