India – Solar Return 2015

Please read Pakistan’s Solar Return 2015 as well.

Four years ago, when India’s sixth house was rising, the degree of the Solar Return (SR) Ascendant (ASC) was making a 14-minute partile conjunction to the natal Vertex, as if to say this was going to be a year in which fate actually played a key role in some facet of Indian life. I didn’t take note of the conjunction to the Vertex back then because it just didn’t click at the time.

As it happens, in comparison to other years in which events played key roles from start to finish, 2011-2012 went by with relatively few dramatic events–especially if in comparison to to those like the tsunami of December 2004, the November 2008 siege on Mumbai, or the hue and cry of people throughout the land following Nirbhaya’s brutal rape and murder. The latter continues to play on the minds of many, just as it did with the release and subsequent banning of India’s Daughter in the last year. In contrast to events like the first two, the third served as an affront to most people, not only in India but around the world.

There’s no point in revisiting past events in this SR other than my having noted the far more dramatic Solar Returns of previous years. I’ve searched my files for hours, trying in vain to find anything of huge significance linked to events back then. Just shy of the three-year anniversary of the attack on Mumbai and the world’s economic crisis, the rupee had taken a significant beating. The 2011 SR fell several degrees inside the sixth house, pointing to events related to the nation’s health and perhaps to the government’s inner workings as India continued its effort to make strides during that chaotic economic period.
India - SR 2015So I came to this new Solar Return–2015-2016–with an eye to the sixth house without any effort to prejudice myself in what I was seeing. Natally, India possesses an Eastern first quadrant below-the-horizon dominance without a single planet or luminary above. India thrives on its mystery in the sense of its possessing some control over what will or will not be seen or understood by the rest of the world. It’s not a matter of things hidden with the focus on hiding as much as it is a matter of maintaining a certain amount of control perhaps over what is seen in the nation’s self-portrayal as a warm, inviting and congenial presence.

To be sure, India has her problems. Since gaining independence 68 years ago, this great land has been home to a continually rising population that has begun to resist some old traditions: the system in which survival has often depended on the ability or inability to earn as a result of the caste into which one was born; the dichotomy of goddesses like Maa Durga, Shakti, Saraswati and Lakshmi in contrast to concepts like bride burning and female foeticide; and the focus on arranged marriage in the face of many who fall in love without their parents’ blessings. To outsiders, such traditions may mean little; but in India, the art of balancing the old and the new can be a superhuman feat.

India - 6th house rising SR 2015 inside, natal outsideEach year I write the Solar Returns for India and Pakistan, I try to consider tradition and world events, the voices of the people in contrast to government, and so on. Some years are easier than others. This newest SR still presents the Eastern dominance but in clear contrast to the natal chart as if to say, “We are here, and we are rising!” The fourth quadrant and above-the-horizon presence offers a strong sense of self in what appears to be an effort to show both self-sufficiency and the strength of the nation. I get the feeling that the effort is more about the goal as a world leader now and perhaps less as an inviting nation. To a point, that concerns me, but not completely. India’s natal Moon makes a wide conjunction to the SR Midheaven (MC), still offering that beckoning hand to the visitor from afar. But the focus this year appears to be more about business and less about pleasure unless it relates to what’s good for business. As that goes, “business” seems to be more likely to focus on the “made in India” label.

Alliances made this year may assist the nation in moving forward with these goals that can and should remain focused on what’s best for India. But be aware that second house Saturn–now direct as of August 2nd–has a 29-minute partile conjunction to the natal South Node (SN). We could also be seeing a caution of “All that glitters is not gold” with natal 5th house Neptune moving to the 12th house of the Solar Return while SR Neptune repeats the natal energy with its 5th house position. This is a New Moon year with the Moon about 4°41′ of orb before the exact conjunction to the natal Sun.

While this New Moon presents a stronger image in one sense, India’s natal bodies in Cancer–Mars and the Moon–sit in Leo this year with Mars in 37-minute partile square to natal Chiron in the SR first house. SR Chiron, meanwhile, sits on the 6th house cusp. If Chiron is indeed more than merely the “wounded healer” and offers the opportunity for charisma and sizzle in performance, it would seem to indicate that this sense of great business dealings will be key to events in the coming year. But Mars conjuncts the natal Moon now, and this can be a highly precarious position since the Moon here can trigger more emotion than vibrant action.

In July, exactly a month to the day before Indian Independence Day, an exchange of gunfire between India and Pakistan at the border in Jammu left one woman dead. According to the Times of India – “Border boils, Will fight fire with fire, India warns Pakistan, Pakistan’s having opened fire “targeting civilian areas” apparently was the start of a ceasefire violation in that region. “Indian forces have been retaliating to Pakistan with equal ferocity” that left four civilians and four military personnel dead on the Pakistani side, the Times of India – “India responds with deadly force to Pakistani aggression reported”.

Libra on the ASC in this return is not all that comforting to me any more than it is to see Venus’ rulership from retrograde (Rx) motion. We often look at Libra for its focus on partnership, but one is well to take heed that “partnership” doesn’t necessarily mean getting along. The seventh house is where we look for long-term partnership, not just for marriage as many might think. This is also the house where we will find open enemies, lawyers and business partners. As such then, we can assume there can also be a sense of the military or militaristic stance despite Venus as a ruler.

The Venus Rx gives me pause to suspect we may be seeing a military approach now. In contrast to the natal chart’s heartbeat pointing to the Sun and Moon as the focus of the nation, during 2015, the focus becomes more complex with the Sun, Mercury and Pisces all in their own signs of rulership, and that mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto. This year seems to be more about taking charge, taking control, rather than the effort to maintain peace. I’m inclined to wonder whether the recent exchange of gunfire at the border between Pakistan and India might be indicating there’s more to meet the eye here too. Now conjunct natal Venus, the SR Moon–at the very least–seems to imply a likelihood of our seeing more demands for respect than warmth coming from this magnificent land. I don’t mean to imply the warmth will be missing, rather that a more defensive mode might be occurring with the transit of retrograde Venus.

Pink Floyd – Sorrow

Economically, the year shows some promise: SR Saturn–conjunct the natal South Node (SN) (Ketu in Vedic astrology)–in the 2nd house of income and assets has formed a marvelous trine to the natal Moon-SR Midheaven conjunction, offering signs that the nation continues to strive to make a good recovery from previous years during the first month (mid-August to mid-September). But I won’t lie: Saturn conjunct the SN gives me some concern as does the conjunction of SR Uranus to the 7th house cusp.

I’m also worried about SR Mars with the conjunction to the MC even more tightly during the first and second weeks of October, giving a strong warning to keep a close eye on national defense. It’s possible we’ll see a need for more protection in this area. Mind you, that doesn’t lessen my worry for the entire month of September. The sixth house rises again in the October Lunar Return, pointing to heightened tensions throughout the land straight through at least the 9th and 10th of October. This appears to be another huge red flag for the entire period of time. I’m especially concerned about the evening of October 6.

By early November, the energy from the Lunar Return points to joint efforts perhaps related to economic relationships again (BRICS, possibly?). Thanks to chart ruler Mars in its 15-minute partile conjunction to 6th house Venus in the Mars-Venus-Jupiter stellium, this period can be positive, even dynamic. But natal Mars actually sits in the 4th house from its LR conjunction to the IC, pointing to the 4/8/12 complex of houses, and tends to make me nervous. Highlighted as an interception in the LR 12th house, Neptune is again in an approaching square from 8th house Saturn. This can be related to more economic woes since the Moon’s partile conjunction to the 5th house cusp can point as much to economics as it can to children or anything related to entertainment. I’m especially concerned, however, because of the peeling of Life’s onion through that Saturn-Neptune square.

This whole period through the end of the year brings in new concerns even with the late November Lunar Return and the Full Moon dynamics of November 26. A 10-minute partile Sun-Saturn conjunction makes a respective 11- and 21-minute partile square to Neptune in the 6th, bringing out that peeling of Life’s onion again. While the Moon for the Lunar Return is already past the Full Moon, the Full Moon chart points to the creation of a Mutable T-square that gives me chills on the possibilities I’m seeing here. These Lunar Returns are all pointing to the region being a potential hot spot from now through the end of the year and beyond although I’d like to cling to the hope that sanity can still reign in the region. Pay close attention as well to Jupiter in this November 30 LR: It makes a 16-minute partile conjunction to the September 13 Solar Eclipse while the South Node makes a 1°14 conjunction to the March 20 Solar Eclipse we had earlier this year.

I’m especially worried about the sequence of hot spots showing throughout several months of the coming year following the 2015 Independence Day celebrations in India. With so much focus on the 6th house in the Solar Return, I wonder whether so much concentration on the economy–although it obviously needs attention–has left “the barnyard unattended.” The issues of agriculture and farm debt, ecology, education, and environment seem to indicate a spilling over. If the nation’s problems stay within its borders, these times will be chaotic at best. By the time the November 30 Lunar Return rolls around, we’ll be looking at an Eastern first quadrant, below-the-horizon dominance that may be nothing more than all talk and no action.

I can’t emphasize enough about this peeling of Life’s onion as shown through the precise conjunction of Sun and Saturn squaring just as tightly 6th house Neptune. It will be critical for everyone in the country to be on the same page, focusing on better health as well as avoiding additional trouble by stepping into martyr roles. Guarding the borders will be challenging enough with an ongoing undecaquartisextile between LR Neptune and the LR Ascendant and another one from the natal Sun to LR Neptune, it would be far better for India to consider the good of all as the ultimate goal in her transformation rather than worrying about who gets to play victor and who will lose out.

Religion can be a major issue this year for both India and Pakistan, bringing to mind troubling newspaper headlines just days after I mentioned this to another astrologer–a terrorist organization apparently wanted to stir trouble in the area. Nurture the spiritual while defending those borders if and when you need to.

Frankly, I can’t offer just one date. This is a series of ongoing problems. I expect this will be at the border around Jammu and Kashmir, but don’t discount the  possibility that this kind of danger lurks at all corners of the nation this year. Be alert and mindful without being stupidly paranoid.

At best, the effort to maintain the nation’s equilibrium will rest heavily on the shoulders of Narendra Modi and his ability to handle crisis under fire. I’m reminded of Sim City, when all of the disasters were simultaneously hitting whatever region one was playing. The year will require attention to national security from border protection to all areas of the nation. The year will also reveal the need to address issues of agriculture, farmers drowning in debt, potential food shortages, health crises, the educational system’s still gaping holes, corruption at all levels, and so much more.

In all these years since I’ve done the Solar Returns for both India and Pakistan, I have never seen a pair of Solar Returns in which both nations troubled me like this. These issues of which I’ve spoken are not just each nation’s individual issues. They are issues that warn of trouble brewing in a different sense. Please, readers from both nations, take caution and don’t look at each other with skewed eyes. The problems this time may be far larger, needing you to work together at least through the first six or seven months of the coming year.

Sometimes, I feel like I say a phrase or two too much, and this may be one of them; but it needs to be said especially now: Vasudhaiva kutumbakam – the whole world is a family. Consider that even between you–India and Pakistan–and work together on some of these crises as you may find you need to do in the coming months. Past conflicts between you need to be resolved, and this year may be one of the most important years to discover just that.

I came upon a quote attributed to Albert Einstein as I finished writing this today, but I have been unable to find actual proof that he said it at all–only the plethora of attribution without citations. Nevertheless, it’s a brilliant comment regardless of who actually said it:

“Not until the creation and maintenance of decent conditions of life for all people are recognized and accepted as a common obligation of all people and all countries — not until then shall we, with a certain degree of justification, be able to speak of humankind as civilized.”

Ironically, Einstein did reveal many powerful quotes in The World As I See It. In the last paragraph of a letter he wrote on the subject of education, for instance, he said, “Incidentally I am only coming to Princeton to research, not to teach. There is too much education altogether, especially in American schools. The only rational way of educating is to be an example–of what to avoid, if one can’t be the other sort.” Seems to me he would have also liked what Nietzsche had to say. It’s equally fitting here too: “Only individuals have a sense of responsibility.” These words are especially important this year.

Namaste, I love you.

©2015 Michelle Young

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