California: Cops Kill Homeless Man in Public Confrontation

By now, you’ve heard the tragic news of the homeless man who was killed in a confrontation with Los Angeles Police. In fact, you’ve probably already seen the video as well.

KTLA5-TV NewsLos Angeles Police Shoot, Kill Homeless Man in Confrontation Caught on Video

Thanks to KTLA5-TV News, I was able to get a time of the incident and have developed a chart:

California - Cops Kill Homeless ManAn Eastern 4th quadrant above-the-horizon dominance is really evident, and I’m not sure that I even needed to say that. The decision was independent and very public, and the reaction of the crowd was swift. Take note of the Mars-South Node (Ketu)-Venus-Uranus stellium in Aries (3 or more planets conjunct within a reasonable number of degrees of orb considered at 0°) in the 11th house. While we often think of Mars and Aries when conjunct in a highly sexual context, even with Uranus there, this was a spontaneous act from which there was obviously no return.

And to make matters worse, of course, Pluto is very much still in the act in its 8th house position in a 31-minute partile square to Uranus, a reminder that we continue on the path toward the exact square on the 17th of March. But making matters worse, Saturn in the 6th house is not only squaring Neptune as it conjuncts both the Sun and the Midheaven (MC), Saturn is squaring the MC itself by 1°40′. The peeling of Life’s onion with Saturn in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius challenging that very public position, puts LAPD once again in the news. But then the US Department of Justice (DOJ) is very busy these days in following up on news stories from Ferguson to Cleveland, from Madison, Alabama to Los Angeles. And lest we forget, Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is the 9th house of the natural zodiacal chart, and that points directly to courts of law–and officers of the law.

Take note as well then that transiting Jupiter Retrograde (Rx) in the 3rd house (Mercury rulership in the natural zodiacal chart) is making a 5-minute partile opposition to Mercury in Uranus-ruled Aquarius in the 9th house. The heartbeat of the chart reveals so much as well with the emotional confrontation through the Moon in its own sign, Mars action and a Neptunian possibility to attempt to say what was shown on the video wasn’t what it seemed. I would caution authorities against doing so with that Saturn square to the MC. Saturn, after all, is good at teaching lessons and bringing people down where they need to be brought down.

I mentioned the Moon but haven’t yet spoken about the Moon’s quindecile to Mercury, another critical factor especially with the Moon as the rising body in the chart! This story will take hold with a vengeance and is likely to bring Ferguson back into conversation. Ironically, in this morning’s news, I happened to have caught wind of another news story related to the DOJ’s now having found fault with Ferguson police for racial bias in traffic stops. This news is likely to inflame more tempers when it is released officially sometime this week:

New York Times: Justice Department to Fault Ferguson Police, Seeing Racial Bias in Traffic Stops

I have another stunning realization (they just keep coming!) in the additional quindeciles from the Moon to Pluto and from Saturn to the Ascendant, all within 5° of orb. This obsession with force (Moon-Pluto) and the need to exercise more responsibility (Saturn to the Ascendant) as well as the first quindecile I noted above (Moon-Mercury) all pointed to a need to think before assuming with emotional overkill that the situation was going to go that wrong. After all, there were more than one or two officers on the scene. A man’s life could have been saved.

But the chart for the killing of the homeless man in Los Angeles interacts so well, it’s hard to miss these connections. Mercury’s placement in the 9th house of law and the courts brings Uranus and Mars into play as well as Jupiter not only from the opposition, but from its natural rulership of the chart. It’s impossible for authorities to divide this issue and say it didn’t happen. Ultimately, that video tells the whole story. This one was out there for the whole world to see.

©2015 Michelle Young