Australian Open 2019 – Rafa and the Joker!

If you’ve been following any of my posts about the tennis world for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed I’m pretty loyal to Spain’s Rafa Nadal. Aside from the eye candy, he’s a simply amazing tennis player who has made his way into tennis history–and he’ll be there for decades to come.

The other night, a friend of mine in India had asked me who I was expecting to win in the match between Rafa and Stefano Tsitsipas of Greece. Now to be sure, we’ll see a lot of Tsitsipas before too long; but while he took down Switzerland’s Roger Federer last week, I didn’t see him taking down Rafa. The only thing that made me nervous about saying that however was I didn’t have Stefano’s chart yet. Perhaps a friend in Greece can manage to get that data for me. Hopefully…

Anyway, a series of things were taking place the same day I was trying to have a look at Rafa’s chart before he’d go on the court against Tsitsipas since I’d promised my friend I’d have a look. By the time I got back to him, I was afraid I’d missed the match. (Trying to keep the days straight when I’m considering US time and Australian time can be kind of tricky. It’s easier for me to remember how to call it when India hasn’t yet seen the matches either!)

I’ll post what I said to my friend since it’s a natural lead to the conversation about the Australian Open final that will take place tonight–or rather in the wee hours of tomorrow morning–3:30 AM–here on the East coast of the USA:

[Prior to the match against Tsitsipas on the 24th, Thursday] I had looked at [Rafa’s] Lunar Return which points to natal Pluto on the Midheaven. I believe I had misunderstood and thought it was for tonight and not last night, I had told my friend. Nevertheless, I haven’t been able to find out if I have an opportunity to see the bloomin’ match or not! lol Nevertheless, regardless of Tsitsipas taking down the Fed, I didn’t see signs through Rafa’s chart that he would take our guy down this time. I wish I had this kid’s chart though so I could be a bit more on point, but Rafa appears to be in good shape.

I know the Final is over on the 27th, I added. His progressed Lunar puts Pluto into the 9th house by 6°, and his Ascendant on the 27th falls 3° from the progressed Midheaven. Depending on who he’s playing, he *can* take the Australian Open. I’d still like to know who he’s playing and have an opportunity to examine the chart before I move that far ahead. I like the placements I’m seeing with his chart. It does look good.

Okay, so that’s where I left off with Rafa’s chart on Thursday.
Obviously, I had to wait to be sure my hunch that his opponent in the final would be none other than Novak Djokovic, the Joker. I already had the Lunar Return up for Rafa since his next return won’t take place until after the Australian Open final. Rafa’s chart even with the additional Lunar Return progressions still looks like it’s blessed.
I’ve considered the Lunar Return placements for both Rafa and the Joker, noting the progressions as well as the chart for the time the final match between these two champions is set to begin. The charts could be studied for the undecaquartisextile patterns; but this series of views were focused primarily on the Lunar Returns with the natal charts outside as transits, so I felt comfortable in working with these in very simple form. Both Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are already well-established in the tennis world, and those who follow tennis have a pretty solid idea of their capabilities. My saying this is going to be an exciting match is likely to be one of those “no duh!” kinds of statements, so I chose to cut to the chase:

Rafa’s progressed Lunar Return chart on Thursday,, January 24th, strongly pointed to natal Pluto rising to the Midheaven, which would give him the win against Stefano Tsitsipas. Again, I had no means of seeing what Tsitsipas’ chart was showing since his data has not yet been made common knowledge.

While Novak Djokovic’s Lunar Return chart had done him well in the tournament, save for one of the earlier matches showing he had a very rough battle and was left both sore and exhausted. I don’t even think this would be enough for me to call this for Rafa.
On the other hand, Djokovic’s progressed Lunar Return showed the strength of his Pluto rising toward the MC through most of the Open, but I don’t see the timing coming together enough to call it in his favor. For Rafa, the odds just look beautifully in his direction.

Now some will question my emotional bias toward Rafa, and I was aware of that before I began this tonight. I actually tried to see it going in the Joker’s direction. I just can’t see it. I’m calling this one for Rafa this time–so we’ll see. I won’t say I’m always right but this one looks strongly to put the win in Rafa’s side of the court.

The start of the match shows the Moon in the 1st degree of Scorpio in opposition to Rafa’s natal Moon, positioning him well for the transiting Moon to edge closer and closer to Rafa’s natal Pluto well before it would reach the Joker’s. I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly looking forward to this match. I won’t be sleeping early tonight!

Until next time…

Namaste, I love you,

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