Farewell, Mr. Steed. Avengers’ Patrick Macnee has left us.

Please note: In 2015, long after I wrote this article, my understandings of the quindecile, a 24° aspect, were born out of the new–mathematically accurate–name for the 165° aspect, now called undecaquartisextile. Please read about the Undecaquartisextile as its related aspect patterns which can be found in the Pluto – Full On series. You’ll find the Pluto – Full On series under the subcategory of Undecaquartisextile, located in the Feature Articles tab. Thanks for your patience with the modification of the name.

I don’t even remember when I discovered “The Avengers” on television. Many of my memories of old TV shows are based on re-runs since we didn’t have a television when I was growing up. In fact, I never saw the “Mickey Mouse Club” either. But it didn’t take me long to join the captivated crowd when it came to Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg appearing in that show. On the other hand, I’m sure I was seeing re-runs because I don’t remember a steady diet of the series.

“The Avengers’ Mr. Steed,” Patrick Macnee, Dead at 93

But if ever there might have been a reason why the show had attracted me, his chart certainly tells me why:

Patrick Macnee - natalA Scorpio rising without a single quadrant or hemispheric dominance showing was enough to catch my eye. Of course he could have been attracted to “The Avengers” role especially with Mars in the first house in Scorpio. And despite that his Taurus Moon opposed Mars–likely to be a reason why he might have left marriage behind (The obit notes two children but not a word about a wife; then again, I might be assuming he was once married and it didn’t work.), he seemed at least in public to be pretty steady and in control of his emotions. Of course whether that was true when he was angry could have been a different story.

He was an Aquarius with a Sun-Venus conjunction that simply took me–and my Aquarius bodies–by surprise, especially with Variety‘s quote from his website:

“Wherever he went, he left behind a trove of memories,” a statement on the website read. “Patrick Macnee was a popular figure in the television industry. He was at home wherever in the world he found himself. He had a knack for making friends, and keeping them.”

Talk about Aquarius energy with a lot of creativity to boot, thanks to the Neptune opposition to the Sun-Venus conjunction! In terms of creativity and positive energy, with his Mercury forming an undecaquartisextile to Neptune as well, he worked to make his career what it was.

I’d expect that he had boundless energy as well as the creativity since he didn’t just have the Neptune opposition as a simple one: He had a fixed Grand Cross from the Sun-Venus opposition in square to the Moon-Mars opposition, and Mars was rising. I get the impression that there just was no stopping this man with his goals and dreams. He focused on the end goal and then went after it, another credit to his Mercury in undecaquartisextile aspect to natal Neptune. The triple heartbeat of his chart was completely contained between the Sun, Uranus and Neptune, offering a look at the highly creative and inspired individual he was. It was as if he had a relationship with his chart that just kept going.

Although he had a Mercury-Uranus conjunction, don’t look for an undecaquartisextile from Uranus to Neptune since it never happens. On the other hand, Macnee’s death came with the Neptune transit in an approaching conjunction to natal Uranus. When I noticed the conjunction, I did wonder whether the Moon at the time of death was conjunct natal Saturn in approaching perfected quincunx to Uranus and in simultaneous square to Pluto (note the Uranus-Pluto trine).

If you don’t remember him, perhaps you’ll find your memory jarred by the bowler hat and umbrella in hand. The umbrella was his “weapon of choice.” He never carried a gun.

Your accent, Patrick Macnee, was always enchanting. I’m so sorry to see you go.

RIP, Mr. Steed.

Namaste, I love you.

©2015 Michelle Young