Bobbi Kristina Brown – Instant Replay?

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, was found unconscious and unresponsive in a bathtub full of water this morning. Sounds like déjà vu? Less than two weeks from the anniversary of her mother’s death in the same way, I certainly was chilled at reading the story on CNN a little while ago.

Whitney Houston’s Daughter Found Unresponsive in Bathtub

I wanted to spend some time in looking at the charts in a different way since I have her AA Rodden Rating chart (BC/BR validated), when she was found as well as the chart for when we lost her mother.

Bobbi Kristina natal

Bobbi Kristina Brown - natal

Bobbi Kristina was born with her Ascendant at the anaretic degree of 29 Gemini 38, and first house Mars in Cancer. With her East and West hemispheres equally divided, she’s neither completely independent nor dependent although she is quite open about public events (including when her mother died, of course) and tends to be focused on her role in long-term relationship with others as well as with the public.

Bobbi Kristina natal inside, transit outside

Bobbi Brown natal inside, transit outside

But if that was going on today, I really question whether this was merely an accident, but please don’t misunderstand that as foul play. That’s not my intention at all. Take note of the Sun-Ceres 23-minute partile conjunction falling in the 10th house and conjunct the natal Midheaven where transiting Neptune was making a 29-minute partile conjunction to that angle! Transiting Venus as well was not only conjunct Neptune–although not partile–but making a partile 51-minute conjunction to the MC.

Normally I might separate the two charts in analysis but that MC dynamic just hits you so hard! The natal chart shows an 8th house Neptune-Uranus 33-minute partile conjunction. While I normally might see that conjunction in transit as one where we could see the seeds of interest in astrology beginning to blossom, in this case–in the house Pluto calls home in the natural zodiacal chart–natal Neptune’s presence in the 8th house while transiting Neptune conjuncts that MC is simply chilling.

Natal Venus in Mars-ruled Aries squares that Uranus-Neptune conjunction, giving me the impression that she could be somewhat impulsive based on the whim of the moment, perhaps even in terms of her relationships. I suppose some of that can come from having a lifestyle where she had it all and then lost everything she felt she had with her mother’s death at the closest point to her heart. While Mars rises in the natal chart, the Moon opposes that Uranus-Neptune conjunction, creating a natal T-square with natal Venus at the arm.


Bobbi Kristina transiting chart inside, natal outside

Bobbi Brown natal outside, transit inside
Shifting the look now to the transiting chart at the time she was found face down in the tub, like her mother, one can’t help but take notice of transiting Uranus rising in the 1st house, still very much conjunct the South Node and the Aries Ascendant–and still in square to transiting Pluto in the 10th although too far from the MC to call that a conjunction. But note how transiting Saturn has moved from the natal 6th house to the transiting 8th, placing natal Pluto in the natal chart’s 6th house now in the transiting 8th.

Atlanta: Bobbi Kristina Found Face Down in Tub

The transiting Moon moves in this chart to the conjunction of the IC and her natal Juno. I’m not well-versed on Juno more than knowing some say it’s the Centaur associated with marriage and contracts, which gives me pause to wonder whether there were problems at home that haven’t yet been revealed. Both natal Mars and Moon fall in the 4th, moving the natal T-square opposition to the 10th house in square to first house Venus. Could it be that she’s been messing with substance abuse like her mother had? I suppose it’s possible, but with transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Chiron, both now in the 5th house by a 17-minute partile orb, it does make me more than wonder.

Whitney Houston Autopsy Report

Venus rules the 7th house cusp of this chart, and natal Jupiter sits in that house making a 46-minute partile conjunction to the transiting North Node but not quite making a partile conjunction to the 7th house cusp. These dynamics seem to say things are probably more touch and go than the news implies. Especially where natal Jupiter and Mars–squaring each other–now form a Cardinal Grand Cross in the angles with transiting Pluto in the 10th and Uranus in the 1st (as I mentioned earlier–this too is troubling).


Whitney’s natal inside, death outside

Whitney Houston - natal inside, death outside

Take note of Whitney’s chart with the natal inside the wheel, and her death outside. While the 4/8/12 complex isn’t complete, Saturn sits in the 8th and the 12th when balanced against the natal; and when the natal is balanced against her death chart, transiting Saturn moves to the 4th house while natal Saturn–opposing the first house natal Sun-Venus conjunction–conjuncts the death chart’s Sun and conjuncts the 8th house cusp in square to the 12th house natal North Node! Not coincidentally, the autopsy report noted a “Atherosclerotic heart disease” and a “60% narrowing of right coronary artery” in addition to “pulmonary edema.”

While natal Jupiter wasn’t conjunct the 7th house cusp in this chart, as Lois Rodden had no trouble in recognizing Jupiter’s conjunction to her 7th house cusp would be the timing of her death, apparently Jupiter on the angles might give us some indications of such timings. Take note of Whitney’s natal Jupiter conjunct the death chart’s MC while transiting Saturn fell in the 4th house.


Whitney’s death chart inside, Bobbi Kristina’s natal


Whitney Houston - death inside, Bobbi Kristina natal outside

With Bobbi Kristina’s chart, one can’t help but notice transiting Saturn in the Whitney’s death chart in square to Bobbi Kristina’s natal Moon now in the 12th house in quincunx to the Sun in the death chart and Bobbi Kristina’s precise 1° orb conjunction of Saturn to that Sun–and her natal Saturn conjunct the 8th house cusp. Bobbi Kristina’s natal Venus falls on the MC of Whitney’s death chart.

I don’t like transiting Mars in the 12th house and the 4th house in Bobbi Kristina’s chart especially since natal Mars is in Moon-ruled Cancer while the Sun in her natal chart is now conjunct transiting Mars and her natal Ceres. Transiting Venus conjuncts Neptune in the 12th house in this chart, remember, and there’s a clear Grand Cross that shows on the angles while transiting Saturn falls in the 8th. I have no doubt doctors and nurses at the hospital are doing all they can to save her life from the swelling on the brain. That natal T-square is also in the angular houses.

Bobbi Kristina February 1, 2015 Lunar Return inside,

natal outside


Bobbi Kristina - natal outside, lunar for Feb. 1, 2015 inside

When I consider the Lunar Return with its Western 2nd quadrant below-the-horizon dominance, I’d say it will be touch and go for a while. Lunar Return Venus and Neptune are now in a 26-minute partile conjunction in the 6th house while LR Mars and Chiron sit in a 53-minute partile conjunction. Pluto in the 4th squares Uranus in the 7th, and Neptune-ruled Pisces is on the 7th house cusp.


The fourth house is rising in Bobbi Kristina’s Lunar Return, moving the Moon to the 11th house cusp and natal Mercury–ruler of her natal Gemini Ascendant and the Lunar Return Ascendant sitting on the 7th house cusp, retrograde. Natal Venus sits a mere 10 minutes in orb from that 8th house cusp, another worrisome factor in play. The chart moves from that evenly balanced East-West hemispheric above-the-horizon interplay to the inward 2nd quadrant Western dominance, pointing to whatever happens next depending on the abilities of the medical team pulling her out of the medically-induced coma at the right time. Progressing the Lunar Return to the 8th of February, I’d tend to say it’s possible they’ll try to bring her out of the coma at that time, which does make me think the situation is more serious than anyone is saying for now.

Please keep her in your prayers.