Amina Agha, Pakistan

Michelle is the miracle person in my life. She is one person I have trusted with my eyes closed on all issues in my life. We go back a long way, gossiping, sharing recipes, giggling over blunders and so much more. She is a complete woman. But as an astrologer and friend, my bond with Michelle strengthened in 2006 when my brother suffered severe brain injury. It was at that time when the doctors were silent and he was unconscious that she told me with conviction that he would live. He did. And the doctors said they were quiet because there was no chance he would survive and they just couldn’t tell us this. Michelle saw what medical science did not. And the confidence with which she told me this, helped my entire family get through it without losing hope. Even when he gained consciousness, he would stare into space, could not walk or talk, could not move his body, did not smile. He was just lying there. And everyday Michelle would spend hours with me online reading my father’s chart, my mother’s chart and my younger brothers and mine too, to pick up hope from anywhere and give it to me. At that time she told me he would smile and laugh again and although I trusted her, it was so hard to believe that. He did it after three years. Today he walks just like she said he would, when doctors had no hope.

Whatever Michelle has told me as an astrologer has come true. And she is the only one I can trust.