Bosnian War Crimes Back in the News

The New York Times today posted a breaking story on the US Immigration officials preparing to deport about 150 Bosnians back home to stand trial for war crimes they are believed to have committed. Consider this something along the lines of a news alert, just like the New York Times gave me.

US Seeks to Deport Bosnians Over War Crimes

I decided to have a look to see what I could see. Since I didn’t have a time the siege of Sarajevo began, I opted for the unknown time to give me a 12 pm CEDT time for Sarajevo, and lo and behold, we again have a winner–if we can call it that!

Bosnia-Herzogovina - Siege of Sarajevo BeginsTake close note of three points with this chart because they’re truly remarkable, given the news story and the transiting outer planet aspects. We don’t have to see the transiting chart for this, given all of the posts with transits already made this week.

Take note, for example, of the March 20, 2015 Solar Eclipse coming up. The degree is 29 Pisces 27, conjunct the Siege of Sarajevo chart by a 3-minute partile to Mercury Rx! And then consider Mars in its placement at 6 PI 28 in opposition to Jupiter at 4 Virgo 37 Rx, and you’ll find Saturn at 4 Sagittarius 45 (it will go retrograde at 4 SAG 55 on March 14, btw) in square to Neptune at 7 PI 20. Neptune is squaring Mars while Saturn is on the approach to the Jupiter Rx, forming a natal to transiting T-square. Decisions indeed!

But if that’s not enough, also take note that the Sun in this chart is experiencing a transiting Uranus conjunction in square to transiting Pluto. The news is complex, but the transiting aspects are all coming together to bring this event from the period when the siege started in 1992 and ended in 1996. Ironically, it ended on February 29–leap year–1996. Seems kind of fitting to see where we’re going from here.

I have no doubt we’ll be revisiting this series of events soon enough that more charts will be needed. This is simply a reset button pushed to start the motion again.

©2015 Michelle Young