Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long are your readings?

A: I offer a live 45-minute, 60-minute and 90-minute reading. On occasion, I will work with one-question, 25-minute readings for established clients. With new clients, I usually spend a few minutes in chat separate from the reading so we are both comfortable and more relaxed. Many clients find a reading often brings more questions to mind, so I usually advise clients to prepare a list of things that are important to discuss.

Q: What kind of readings do you do?

A: In addition to the natal chart, my clients often request progressions for a better general idea of where they’re heading. I also do Solar Returns, cast for when the Sun returns to the degrees and minutes where it was at the moment of birth and focusing on the coming year based on the birth date. The Solar Return is not as focused as the Lunar Return which notes the Moon’s return to the exact degrees and minutes where it was at birth; but the Solar Return is very important as a broad overview for the year. The Lunar Return helps to focus on one or all of the months in a closer consideration of events during those times.

The Lunar Return is a monthly reading, but some people prefer to focus on a particular month or months for specific purposes, and that’s fine. I also work with synastry (comparison of your chart with someone else’s) and composite charts (the midpoints of the two charts), both great for when you have found someone with whom you might want to spend the rest of your life. A few years ago, I was consulted to find the best date for a couple planning their wedding. Another client of mine contacts me for timing related to business and financial projects. I’m always happy to discuss with you what you have in mind and to make suggestions for the best reading you need at that time.

Q: What subject areas do you cover?

A: Career, love, money, and health are most often on people’s minds. What is important to you?

Q: Why do you only do live readings?

A: The live session enables you to ask questions and get fresh, immediate answers.

Q: Can I ask very specific things, or do you do a general reading?

A: Western astrology is based on analysis, interpretation and free will. Indian astrology focuses on what they call prediction and therefore imply that fate is at work, which can scare many people. Western astrology focuses on the forecast, based on the same concept used by weather forecasters and financial analysts who recognize that variables going into the analysis and interpretation can offer a different outcome. One variable is the free will of the individual whose chart is being read. I can advise you on a wise course of action, but you always choose whether or not to follow through with those suggestions. I refuse to make anyone afraid of the unknown. You are the master of your fate and are ultimately responsible for the actions and choices you take.

As long as you don’t ask me vague questions like “will I be successful in life,” yes, you can ask very specific things. It’s wise if you prepare a list of things that will be important to discuss in your reading.

Q: Do you suggest remedies?

A: Where appropriate, I advise courses of action. I do not use numerology in readings, nor do I advise you to do rituals, buy gemstones, talismans or other items related to Indian astrology. Numerology is a separate field of study. I don’t use or feel the need to use numerology. Perhaps some Western astrologers work with additional fields like numerology and so on, I’ve really never felt the need to use them in my work.

Q: Is it possible to meet you in person for my reading?

A: No, I’m sorry. I read online. I generally work in chat where it’s easiest for you to save the reading and ask questions for clarification, live. Phone may also be an option.

Q: I have met with a few good astrologers but mostly their remedies revolve around getting more money from me. Your thoughts?

A: I feel the honest astrologer will tell you up front about fees. My fees are paid in advance, and then I work with some “grace” time before additional fees are added when we’ve run over the paid time. My clients know when we’ve entered that period. I won’t ask you to buy rituals or gemstones, etc. They are not a part of Western astrology, and I believe such things are used to play on the fears of the individual getting the reading so the person doing the reading can get more money. I think it’s dishonest, unethical, and I absolutely will not participate in such things. I want to give my clients the best reading I can give based on what I see in the chart.

If you give me a rounded off time of birth, I will probably not be as accurate because you have not given me an accurate time of birth, but you will know that up front. If you give me an accurate time of birth, you make my job of working with you much easier because I can tell you quite pointedly what I see and the timing. I don’t like to play games with people’s minds, nor do I like to make promises I can’t keep. I also don’t like to waste anyone’s time–not yours or mine. To me, the astrologer who defrauds you out of your money to make you do such things as rituals, etc, is also wasting your time.

Q: Can I get a copy of my chart?

A: The client, above all, wants a reading as a bottom line. If s/he would like a copy of his/her chart as well, I’m happy to oblige.