How Chadwick and His Tablet Saved His Mom

When this story appeared on our local news last night, I knew I needed to cover it in just a brief glimpse. Obviously I don’t know his chart, but I know the situation, and it speaks so loudly to the things we can see in an incident like this.

Four-year-old uses tablet to help save mother’s life

New York - 4-yo and his tablet save mom's lifeLeo rises in this chart with just the Moon and Jupiter in the Eastern hemisphere. Four-year-old Chadwick obviously loves his tablet–and as the reporter pointed out in the news, parents often wonder how wise it is for children to be so engrossed in their tablets versus interacting with the rest of the world around them. In this case, little Chadwick showed the world how to do it:

With the Moon in the 1st house, of course Chadwick’s mom was sharing the focus with that Midheaven at an anaretic degree of 29 Aries 29, a point that could take on some tense life and death proportions. But of course, little Chadwick is too young to know about such things. Still, he probably enjoyed getting his first 15 seconds of fame at least on tonight’s news. Personally, I think he should have a little more exposure than that; so as far as I’m concerned, if this story goes viral, all the better. He and his tablet deserve it!

I found both transiting Mercury retrograde and the Sun in the 6th house telling me the story of what was being broadcast–again, based on the time the story was aired on our local CBS-TV News station, WBNG, pointing to the child’s father who was at work at the time his wife collapsed. Quick-thinking Dad called Chadwick on his tablet!

I should also tell you here that Chadwick had never used the tablet as a cell phone before, but he knew what to do and answered it!

Now I don’t know about you, but I worry that I might not have been as quick to think about that! Thanks to Chadwick’s obeying his father, emergency medical help were given access to the house and his mother, and her life was saved. (You really need to read the story, and hopefully the broadcast is also available. On the other hand, I’m giving you a bit of the story in my words since they probably won’t have it on for that long.) Still, the story is great and offers a marvelous venue for another chart with a bit of human interest–and a lot of love from a little boy for his mommy and daddy.

A no-brainer here: Chadwick gets that he doesn’t yet know more than they do. ūüėČ But of course, we all know he’ll be like the rest of us when he moves into his teens and suddenly thinks he knows everything–and then Mom and Dad will need to catch up. But remember, he’s four: His parents still have a fighting chance to accomplish what the rest of us in the world never figure out.) The chart has a Western, 2nd quadrant, below-the-horizon dominance–a wise choice for parents who will still continue to protect their life-saving cherub.

Now take a good look at that sixth house, and note how the Sun is conjunct the Part of Fortune in Uranus-ruled Aquarius. I haven’t a clue what the father does, but the 6th house is a house of health, service and co-workers. In this case, certainly all three of these areas related to the 6th were in operation at the time “Dad” called 911 and alerted the emergency team to the situation.

And even though Mercury was retrograde and still making a partile conjunction to Pluto, Chadwick’s dad¬†had his wits about him to call his apparently quite responsible little guy and ask him to let the team in the house. The team lost no time in getting to the home, which shows nicely with that 9th house Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries in square to the Mercury-Pluto conjunction, and Chadwick and even his father were part of the team making that happen.

In the 4th–home–there was Mars in Pluto-ruled Scorpio, and Chadwick was on the ball, even though Mars was in an approaching square not only to the Moon but in a 10-minute partile¬†square to the Ascendant! At that young age, he knew how serious this situation was, and his mom had never lost consciousness before when she’d been alone with the children. But then Jupiter was making a 7-minute partile conjunction to the North Node, and Neptune was in the 8th forming respective 27- and 34-minute partile undecaquartisextiles to Jupiter and the North Node. With Neptune involved, of course there was a lot to deal with here:

Could Chadwick possibly get all of the ramifications of the situation? His behavior would hold the key, of course, and he came through like a real champ, as they say. Even here, the outcome related to his mother’s health was in the air, and it was up to a little boy.

I’ll add one more thought here for those who work with asteroids and Centaurs: ¬†take note as well that the 1st house Moon is forming an undecaquartisextile to Ceres in this chart. While I don’t ordinarily take note of these things, praise Chadwick for this too since Ceres, of course, points to the nurturing mother. The Moon, representing the mother and the 4th house, was in Leo’s sign, where we look for the father. Quite appropriate, I think. For this alone, the Moon in the 1st house offered the opportunity for Chadwick¬†to shine as the emissary of everything that’s right with his parents for their having been blessed with such a special little guy!

A couple of videos for you now since I usually offer something. This time, I’m not sharing music, but I’m hoping you’ll watch them anyway. You see, there’s a certain breed of child who will do what’s right along the way. That child may never get world recognition–but maybe s/he will. What makes this so special is the talent that takes saving lives to new levels:

It starts with a family member athough the emphasis really is about his or her having saved a life. Chadwick isn’t alone. He belongs to that exclusive club of kids who save lives. I suspect he’s the newest member. Great going, Chadwick!! I know many will agree with me that you’re a pretty super kid!

Finally, in case you’re wondering why I chose to write about this particular little story, let me explain:

In June 2000, a then-10-year-old member of my family saved my life when I had a massive head injury and was losing a lot of blood. Although several people including adults were present, only the 10-year-old remembered to call 911 to save my life in the panic of the moment. To you, Matt Young, I dedicate this article today. Thank you again. I love you.

Until the new article–and yes, I’m still working on it…

Namaste, I love you,

©2016 Michelle Young