India – Solar Return 2014

India – Solar Return 2014

I was just thinking that it seemed like such a long time since I’ve had an opportunity to revisit the charts for either India or Pakistan; but it’s obviously here again since this is Independence Day. As those of you in India and Pakistan know, this is my annual birthday gift to you.

India – Solar Return 2014 inside, natal outside

This year, in India, the 3rd house of communications and daily affairs is rising, with SR Venus in the 12th house at 2 Leo 01 tightly conjunct (but not partile) the SR Ascendant at 3 Leo 12 and SR Jupiter in the 1st house at 6 Leo 19, conjunct not only the SR Ascendant but natal Mercury at 6 Leo 48. This is especially important since it inclines me to believe that education will be considered this year as a priority. How that comes into play will be the question, of course. It will be a busy year since Jupiter’s conjunction to Mercury indicates a time in which one (or the collective, in this case) is occupied with many concerns requiring attention. It’s possible that the focus of education will be toward the economy rather than toward the education of children–but I can hope.

Black Moon Lilith isn’t quite conjunct that natal Pluto-Saturn conjunction–but it’s caught in the midst of the natal stellium running from Mercury through the Sun and therefore still has to be considered.  The more I think about Lilith, the more intrigued I am to see how this will actually play out. Ironically, while natal Mercury precedes the Leo stellium, SR Mercury closes that stellium from its vantage point at 26 Leo 39. This seems to be a good indication, however, since Mercury trines the SR Midheaven by a partile degree. I know. I don’t usually speak about the goodies like that, but Mercury’s position here–especially where Mercury is the ruler of the natal chart for the country–should put India in the news quite a bit this year for great efforts to achieve whether or not there are successes.

With SR Saturn in the 4th house (conjunct natal Jupiter) as well as SR Mars in square to SR Jupiter and the natal Leo stellium, it seems as if there will be a feeling of moving sideways a great deal of the time. Mars in square to Jupiter is often a good thing since it can bring about fortunate action, great “luck” in gambles and other risk taking. But Saturn is making a clear impact, and that also has to be considered. You’ll need to understand that conservative action can still be a positive move even when there may be low energy, or energies may seem slow in their progress. Progress can be made, but the process will more than likely be slower than people may wish. I will forewarn that some astrologers won’t see that conjunction as I do because their orbs may be tighter than mine, but I do feel this is clearly relevant because of the square to the 1st house natal and SR planets. Although SR Jupiter hasn’t yet reached the square to natal Jupiter, it’s close enough that we need to consider India’s economy will still have a struggle at least for another 3 years.

But economic struggles don’t have to be negative things. They can buy time to build stronger foundations and, when I think of how what’s going on inside is also always important, I’m really not surprised that this beautiful land again shines her light below the horizon. A self-protective move? Perhaps. She’s a land of much enigma to be sure, but that mystery only keeps us coming back for more. For starters, take note that natal Mercury and SR Jupiter make a nice trine to the SR 9th house Moon, making me suspect that the recent BRICS agreement between India, Republic of South Africa, China, Brazil and Russia seems like it will be a positive one with long-term promise.

Take note of that below-the-horizon dominance in addition to the Sun’s position and the natal planets falling in this chart’s first house. In combination with the Solar Return planets, you see an overall first quadrant dominance. There is no clear quadrant dominance in the new Solar Return alone, so I’m opting instead to look at the first quadrant to understand that this is still about India’s work, especially when one considers that the massive natal stellium falls in the 1st house of this Return. Natally, that stellium is not only in the 3rd but four of the parts fall in the 4th house or on the IC, which highlights the fourth. So the foundations of the nation are still wisely addressed.

I don’t ordinarily get into politics, if I can avoid it; and for the most part, I’ll maintain that policy. However, it’s important to note that regardless of the position one takes about PM Narendra Modi, my first looks at this chart seem to imply that he will actually be moving and shaking the country into action in several areas. Now whether that’s as a result of events coming in rapidly or it’s as a result of smart planning still remains to be seen; but on the initial look, it does seem very promising all the same.

To be sure, the chart has its challenges: In addition to the ongoing 6th house Pluto square to 9th house Uranus, indicating sudden shifts in international affairs potentially present problems along the way, take note of natal Mercury and SR Jupiter in partile quincunx to 8th house SR Neptune. I have no doubt that India and Mr. Modi realize that one-hand-washes-the-other concept of working cooperatively with other nations. But it would be wise to be sure to avoid taking promises on hopes rather than on a bit of history and a lot of trust that’s been developed through experience (SR Saturn’s caution here with Mars right by its side, not to mention again that SR Saturn is also making a partile quincunx to Uranus, urges that adjustment doesn’t mean to jump in with both feet without looking to make sure the water is deep enough. At times like these, one must be wise and realize that every decision, every move will need to be made wisely, cautiously, and yes, despite the promise, conservatively. India will have to be careful not to bite off more than she can chew.

The Solar Return chart shows a dominance of Western planets despite the dominance between Solar and natal planets in the first quadrant. It’s a fine balance to be sure, and here is where India through PM Modi’s direction will remain wise to step carefully because it seems like baby steps just might avoid whatever trouble could otherwise be found. Building the nation into a 21st century power is an art certainly, but one must exercise that wisdom and not be afraid to recognize the pitfalls ahead. The heartbeat of the chart is pretty basic although it’s far from one single beat: the Sun and Neptune are in their own signs of rulership now, and then there’s the Saturn-Pluto mutual reception. It seems as if there’s authority and spirituality, but yet it would seem that the nation may be missing its critically important voice of the woman now. In such an environment that this Solar Return presents, I’d almost sense that Maa Durga might be–or should be–at the helm. Perhaps a little more Saraswati would be good too. After all, I did start out in mentioning education. Gentle effort on top of the goal can only make the results that much sweeter, but time will tell from here.

India – September 2014 Lunar Return

India – Sept 2014 LR inside, natal outside

During the period from the 12th to the 21st of September, the first trigger of that square between the SR Mars/Saturn and the SR Jupiter with all of the natal stellium should be active. Tension may flare on the earlier date while things could resolve positively with a lot of patience and understanding by the latter date. I did take a peek at the September 2014 Lunar Return and discovered the third house is rising in that chart as well with natal Pluto and Saturn tightly conjunct the Ascendant, and LR Jupiter conjunct all three as well. Again, this points to the need for conservatism but with a strong caution that there might be an emphasis at this time on legalities. Again, there is a dominance of below-the-horizon planets, but in this chart there’s an even division of planets between the East and West, indicating that there will be concerns about what authorities may feel they have the right to do and what the people may feel they should be doing, At times like these, it would behoove authorities to pay closer attention to the people and not to take matters into their own hands as if they know best. Just because authorities ask opinions doesn’t mean they always listen.

BML by now is exactly (0°0′) conjunct natal Venus, cautioning the onlooker not to take everything being communicated as written in stone. It seems like there might be a seduction going on, and certainly that’s even more likely when we note that LR Saturn is now making a 23-minute partile conjunction to natal Jupiter again from the fourth house. Despite what it seems, the first quadrant still has the emphasis, and it gives me the impression at least that “for the good of all” is still not as much in mind as it could be. Economically, the weather should be okay, but promises from puffed chests could prove to be a bunch of hot air. With LR Mercury by this time, now in opposition to LR Uranus, people would be wise to believe no more than half of what is being said in the news. As I make the progressions in this Lunar Return, I’d be more inclined to say the period between 19 and 21 September is likely to be more powerful and needing to be carefully examined despite my original thought that the 12th might be of a bit more concern.

India – October 2014 Lunar Return

India – October 2014 LR inside, natal outside

I was also concerned about the 24th of October with that as an even more significant date since the progressed LR Midheaven will be opposing LR Uranus. But LR Mars will, however, be in square to the LR Midheaven from October 16, when the return actually starts. So the entire week through the 24th may be relevant although I’m hoping this is a time when national affairs would work positively overall. My biggest concern in the Lunar Return lies in Uranus in the 4th house while the 8th and 12th houses are also showing action including the natal stellium in the 8th and the Moon and Saturn in the respective 8th and 12th houses by then. The nation appears to be in flux with these dynamics showing as they are, periodic tensions followed by perhaps sweet talk. Certainly a lot of communication may be noted at this time, and change may seem to be in the air. Hopefully, those in power won’t simply act blindly and against the will of the people; but time will tell.