Bill Cosby – A Fall from Grace

November 19, 2014

Today’s New York Times offered another shocking news alert about Bill Cosby, the newest member of the show biz elite to have caught a publicity eye in ways he probably would prefer hadn’t happened:  NBC cancelled a pilot with him as the star, the result of one woman after another now coming forward to charge Cosby with rape. Since AstroDataBank (ADB) has his accurate chart, I wanted to explore this further.  I’m not going to offer the event chart since we’d need to look at any number of those. But I’ll offer his natal as well as a consideration of the outer aspects as they relate to his chart today.

Bill Cosby - natal chartAs I look at this chart, I can’t help but notice those Cardinal angles and hard aspects that warn what’s coming next. I certainly wouldn’t want to be on this jury! The chart seems to offer a crystal ball that indicates he’s going to be getting what can be called his “comeuppance” now.

By transit, Uranus will move to Direct motion again on December 21, 2014, preceded by Jupiter’s move to Retrograde motion on December 8–as well as a Uranus-Pluto exact square on December 15.  In Cosby’s natal chart, this is just warming up! Uranus will move into Cosby’s first house on June 30, 2015 and leave again on August 22, and then back into the first house on April 6, 2016. Even by December 29, 2016, Uranus will still be dancing on that Ascendant in a 20-minute partile conjunction at 20 Aries 33. Such a dramatic entry of Uranus to his first house seems to indicate that the story is just unfolding still. I suppose there is no great surprise here despite our need to “expect the unexpected.” In this case, Uranus’ transit of the 12th house points to the unexpected unearthing of secrets and skeletons, perhaps even more since Uranus has been squaring Pluto for so long.

As if that’s not enough, Pluto has been making a partile conjunction to Bill Cosby’s Midheaven since February 25, 2013, when it made the first precise hit to the MC. Pluto has been sitting on the MC for all this time, teeter tottering over the Meridian nearly two years now. It hit the MC again in early October 2014, and I’ll add here that Pluto went direct on the MC within 3 minutes, clearly another partile conjunction to note, on September 22, 2014. Pluto has this habit of coming in and making you pay your dues. If you don’t own it, it will bite you, and it looks like you’re clearly getting bitten now–hard.

In the natal chart, first house Uranus in opposition to 7th house Mars makes me wonder whether Cosby thought he was impervious to accusations because of his reputation. At the very least, one with a hard Mars-Uranus aspect can tend to be reckless and downright impulsive, especially with relationships when the aspect falls in the 1st and 7th, as this does. But money and fame can’t buy you out of trouble like this. Surely he knew the consequences even when he watched events going down with people like OJ Simpson. Misogyny is still misogyny. You don’t take what you have done and then make jokes out of it. It seems like you were trying to intimidate those you most likely did attack while getting the public convinced you were along the lines of a brilliant angel. Bad move.

The 4th house Cancer stellium of the Sun, Mercury and Pluto in opposition to natal Jupiter tends to be a mixed bag. Sun in opposition to Jupiter is nice, as is the educational perk of the Mercury-Jupiter opposition. Pluto in the mix, on the other hand, may give one power and the ability to research as obviously happened, but the opposition to Jupiter as a result of the stellium is what’s now bringing him to a crashing halt: Jupiter in opposition to Pluto usually involves the law in some way. With Pluto up there on the MC, this situation isn’t going to go away any time soon. It would be wise for him not to attempt to sweep these charges under the rug.

Finally, take note of Moon-Neptune conjunction in the 6th not only in square to Venus in the 2nd but to the Nodes in the 2/8 axis. Neptune by transit has recently moved into the 12th house and has been squaring Venus for a while. I don’t see these things as an opportunity for him to bail out, especially not in Cosby’s lifetime.

This is Bill Cosby’s fall from grace. I can’t imagine what he can do to redeem himself at this point. What a tragic ending to what had been a wonderful career!