April 7, 2017 – Attack on Europe, Attack on Sweden – Again!

We’re now in the midst of Mercury’s slow movement as we enter the path leading to the Mercury Retrograde in the Eastern (GMT and east of there) hemisphere on the 10th of April. Saturn’s station to Retrograde took place yesterday, the 6th. Over the next two weeks, Venus will return to Direct motion on the 15th, and Pluto will station to Retrograde on the 20th. It’s a busy month. Presumably, the awakening of springtime in the Northern hemisphere isn’t behind the increase we are seeing in these attacks. No, I’m not thinking negatively, rather just looking ahead to the coming weeks, and I’m reflecting on patterns I’ve seen in the past where extraterrestrial (outer planetary) shifts appeared to coincide with manmade or natural catastrophic events. This one appears to have been no different.

Shop Girls ca 1900 - ©Wm James Glackens

As I looked at this new chart, I wondered whether there has been a shift in the attack pattern itself. These used to be hidden in an effort for larger numbers of victims. Now, they seem more open. Today’s attack in Stockholm was completely out in the open, and from what the Indian Express indicated, an SUV first drove into a crowd of people and then drove into the store. At least four are dead and 15, among whom a woman’s foot was severed, are injured.

A Western 3rd quadrant dominance with an even above and below the horizon split shows a likelihood that this was part of a united effort to wreak terror rather than another random act of terrorism. It was intended to create confusion and chaos. While the single heartbeat lies in Neptune’s transit through Pisces, the opposing Moon’s antiscion sits at 23 Aries 17, forming a 4-minute partile conjunction to the Uranus-Vertex midpoint. It’s as if to say this was inevitable.

Take a close look, however, at the Cardinal T-square in angular houses: Jupiter in the 1st in a 14-minute partile opposition to the Sun, both of which are tightly in square to 4th house Pluto within the widest orb of 1°18. The Venus-Part of Fortune midpoint falls at 13 Pisces 16, forming a 14-minute partile conjunction to Neptune. At the opposition point, if I were to use the Part of Fortune in another undecaquartisextile pattern, we’d again see the Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile at 13 Virgo 16. However, Neptune clearly shows its strength on its own as the heartbeat of the chart and the ensuing chaos and confusion that took place with the attack.

Sweden - terror attack

I created a number of charts to get a better feel for the dynamics of today’s attack: Sirius offers a chart for the kingdom, created two days after the constitutional chart; but the time was rounded and offered no resource notes as most of the Sirius files do. When you’re working with a series of charts like these, of course there are always the questions, “Which one is best?” “Which should go in the inside?” and countless more. I ended up doing a comparison of the attack chart inside and outside of the Kingdom and the Constitution charts. I also created a triple wheel to see if I could identify anything and passed by those when the only thing standing out was one in which the Moon of the Constitution chart opposed the Ascendant of the Kingdom chart.

Since the Kingdom chart offered a 12:00 PM time (often the standard time), I passed over that consideration. On the other hand, while Nicholas Campion’s Book of World Horoscopes gave a 3:30 PM chart for the Constitution, the accompanying notes said 3:20 PM was “probably” the time. I chose to use that probable time.

Sweden - Constitution inside, terror attack outside

Ordinarily I’ve seen 2 of 3 terminal houses playing a major role in these kinds of dramatic charts especially where death has taken place. When the terror attack chart was inside, the terror attack showed Mars and Mercury in the 8th house and Pluto in the 4th while the Constitution chart on the outside placed Pluto in the 8th but no bodies in the 4th or the 12th. However, when the terror attack chart fell on the outside of the Constitution chart, the Constitution Moon came into play in the 4th, Pluto was in the 12th, but although the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction appears to be in the 7th house, Jupiter and Mercury are both well within orb of the 8th house cusp at 6 Capricorn 46, I consider them in the 8th. Mercury, in fact, forms a 26-minute partile conjunction to the 8th house cusp, and Jupiter is within 2° of the same cusp.

Now it’s important to understand however that these Northern latitudes will give skewed houses in the Placidus system; however I am really less concerned about a more balanced wheel than is seen here–for me. I don’t mind the interceptions. They often speak a bit more loudly to me, so I leave them more often than not. Please understand it doesn’t make the charts wrong per sé; it just makes the charts perhaps a bit different than the astrologer will expect.

On the other hand, one can’t help but notice the attack chart’s placement of Mars in the 12th house of the Constitution chart, forming a 32-minute partile conjunction to the Constitution chart’s Transpluto and 7°45 from the conjunction to the Constitution chart’s Pluto. The one consistency I see here lies with Mercury from the attack chart in the 12th while the Constitution chart’s Mercury falls on that 8th house cusp as I mentioned earlier. Is that enough? Probably not, but it does make one wonder whether the attackers were trying to leave some kind of macabre message.

We usually think of Sweden as a quiet, peaceful nation where one can value the quality of life. Every nation has its issues, of course, but terror strikes are thankfully not common to Sweden. There have been a few in recent years, and I have no doubt Sweden has expected such things to take place. Nevertheless, it’s a time of mourning there now. As I close, btw, I’ll add that CNN has just announced the arrest of at least one person so far. They don’t know, however, if the person they’ve arrested was the driver.

Until next time, as soon as I upload the next article which is already done…

Namaste, I love you,

©2017 Michelle Young