Gourav Banerjee, India

It is a great pleasure to write a testimonial for Michelle – whom I have known for more than 10 years as a very good friend and a professional Western Astrologer. We have had a lot of discussion over numerous topics, but astrology. Incidentally, it happened one day (some 12 or 13 months ago) during our chat where I had an opportunity to discuss about my future prospects in terms of getting a full PhD funding in the UK or North America. I wasn’t amused to hear her predictions based on readings of my chart that she had prepared that I would most probably be looking at the end of 2014, which now has proved to be absolutely true! It may sound incredibly – as it did to me, but I realise that there’s obviously a science to it – unexplored and not understood by many. I have my highest recommendations to Michelle’s professional astrological services. Thanks Michelle and best wishes.