Dizzying Dust Bunnies – Neptune Stations Direct

Neptune stationed direct last night in Washington, DC with 6th house Pluto tightening its conjunction to the transiting Descendant. Although 4th house Venus and 10th house Uranus Rx are still forming their opposition in square to the Nodes in the 1st and 7th houses, Venus’ now direct motion will be closing in on partile and perfected opposition to Uranus on the 1st of December.

I’m more concerned however about the way mundane events may turn–and where–very late on the 26th in the United States and on the 27th in the rest of the world. This is a brief article with more than the usual charts and just very cursory analysis. I’m in the midst of another article that has to be finished for you today, so forgive me and just go with the flow here. It’s a dizzying view of a lot to cover!

While I’m always focused on the USA, the UK and India, the transiting Venus-Uranus Rx midpoint falls in a 19-minute partile square to the Nodes. That gives me some concern for the USA but not nearly as much concern for the United Kingdom since what I’m seeing in the charts appears to be consistent with the current shift in UK’s Brexit move. Yes, there are some concerns since the Venus-Uranus Rx midpoint still squares the Nodes by that partile amount, but it would seem to me to be a concern perhaps from an economic standpoint rather than anything else. Then again, I believe this has been the focus of reasoning behind the move back out of the European Union.

Ongoing conflicts in Jammu and Kashmir give me some worry as well especially with transiting Mars at the IC of the Neptune SD chart for India. The VE/UR midpoint square to the Nodes seems to be less troubling, but I haven’t stopped to have a tighter look with this year. My work with India’s chart and this dynamic may need to come out in the article on which I’m working right now and am desperately trying to finish today; so I’ll have to adopt a wait-and-see attitude for now with that.

What does concern me however rests more with the DRC – the Democratic Republic of the Congo (the former Zaire). 6th house Mars in the Neptune SD chart sits within 2°21 of its 1st house antiscion conjunction to transiting Venus which is still very much in opposition to Uranus in square to the Nodes.

As a result, I’ve looked closely at this region where the transiting Venus/Uranus Rx midpoint square to the Nodes falls in angular houses against the natal chart. A quick look as well at the 2018 Solar Return with the natal 1st house rising on the outside of the natal chart gives me more to suspect this may be the hotspot we’ll be seeing from now through the 15th of December.

The 9th house rises in the December 1 Lunar Return, which gives still more reason to believe this is something on which we need to focus. Note the 10-minute partile conjunction of the Moon to Mars Rx in the 10th. It seems like this could have been a troublemaker as early as the new Solar Return began.

While natal Jupiter sits on the Ascendant of the Lunar Return chart, natal Mercury sits conjunct to the LR North Node. The LR Nodes point to trouble as a result since Mercury has positioned itself as the necessary glue in 45-minute partile square to LR Venus which is now in 5-minute partile opposition to Uranus Rx. All of this will be triggered by the transiting Moon three times by December 17.

But on the 15th, the Nodal directional shift (a natural process many times each month) will take place at the same time the Moon will oppose its natal position. Adding to the tension in this biwheel, the semisextile of LR Mars and the natal Ascendant resolves in a Blooming Undecaquartisextile with a 6-minute partile conjunction to the natal Moon! Here too, it would seem natal Jupiter’s conjunction to that LR Ascendant (also forming an 11-minute partile square to the natal Moon) spells trouble that will be likely to be hot, emotional and capable of flaring quickly. At the LR IC, LR Chiron in 34-minute partile square to Jupiter is capable of sealing whatever kind of conflict bound to happen. While this could indicate health issues signalling more warning signs in the lives of many, I’m focused on the potential that insurgency perhaps on top of the health issues or simply just looking for weak spots where they can interfere with life in the DRC will do so. This doesn’t look pretty

It’s a quick look but I have to finish this other article today too if at all possible. Wherever you are in the world, don’t allow those dust bunnies to capture your brain so you’re likely to miss where trouble can be brewing, and please…hang on for the ride! Again, please be careful, and my apologies for the brevity.

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Namaste, I love you,

©2018 Michelle Young