Jason Brown – Bringing a Dream to Reality

November 15, 2014

In India, seva is a truly pure effort to do right by the world around you, to help those in need where you can. I hold seva deeply in my heart, and I believe this philosophy is true even when you don’t have much. Apparently the former NFL offensive lineman Jason Brown has an understanding of seva too. In these last hours as we move toward the Neptune shift to direct again, such a story as his should be shared. It’s about seva–spirituality and sharing–and that’s pure Neptune too!

In March 2012, Brown was released from the NFL, the result of a conscious decision on his part to return home to pursue a dream. Saturn wasn’t quite ready to return, but close enough: the pattern of the move toward the return starts before it’s exact. For Brown, the Saturn Return began in October 2012.

As near as I can tell, the News and Observer on November 27, 2013, covered his return to North Carolina, near Louisburg where he bought an old dairy farm with more than 1000 acres and a 100-yo farmhouse. Leaving behind the lifestyle of an NFL pro with a mansion for a home, Brown called this realization of his dream First Fruits Farm.

On November 6, 2014, the News and Observer did another story on Jason, this time with his giving away 46000 pounds (nearly 21000 kg) of sweet potatoes to feed the hungry–and that was after he gave away 10000 pounds of cucumbers! Mind you, he had to learn to farm. This wasn’t even something he knew much about! But people came forward to help him and to teach him.


The story, at least for me, brought tears to my eyes. I think it will to many of you too. As I write this, I’m still choking back the tears. What an inspiring story!

Jason Brown - the untimed chart
We often think of Neptune as the planet of illusion, confusion, delusion–and I have even joked about the dust bunnies in the brain. But this is a story of how we can see Neptune and Saturn clearly working together. Seva is surely more than just spiritual. It’s a matter of personal responsibility we undertake to help others. For Jason Brown, seeing Neptune’s prominence here even in an untimed chart where his natal Venus makes a partile conjunction to his North Node (regardless of the house since this chart is untimed) in opposition to Neptune in Sagittarius.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the 9th house in the natural chart, bringing to mind theological and philosophical matters. But it doesn’t stop there. Take note that Jupiter and Uranus have a 41-minute partile conjunction in Sagittarius, making Sagittarius even more evident in his philosophy and spirituality. It all fits, of course, how a man with the NFL silver spoon could put that behind for this humble lifestyle he finds more fulfilling and enriching.

Whatever degree it’s in, you can be quite sure his Moon is in Aquarius, the sign of the humanitarian and organized “chaos,” something perhaps he’s thrived on since football can be pretty chaotic.

With Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Libra working in an out-of-sign conjunction, it seems as if he connected with the dream, and his placement of Pluto clearly wouldn’t allow him to let go. Venus and Pluto are trine and in air signs, as is his Moon. But he has a Sun-Mars-Mercury-Chiron stellium that lends substance to his goals, and it’s highly likely that at least one of the bodies in that stellium is squaring his Moon. Money isn’t everything, and it would seem he got the point and opted instead for seva, the simple lifestyle, and the wealth of helping others.

Namaste, I love you.

©2014 Michelle Young