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May 31, 2015: I’ve just learned the following news and am updating this analysis with that in mind. Joni Mitchell was indeed in a coma and in apparent life-threatening condition at the time the story below had broken. I have the following story pointing to more details of the kind they were trying to hide at the time. We’re in the midst of the Mercury Retrograde, and the pieces are finally fitting, aren’t they? Thanks to member Elaine Mallette for this find! I remember thinking back then that it seemed there was a lot of effort ot quell the news and concern. But our concerns were indeed valid!

Joni Mitchell Had An Aneurism In March, Remains In Serious Condition      

Beloved songstress Joni Mitchell who has been in the hospital since the 31st of March when she collapsed at home, has slipped into a coma. Alexei Diaz-Paz, a friend and member of this site and of the KISS (Keep It Simply Serious) Astrology group on Facebook, began posting the news more than an hour ago.

Joni Mitchell Reportedly Unresponsive, in a Coma

I don’t know when–what time–Joni collapsed, so it’s kind of pointless to look back at that period other than the Moon’s presence in last degrees of Leo if she did so before about 4 pm that day. In the morning, the Moon would have been conjunct her Jupiter.

Joni Mitchell - natal chartJoni Mitchell - natal inside, transits outsideToday, around the time I’m thinking the news would have been released to give reporters a fighting chance to post decent releases with the information actually offered, the transiting Moon, now in Virgo, would have been in an approaching conjunction to natal Chiron in her third house while quincunx the transiting South Node and opposing transiting Neptune. That alone would seem to me to hint at her having slipped into the coma about that time.

The natal chart shows an Eastern below-the-horizon dominance with a split between the 2nd and 4th quadrants, suggesting that she’s always tried to keep her public and private lives separate to enable her to march to her own beat. Her natal Moon in Pisces focuses as much on the natural 12th house as the transiting opposition would have done today around the time I’m thinking she had become comatose, perhaps in a reverie where she could be alone in whatever we could call that state were we the ones in the coma instead. Obviously, I’m not suggesting that, rather that we can understand perhaps a bit more with such an impression left by a transiting opposition between the Moon and Neptune.

Transiting Pluto has moved into orb of the 7th house cusp from inside the 6th with transiting Uranus in the 10th. Surely the news has surprised more than just me. Take note that the Solstice Point (Antiscion) of her natal Chiron falls at 16 Aries 47, making a 55-minute partile conjunction to transiting Uranus, while the transiting North Node’s Solstice Point makes a 3-minute partile conjunction to transiting Chiron at 20 Virgo 11!

Is it possible that Astrobank’s founder, the late Lois Rodden, was on point with her caution about Jupiter playing a major role in life cycles? I think in some cases that might be true–and it does seem like that may come into play about now.

In the meantime, send your healing, loving energy to Joni. She needs to make her choices now. By Wednesday evening (I’m on the East coast of the USA, so “evening” could come as early as mid- to late-afternoon tomorrow, Wednesday) or early Thursday morning, there will be a Moon opposition in her transits against the natal Moon. That could indicate a turning point. I often see this as a move of home, but then there’s fate and free will involved, and that all depends on what she calls home.

While you send your thoughts, you might want to listen to something special from her in the way that only Joni Mitchell can do it. She is, after all, on Both Sides Now.

Regardless of your decision, Joni, may the angels hold you while you sleep.

©2015 Michelle Young