Bill Cosby Charged with Aggravated Indecent Felony Assault!
I’m going to add the full analysis I already did on Bill Cosby last year when the news about his having been accused of sexual abuse began to break. After I do so, I’ll bring you up to date with additional thoughts–and analysis of what’s taken place today.
Bill Cosby - natal chartIn 2014, my post began, “Oh wow…Cosby…no words! Now, your NBC pilot has been cancelled.”

New York Times

The article above, begins, “In the twilight of a long and celebrated career, Bill Cosby was experiencing the kind of comeback few longtime performers enjoy.” But the revival of the then-77-year-old star’s career appeared to be waxing and waning as much as the Moon does in any month. The article above later added an addendum that’s relevant to the story now too: “An article on Thursday about the effect of accusations of past sexual misbehavior on the current career of the comedian Bill Cosby described incorrectly in some editions the accusations brought in 2005 by Andrea Constand, then an employee at Temple University, Mr. Cosby’s alma mater. She said she had been drugged and molested by Mr. Cosby, not drugged and raped. The article also gave an outdated title for Bruce L. Castor Jr., who commented on the case. He was district attorney in Montgomery County when Ms. Constand made her accusations; he is not the current district attorney. And because of an editing error, the article misstated the time elapsed since Ms. Constand’s suit was settled in 2006. It is eight years, not nine.” (The same New York Times article linked above. ©2015 The New York Times Company.)
Back to my first post on this now:
Well, I have to say as I look at this chart, there’s some hard stuff here pointing to you. I wouldn’t want to be on this jury! It’s like you’re getting yours now: Uranus will be direct next month and then move into your first house. No surprise with Uranus transiting the 12th house (unexpected unearthing of secrets/skeletons) while it squares Pluto makes a partile conjunction to your Midheaven where it’s been again since early October. I’ll also point out here that Pluto went direct on your MC within 3 minutes, clearly another partile conjunction to note.
Pluto has this habit of coming in and making you pay your dues. If you don’t own it, it will bite you, and it looks like you’re clearly getting bitten now–hard.
In the natal chart, first house Uranus in opposition to Mars in the 7th gives me the impression that you tended to think you were impervious to accusations because of your previous reputation. But money and fame–and surely you knew this even when you watched events going down with people like OJ Simpson–can’t buy you out of trouble like this. Misogyny is still misogyny. You don’t take what you have done and then make jokes out of it. It seems like you were trying to intimidate those you most likely did attack while getting the public convinced you were along the lines of a brilliant angel. Bad move.
There’s a 4th house Cancer stellium of the Sun, Mercury and Pluto in opposition to natal Jupiter. Sun in opposition to Jupiter is nice, as is the educational perk of Mercury in opposition to Jupiter. Pluto in the mix may give you power and the ability to research as they obviously did, but its opposition to Jupiter because of the stellium is what’s now bringing you to a crashing halt: Jupiter in opposition to Pluto usually indicates involvement of the law in some way. With Pluto up there now on your MC, this isn’t going to go away any time soon.
Finally, take note of Moon-Neptune conjunction in the 6th not only in square to Venus in the 2nd but to the Nodes in the 2/8 axis. Neptune by transit has recently moved into the 12th and has been squaring Venus for a while. I don’t see these things as an opportunity any time too soon–especially not in Cosby’s lifetime–for him to bail out. This is Cosby’s fall from grace. I can’t imagine what he can do to redeem himself at this point. What a tragic ending to what had been a brilliant career!
Okay, so now we’re at the point where its 13 months later. What a year it’s been too! This morning, Kevin Steele, Montgomery County District Attorney in Pennsylvania, has just finished appearing in a news conference that will capture headlines around the world.
Bill Cosby has been charged with aggravated indecent assault and will be arraigned later today. Please note, this is not a rape charge, but it is aggravated indecent assault. The difference in the charge apparently focused on the presence at least of digital penetration, but not rape, and the inability of the victim to consent.
While many of the accusations were a case of the statute of limitations running out, leaving the law’s hands tied, it seems the case of Andrea Constand has moved forward after “new evidence was found in July this year.” Moving quickly since then, authorities pored through some 3000 pages of depositions and evidence as well as visiting Ms. Constand who now lives in Canada, “is cooperating,” and has agreed to take the stand, Steele said, “Reopening this case was our duty.” The case comes to light now with downright impeccable timing since there is a 12-year statute of limitations that would have been reached in January 2016.
During the news conference, Mr. Steele said, “Mr. Cosby established a relationship with the victim after meeting her at her work at Temple University. He made two sexual advances toward her.” He added that she had rebuffed both advances and then “urged her to take pills and drink wine. She was unable to respond to the aggravated assault upon her.”
“There are other alleged victims,” said Steele.
According to CNN, Cosby gave Ms. Constand Quaaludes and wine.
Cosby - Aggravated Indecent Assault chargesThe announcement of the charges came in as the last minutes of Aquarius were rising in the transiting chart with Neptune intercepted in the first house also first to rise, of course. This really shouldn’t present any surprises since Cosby has been charged with using drugs and alcohol to make his “alleged” (thinking of the legal terms, after all; he hasn’t been convicted yet) victims unable to protest. The timing is especially interesting with the 11th house Sun-Pluto conjunction, both of which are squaring Uranus. From the 11th house, we’re looking at the team work obviously needed to file the charges so close to when the statute of limitations would have closed the case for once and for all.
Uranus on the 2nd house cusp brings to mind not only that this planet of the unexpected–still squaring 11th house Pluto–has just shifted direction to apparent direct again, but about the 2nd house itself and the range of meanings any house has for that matter. The second house is described as values and value systems. That includes income, but our values are much more than just our worth based on income; and certainly the Cosby case should bring this to mind. Here, we might ask what does this situation say about Cosby’s values if he’s convicted? The question would be no different than our asking the same about anyone committing such acts. And of course along with values comes the issue of one’s self-image, self-worth, successes and failures–especially when Saturn is forming a conjunction to the Midheaven (MC).
Take note as well that Neptune is opposing the interception of the Moon in the 7th house, both of which are forming a Mutable T-square with Saturn and the MC conjunction as the arm. The chart creates the perfect setting for us to study. Although there’s an even split between the Eastern and Western hemispheres–no surprise again since this simply offers the case that’s coming to light–there is a clear above-the-horizon third quadrant dominance pointing to the relationships in question as the source of the charges. Saturn in Sagittarius, sitting in the 9th house but still conjunct the MC, reminds us this is a legal case with potentially long arms. And just in case you haven’t spotted it yet, take note of the 36-minute undecaquartisextile (UQSXT) between 7th house Jupiter and 1st house Neptune. Interceptions seem to take on increased importance which I suspect are often misunderstood as insignificant because they appear to be “hidden.” Neptune too forms an UQSXT to the North Node, but the NN is conjunct Jupiter, so there shouldn’t be any surprises here either.
Uranus from its now direct and still very active vantage point on that second house cusp, is forming yet another 16-minute partile UQSXT to the Part of Fortune (PoF). After considering this particular case, I have to wonder whether we’ll see charges of bribery and/or conspiracy coming to light as well. The Part of Fortune falls clearly in the 8th house however, and I can’t believe they’d just levy a fine on him if he’s found guilty–or that a financial settlement would be the only retribution; but then he is now pushing 80. On the other hand, no 80-year-old mobster got off that easily… But then this is simply the day the charges are levied, and the trial will soon begin. Perhaps it’s his need to post bail–and that certainly is understandable.
Cosby natal inside, charge outsideBy the transits, Uranus now in direct motion conjuncts Cosby’s Ascendant as the arm of a Cardinal T-square from inside the 12th house in square to Pluto conjunct the MC in opposition to Cosby’s natal Sun, Mercury and Pluto. As if that’s not complex enough, Cosby’s natal Jupiter opposes Mercury, and that 1° opposition comes into play again with an 8-minute partile opposition between his natal Pluto and transiting Mercury. While it seems to be unrelated, please keep in mind that his Pluto–as part of the stellium–also opposes natal Jupiter which points to a potential for police involvement while natal Pluto in opposition to transiting Mercury would indicate the research we’ll see coming in next.
The charges were imposed just about 3 hours before his Lunar Return took place while the transiting Vertex made a 5-minute partile conjunction to his natal Neptune in opposition to transiting Chiron in his 12th house. Transiting Mars sits in his 7th house–the house of open enemies (not just about marriage and long-term partnerships we often consider), and remember what I said earlier about transiting Uranus having formed a partile UQSXT to the transiting PoF. While I don’t work with many of the additional bodies, as most of my readers know, I leave in the placements for the Centaurs with some notice of Ceres since I often find it quite telling in analysis of some charts. And finally, the Sun-Pluto conjunction midpoint forms a 48-minute partile conjunction to the MC. This case is not going away any time too soon.
Cosby - 1st house rising in lunar for dec 30, 2015, natal outside
Natal Uranus conjuncts the Lunar Return (LR) Ascendant from inside the 12th house in today’s Lunar Return which will be valid for when he returns to court on January 14, 2016. As it happens, transiting Uranus is also in the LR 12th house and still conjunct his natal Ascendant. The LR reveals the Sun-Pluto-PoF in a tight opposition to his natal Sun with LR Mercury tightly conjunct the MC (1°57 orb), obviously pointing to his again being in the news.
Cosby’s natal Saturn falls in the 12th house in a 15-minute partile UQSXT to the Vertex. The Vertex is one of the points we can consider destiny or fate points: it was bound to happen. And equally telling, LR Saturn and Venus fall in the 7th house in square to Neptune in the 11th. The Lunar points to a clear Western dominance with the 3rd quadrant again emphasized in this above-the-horizon chart. I can imagine that an arrest might make one feel violated in some way after living according to one’s own ways through most of one’s life. Surely this would be the case with Bill Cosby.
If Cosby thought these 50 women who later accused him of these assaults were some kind of fantasies come to life, I suppose it would make sense then that his LR showed his Moon and natal Neptune as well as LR Jupiter placed in the 5th house. But I’m struck with the realization that Cosby’s natal Ceres in the chart for the charges forms a 7-minute partile conjunction to the transiting Ascendant at the time the charges were announced. At the very least, Ceres represents Demeter, the nurturing mother. It seems to me that Cosby may have some roles of women confused. He had, in prior testimony, claimed he knew when women were sexually attracted to him. Obviously the charges say something to the contrary. Nevertheless, natal Neptune’s placement in Virgo in the 5th house of the chart makes me suspect these words of his will come back to haunt him. The fifth house is often called the house of romance, but it’s also the house of the procreative father and where we look for children.
Cosby arraignment concluded and bail set inside, natal outsideAs the first part of the arraignment concluded, Elizabeth A. McHugh, Magistrate District Judge in Montgomery County, laid down a few rules after setting bail for USD$1 million, surprising many in the news world who thought it was quite high, given the charges. On the other hand, Cosby can certainly afford it especially in the ways he needs to pay bail:  “You must have no contact with the complainant,” she said in addition to noting that he must relinquish his passport to the court. If he breaks any of the parameters laid down by the court, he also knows he’ll be arrested. Meanwhile, he needs to pay USD$100,000 in cash (10% of the total bail) and another USD$900,000 in other assets. Coming from what reporters described as a “tiny, quaint courthouse with a door leading right to the street,” the first stage of the Pennsylvania judicial system appears to have been working quite well today.
By now, of course, you know the basic chart for today’s events from the announcement to the arraignment, but I had to share this last chart above. Are you surprised to see transiting Saturn conjunct the 7th house cusp in 21-minute partile opposition to the Ascendant of the arraignment chart? I wasn’t. Seems like all that was needed to be said was said today–at least until Cosby appears in court again for the preliminary hearing.

What better place than to close this article with a “wow” as only Eddie Murphy can do? And now, finally, I’m heading for the newsletter!
Namaste, I love you,
©2015 Michelle Young