Closing In On the Golden State Killer

Soon after Joseph James DeAngelo Jr., was arrested as the Golden State Killer in April, one comment after another began to open discussions in several Facebook groups and I’m sure elsewhere as well. After some time, I saw a brilliantly researched reference to the data I’d hoped to find–or rather the untimed data with the exact birthplace that omitted possible assumption or mere speculation. As birth data goes, DeAngelo’s data was tricky to locate since he wasn’t born in California as some had anticipated. He was born in Bath, New York on November 8, 1945. Vetting that elusive “omg, the Golden State Killer was born here!” news headline was challenging, but the individual who found it either had incredible luck–or great timing.

I knew getting a validated time of birth for New York State was a nearly futile effort, so I used various news stories to determine the approximate time of arrest instead. The arrest was far more likely, IMO, to validate. New York State’s scrupulously maintained birth records lie at the heart of why Bernie Sanders’ time of birth remains unproven, and why DeAngelo’s time of birth would be less likely to track down.

Donald Trump’s data has been validated because he, or someone in his immediate family, released it. Claims of alteration wouldn’t hold water either since the state seal wouldn’t have been on it. Both the copy of the certificate from the hospital with the seal clearly showing, and the City of New York Department of Health microfiche copy with the document number and what appears to be the stamped seal in the upper left hand corner as released by ABC TV News are part of the public record now.

On the other hand, births from foreign lands may not have verifiable information because they aren’t always logged. I have a few clients who fall into this somewhat unique situation and have worked with rectification where there are no other options.

While we still don’t have the exact time of the arrest, several news stories brought the time a lot closer than we could cognitively conclude. One article in the Los Angeles Times said Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. had been arrested on April 24 in the afternoon; another in the same paper said in the evening. NBC TV News said he was taken by surprise in the “afternoon as he walked outside,” and “As he was being arrested, he told officers he had a roast in the oven.” Officers said they’d take care of it. I’ve used the following chart for the time of the arrest: April 24, 2018, at 4:30 PM PDT, Citrus Heights, California.

Many, myself included, might even expect Uranus to have been conjunct one of the angles. I do, however, find DeAngelo’s natal Uranus placement significant at the apex of the untimed chart when placed against the arrest chart perhaps even more so when you consider the time of arrest is still at an approximation. Not only is it one of the highest points of his chart when placed against the arrest chart, the semisextile (30°) between his natal North Node (00 Cancer 37) and the arrest chart’s placement of Venus in the 9th house (00 Gemini 21), the resulting 3rd house Blooming Undecaquartisextile (165°) at 15 Sagittarius 29 (rather than Resonant) is made significant in the arrest chart because of 9th house Uranus’ presence at 16 Gemini 35 Rx in opposition.

Such a placement tends to indicate DeAngelo’s having been “very surprised” that “it happened almost instantaneously.” USA Today alluded perhaps to Uranus, “‘He was very surprised,’ Jones said. ‘It happened almost instantaneously.'” It’s not uncommon for astrologers–myself included–to see Mars in a person’s natal chart in hard aspect to the placement of Uranus in the transiting chart as one in which the native is likely to take regrettable actions either now or soon after. Mars in DeAngelo’s chart falls at an anaretic 29 Cancer 07 in 16-minute partile square to transiting Uranus at 28 Aries 51.

But additional connections to the arrest chart come from the 15 Sagittarius 29 resolution point in the undecaquartisextile (UQSXT) in a 13-minute partile square to transiting Neptune in the 6th house. I’ll leave the potential up to the reader to decide on yet another partile square with an orb of 47 minutes to the Vertex, one of the points known as fate, or destiny points in a chart. It would seem, however, that the arrest at this time was inevitable.

I’m not sure we can call it remarkable that the 23 Gemini 36 midpoint of DeAngelo’s natal Uranus and North Node, the two sitting at the arrest chart’s apex, forms a 1°02′ conjunction to the transiting chart’s MC. Many might call this a coincidence; others will say there are no coincidences. I actually nearly missed this particular connection–and might have–had I not realized after several more paragraphs below had already been written. I was in the midst of editing and checking all the numbers when DeAngelo’s Saturn (24 Cancer 54 Rx) caught my eye as a 16-minute partile semisextile to the transiting MC at 24 Gemini 38!

Following the natural UQSXT trail, this natal Saturn-transiting MC semisextile aspect resolves in a Blooming Undecaquartisextile at 9 Capricorn 46, forming a 39-minute partile conjunction to transiting Saturn in the 4th house! This too has another twist that will be important again as the paragraphs I’ve already written below point out with 7th house transiting Mercury’s 42-minute partile square to Saturn. The square adds precision to this particular UQSXT aspect pattern, it also emphasizes DeAngelo’s Mars-Saturn natal conjunction in Cancer: In the arrest chart, Mars rules Mercury’s placement in Aries and Saturn in its own rulership, placed in the Moon’s natural zodiacal home.

But I’m far from done with the undecaquartisextile patterns. Take note of DeAngelo’s Sun-Jupiter semisextile (apparently within 1 minute, if it’s even remotely accurate!). This duo resolves at 00 Taurus 56, forming a conjunction to transiting Uranus (2°05) which is forming an out-of-sign conjunction to the Sun at 4 Taurus 44. And finally–or at least it seems to be the final one I’m seeing at a more or less quick glance–transiting Chiron forms a semisextile to that transiting Uranus/out-of-sign Sun conjunction. In this case, I’ll look at the midpoint of that conjunction (00 Taurus 47) as the semisextile point with Chiron at 00 Aries 24, which resolves at 15 Libra 35 in a Blooming Undecaquartisextile 22-minute partile conjunction to natal Jupiter and a 59-minute partile conjunction to natal Chiron!

What makes these undecaquartisextiles so important especially in this chart lies in the interactive dynamics. I used the event as the most stable factor since we know that closest time frame. DeAngelo was going through his day in the most relaxed state, obviously in part because we also know from his natal Neptune–rising in the arrest chart–he really didn’t have a clue about the events that would be taking place next. But while DeAngelo’s natal Neptune was rising in the arrest chart–an especially likely placement for one feeling quite comfortable in one’s own home in a familiar environment–Neptune also formed that Peeling of Life’s Onion square to the arrest chart’s transiting Saturn (and in 50-minute partile opposition to transiting Mercury).

We don’t really need to know DeAngelo’s Moon where we know he was arrested at home. He was most likely under the impression he was functioning fully independently and was probably unconcerned about being caught after so many years of “free living.” It was, of course, to the advantage of arresting officers to bide their time and simply wait for him to be caught by surprise. Placed against the arrest chart, DeAngelo’s chart shows the Eastern, 1st quadrant, below-the-horizon dominance in what he was likely to have thought he was still “flying under the radar” as compared to law enforcement with their Western dominated presence that enabled them to make decisions based on DeAngelo’s own actions. This is revealing an interactive shared dominance: What they would do and when would depend on DeAngelo himself and, in this way, the police made the most of their need to depend on DeAngelo–clueless that he was at that time–to let them know the best timing. The plan worked well, of course, or he wouldn’t have been arrested so easily without having an opportunity to get away.

Authorities executed this arrest brilliantly in terms of law enforcement strategy as an integral part of their work, but also exquisitely by astrological timing: Transiting Mars had already formed a 43-minute partile conjunction to transiting Pluto in the 4th house, which tends to beg the question of whether there was (or is) a possibility that more bodies still need to be found. DeAngelo’s Pluto, meanwhile, sits at 11 Leo 48, with the transiting North Node sitting at the time of the arrest at 11 Leo 13 Rx. Consider as well that placement of the 12th house transiting Moon at 1 Virgo 38, at the antiscion to transiting Uranus in the 8th house at 28 Aries 51. This doesn’t only represent a conjunction through such a connection but a 29-minute partile conjunction from the Moon as a trigger! This is even more impressive perhaps by the transiting Moon’s 24-minute partile conjunction to transiting TransPluto (note the reference to the Divine Feminine here) which sits at a 5-minute partile conjunction to transiting Uranus by antiscion!

Now I have tried to remember everything I’ve wanted to share in this analysis, and I’ve kept forgetting one of those omg moments, so I’ll inject it here and rely on this being the best timing to do so. DeAngelo’s Mars–that is his natal Mars–is conjunct his natal Saturn. But it really gets better than that. The antiscion to natal Mars falls at 00 Gemini 53, forming a 32-minute conjunction to the arrest chart’s 9th house placement of Venus. If ever there was a great example of Venus offering far more than love letters and romance, this is it! This is precisely the kind of energy I was speaking about in one of my last articles, “Just Enough to be Dangerous“. When we look at this pair of charts, the first thing that might come to mind rests with the authorities who had hoped to take control in a peaceful, respectful way; but they were very much aware of DeAngelo’s penchant for brutality and murder. The conjunction to natal Saturn also didn’t escape my eye since a hard aspect of Mars and Saturn can be related to sadistic and cruel energy. On the other hand, in another house–the 2nd or the 8th–Mars and Saturn can be related to a person who becomes a surgeon.

I also thought about one more aspect in the arrest chart–that of transiting 7th house Mercury at 8 Aries 25 in approaching 42-minute partile square to 4th house Saturn at 9 Capricorn 07 Rx. Obviously, DeAngelo could have been killed, leaving authorities with paperwork and explanations. But there’s another side to this: when police arrests are made, the accused still needs to be fingerprinted and booked, paperwork filled out, and all evidence prepared for the State (in this situation, more than one court case) to present the argument(s) for indictment and trial to the various courts that will be involved. Every “t” must be crossed, every “i” dotted, as the saying goes, so the accused won’t get off on mere technicalities, especially in this kind of an arrest with a history that’s decades long. Communication and critical thinking and analytical skills must be at their best.

I really hadn’t anticipated spending quite as much time on this article as I had. Someone asked for some observations, and I replied in this way. With one more article to go today, it’s that time again.

Until next time…

Namaste, I love you,

©2018 Michelle Young