Happy Birthday, America! Are You Sure It’s The 4th? Part 1

Picking up where we left off now, we begin with Part 2…

Okay, so coming full circle back toward where we need to be, I wanted to share a more significant date–and chart. This time, it’s the date President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the US Civil Rights Act” and made it officially a law.

In contrast to the Powell chart, the US Civil Rights chart shows a Western 3rd quadrant above-the-horizon dominance as if to say it’s time to address the situation head on. That certainly has been the case since the law went into effect in 1964. Johnson’s last words in his speech that day speak of this need to work together: “Let us close the springs of racial poison. Let us pray for wise and understanding hearts. Let us lay aside irrelevant differences and make our Nation whole. Let us hasten that day when our unmeasured strength and our unbounded spirit will be free to do the great works ordained for this Nation by the just and wise God who is the Father of us all.”

I decided to look at the US Civil Rights chart after noticing the date–July 2–of course; but when I compared the two charts (Powell with the US Civil Rights chart), I found a few items to pique my curiosity. The Powell chart shows a first house Cardinal separating Full Moon; the US Civil Rights chart shows a fourth house Cardinal separating Moon square Sun. While I don’t depend on transits to be the be all, tell all of any chart or its interactions with others, this particular pair of aspects points to factors potentially pointing to the signs of the nation’s temperature so to speak.

When President Obama was elected on November 4, 2008, Pluto was not only in the last degree of Sagittarius–the antiscion to the first degree of Capricorn–Jupiter was separating from its conjunction to the Powell Moon, and transiting Saturn at its antiscion formed an approaching 1°05’05 orb in its conjunction to the US Civil Rights chart’s Moon. The 4-minute partile opposition to transiting Uranus spoke of the tensions he was likely to face from those who weren’t yet ready to accept the diversity of the office of the Presidency of the United States of America.

By November 2016, Pluto had reached the partile conjunction to the Powell chart’s Moon (about 6 minutes) while Jupiter formed a partile opposition to the US Civil Rights chart’s Moon. Here, we see a sense of deepening emotions perhaps resisting the changes coming on the nation that would invariably come through the long, slow, far-reaching evolutionary type of shift in the months and years ahead at the same time Jupiter’s ties to the Civil Rights chart would seem to imply a push away from such a focus. Jupiter was already in the midst of a mutual reception to Venus while both Venus and Saturn–conjunct in very early November–were joined at the antiscion of the Powell chart’s Moon! Transiting Neptune was now moving in a partile approaching Rx square to the Powell chart’s Uranus, again symbolic of the Uranus-Neptune cycle that speaks of societal struggles possibly linked to challenges between groups by ethnicity, religion, politics or simply the battle between the “Old Guard” and the new wave of politics.

Take note of the Powell chart’s placements of Juno and Neptune as they form a semisextile (30°) and resolve in a Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile (165°) at 6 Aries 16 in a 36-minute partile conjunction to the IC of the US Civil Rights chart. Meanwhile, the Civil Rights chart shows a semisextile between the MC and 9th house Uranus, resolving at a Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile at 21 Pisces 02 in 1°20′ opposition to the Powell chart’s (9th house) Neptune. There is a third semisextile although some might object because the placements are on the wide side (34°). In defense of this one, however, the midpoint is still the relevant one and therefore needs to be considered as a perhaps loosely determined semisextile–the Powell chart’s Mercury to Venus–which resolves at a Blooming Undecaquartisextile at 12 Capricorn 24, conjunct the Powell Moon in the 1st house in opposition to the Civil Rights and Powell Suns. The resolution point of 12 Capricorn 24 establishes the midpoint of the Suns and the Powell Moon. These three undecaquartisextile patterns resolve at the IC, the third house and the 1st house Moon, pointing to heightened emotions at a daily level as well as what some may call a need for house cleaning. While that wouldn’t be a bad idea, the kind of house cleaning matters. It appears to be more important now to establish a sense of peace and harmony instead of the hostility in the air for the last several months. But this is about local turf. That doesn’t yet let the United States off the hook on the global stage.

Moving away now from the US Civil Rights chart to the Powell chart’s Solar Return, we see the 4th house rising in a 1°20 minute conjunction to the natal IC. While the hemispheres are evenly split between the East and the West, the chart shows how the second quadrant below-the-horizon dominance points to the isolationism appearing to show perhaps even in US politics right now. I’m somewhat surprised since I’d have expected more emphasis on the 1st quadrant, given my own thought that perhaps the current administration would be focused on the nation’s seemingly all-me versus its history of being global in its interactions with the rest of the world. But somehow it seems this administration is eager to know what others think of us (the collective sense), which might confuse those who are watching from elsewhere in the world.

Separate from such petty issues, I’m more concerned about Mars’ 2°06′ conjunction to the IC as it simultaneously rules the chart from that 4th house vantage point. Were this all, I’d be somewhat attentive. But Mars is forming an 11-minute partile opposition to Pluto in its 2°17′ conjunction to the MC. With the SR Moon also conjunct the 7th house cusp by 4°07′, although there’s roughly a 6° orb to exact from the opposition to the square of the Moon. It’s not consoling–and this is not a Cardinal T-square rather a Cardinal Grand Cross–all angular at that! Uranus sits in a 13-minute partile conjunction to the SR Ascendant. CNN reported on July 3rd that North Korea had indeed shot its latest missile that had traveled 37 minutes into the Sea of Japan. Analysts are saying this is a matter of angles that could have us quickly involved in war. Sadly–at the cost of many lives, the egos of two heads of state (USA and North Korea) could endanger all of the world’s people. Those of you who know my work also know I don’t say these things lightly. But before I go on, I’ll look at the Lunar Return to see the triggers for this. This particular trigger was “just” Pluto’s tight conjunction to the MC with the Moon establishing the time.

In order to have the understandings of what we’re seeing in any Solar Return, we need to avail ourselves of the action coming from the Lunar Return. The action showing in the Solar Return (SR) focused on the scare, or perhaps “alarm” is a better word. But while it’s tempting, even frightening to look at the July 8 Lunar Return (LR), one can begin to seek out the triggers specifically as the Midheaven by progression meets the aspects in question by conjunction, square or opposition. I have never found this to be an effective exercise with soft aspects.

The fourth house rises in the Powell chart Solar Return, bringing the SR Pluto placement to the Midheaven while Uranus now forms the conjunction to the Ascendant from the 12th house side. But take note that the Moon is now on the 6th house side of the SR, conjunct the 7th house cusp. Pluto at the MC in 11-minute partile opposition to Mars on the IC was the focus of the North Korean testing late on the 2nd of July (USA). That North Korea had aimed too high but allowed the missile to stay airbound for 37 minutes doesn’t indicate an error, rather its appearing to me to be more of a warning if not a threat with the United States as the recipient. I hope my readers will remember I tend to avoid bringing these dates to their attention unless I feel I have no choice.

A split East-West horizon offers the focus of efforts to keep the nation on an even keel while the 2nd quadrant below-the-horizon dominance suggests a watchful eye on the pulse of the nation (2nd quadrant reflects the need to tune in to the feelings of the people while not airing laundry quite as much in the public eye as has appeared to be going on. For now, that might be just my conjecture, but it seems so much posturing with Pluto’s conjunction to that MC and the dominance of planets–and both luminaries–below the horizon is troubling while so many crucial points of the Solar Return sit at the angles: Uranus still within orb of the opposition to the Moon in square with the Moon then serving as the bridge to square the Mars-Mercury conjunction in the 4th (Mars on the angle) in opposition to Pluto conjunct the MC.What is said at this time is as important as how it’s delivered, why it’s said (the intentions behind the words) and even when needs to be considered. This is not a time to take chances or make decisions lightly or impulsively.

In contrast to the Solar Return chart revealing the activation of the SR Mars-Pluto opposition, the Lunar Return (LR) moves a later degree of the 1st house to the Ascendant (ASC), pushing the Moon into a 54-minute partile conjunction to the LR ASC from the 1st house side with Pluto conjunct the Moon in close separating opposition to the Sun in its conjunction to Mars. Where the Moon and later Mercury served as bridges in the Solar Return chart, now we see the Sun as the bridge to the creation of a Cardinal T-square from the opposition in square to Jupiter in the 9th house. Pay close attention here however because the natal placement of Saturn sits in a mere 15-minute partile conjunction to Jupiter, reminding us again to avoid being hasty.

Neptune in the 2nd house isn’t only forming a quincunx (150°) to 9th house Jupiter and its conjunction to natal Saturn, it’s also forming a conjunction to both by antiscion. This is about values–not just about the economy, a point possibly lost on those who don’t consider value systems like ethics that important. The point of the Peeling of Life’s Onion isn’t lost on me as I also think of the Civil Rights Act having been signed into law in 1964, as I discussed earlier. Is Civil Rights yet another potential issue arising again? Why not? Some in Washington may see the law as unnecessarily limiting. If so, they may want to be free of perceived burdens and restrictions. But the last thing needed right now is thoughtless action, overoptimism and carelessness. This chart serves as the prelude to the Capricorn Full Moon at 12:06:30 AM in Washington, DC–a mere 3 hours 45 minutes 46 seconds after the LR has taken place.

It’s possible there will be some kind of change of focus around the 15th of July with the progressed MC moving from the anaretic last degree of Scorpio to Sagittarius, bringing the focus of the arm of that Cardinal T-square already into play on the evening of the 15th. But the stronger concern lies in the dynamics of what’s happening on the 28th or 29th, when the entire T-square appears to be activated as the Moon takes its position at the MC, followed some hours later by the opposition from the Sun then transiting Pluto and another opposition from Mars. It won’t be a day to take chances or to play games. People’s lives may be at stake. In general, while the United States may be wanting to think of itself and what it, as the entire nation, wants, this will be an important time for us to think of our long-term relationships not only with our neighbors but with the world as well.

How these energies are handled now will be a critical focus for the future. It’s up to us to get it right. That doesn’t mean this isn’t a dangerous month we’re considering. It’s very much a dangerous one with the 28th and 29th of July most likely to be the most significant dates of all.

On a side note, watch transiting Ceres forming a 9-minute conjunction to natal Venus in the 6th house. We’re far from out of the woods in terms of the health care debate. I’d be looking at women’s health issues becoming a greater challenge rather than a lesser one before the month is over.

At last, I’ve reached the end of what I had hoped to see with this maze of charts. Of course, there’s more to come, but there’s so much I still have to cover over the next six weeks.

So, for now, until next time…

Namaste, I love you,

©2017 Michelle Young