Coyote and the Cops

Strange times these days. Have you noticed? In the midst of reading for a client this morning, I had to stop long enough to call the police because there was an obvious domestic violence situation going on in my building.

A few minutes later, before the police arrived, it sounded as if the two warring people had moved out of the building and were continuing their fury as they headed down the street. I went on with the reading which was actually in the last few minutes when the police called me back and asked me to open the security door downstairs since they couldn’t get into the building. (I never could understand why the police couldn’t get into a building with security doors since you’d think they should have the key to the doors!) Anyway, as we were talking and I had mentioned that it sounded as if the couple had left because the voices seemed to be somewhere outside, one of the officers got a call on the walkie talkie, stopped interviewing me and said, “We have to go. We just got a domestic violence call down the street!” lol I think we both figured out who that would have been.

So, while this week’s transits–including Pluto’s retrograde from last week–have you looking at your relationships, your interactions with the world or even your interactions with yourself, and perhaps being grateful–or bemoaning your fate–consider yesterday’s Keystone Cops version just around sunrise. This wasn’t domestic violence. It was just weird, I think you’ll agree!

New York - Coyote and the CopsBy the time you’re done reading this, perhaps you’ll think as I nearly posted it, I might have called this instead “Wiley E. Coyote and the NYPD” since it seems there have been some sightings of coyotes in, of all places, New York City!

Police Scramble to Find Coyote Near Riverside Park

Now initially we can pass this off to the Pluto shift to retrograde movement on the 16/17th of April; but a more careful look might be needed. After all, while we were still in the midst of the energy from the initially intense retrograde days, this current situation could point instead to my own belief that we can’t simply say a 1° orb for these extraterrestrial transits to each other.

Uranus and Pluto are still in square to each other, and they’re just about 2° past the perfected orb. In addition, take note of Uranus making its 41-minute partile conjunction to the Ascendant in Aries!

I’m sure the New York City Police Department hasn’t had many encounters with coyotes in their illustrious history, but current Jupiter’s quincunx to Pluto demands that the NYPD are on their toes especially now. It’s time to make a few adjustments in their public service.

While it’s not summer yet, they might be singing along with Sly…

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Ricki Reeves in The Quindecile (©2001 Ricki Reeves, Llewellyn, page 28) had a take on the mutable to mutable patterns of the quindecile between the Moon in Gemini and Saturn’s current transit of Sagittarius that had me quite amused: “Revises and refines,” she wrote, “…Excellent brainstormer and problem solver, but has difficulty implementing ideas.” She implies that more education might be needed. Perhaps the NYPD would do well to bring in some wildlife assistance for such training.

Next, with Mercury and Mars in earthy Taurus making a 39-minute partile conjunction in the 1st house in quindecile to Saturn, we were also looking at the challenge of their letting go of ideas that wouldn’t work with force and that a positive approach–again through education–might be needed.

When I saw the chart and the dynamics of the news article, I couldn’t help but laugh as the next song came to mind. Take note of how there is a major dominance of the Eastern hemisphere with the 1st quadrant below-the-horizon emphasis, and you have the whole picture of how they really wanted to do this on their own–without bringing in any outside help, despite the cautions Taurus would give from that Mercury-Mars placement that they needed a lot of common sense.

Summer in the City

But then Saturn is still making a T-square with Venus in opposition and Neptune in square, and Neptune offers the bridge to making that T-square possible.

With Uranus conjunct the Ascendant, surely the morning warranted that they might have expected the unexpected, as Uranus’ own celestial song goes. Nevertheless, last I saw, Wiley E. Coyote was still footloose and fancy free somewhere in the heart of New York City!

…but then it’s not every day one hears of Wiley out of his milieu and into the heart of the concrete jungle.

©2015 Michelle Young