Kafka’s Metamorphosis Didn’t Describe This, Part II

Please note: In 2015, long after I wrote this article, my understandings of the quindecile, a 24° aspect, were born out of the new–mathematically accurate–name for the 165° aspect, now called undecaquartisextile. Please read about the Undecaquartisextile as its related aspect patterns which can be found in the Pluto – Full On series. You’ll find the Pluto – Full On series under the subcategory of Undecaquartisextile, located in the Feature Articles tab. Thanks for your patience with the modification of the name.

Picking up now with the analyses:

Vermont - Female Commits Mass MurderIt’s kind of hard to miss the correlation between that Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius rising in the shooting of the case worker. Pluto rises with an obviously stunning note pointing to a mutual reception to Saturn. Saturn, in turn, makes an 18-minute partile square to the 8th house Venus/Jupiter midpoint.

The chart offers a Western 3rd quadrant above-the-horizon dominance with all five of the third quadrant bodies including the Sun sitting in the terminal 8th house. But I’m reminded of the adage, “Expect the unexpected,” with Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries in the 4th house while Mars sits in Moon-ruled Cancer in the 8th house. Both Mars and Jupiter sit in a 3-minute semi-sextile in anaretic degrees. But the Venus-Jupiter conjunction as part of the out-of-sign stellium to Mercury forms the arm of a T-square to the approaching opposition between Saturn and the 5th house Venus-ruled Taurus Moon.

I suppose it’s possible that Jody Herring had illusions of importance in her daughter’s life and had perhaps fought vigorously–or not–in whatever happened related to her having lost custody. Although Venus forms an undecaquartisextile to Neptune in this chart and stays in aspect here, Jupiter has moved on and is now out of the same aspect even though Venus and Jupiter are still conjunct. But Venus’ retrograde doesn’t promise that Jody would have retained custody. After all, it’s still retrograde; yet I can’t help but feel she probably would have been able to regain custody in time.

This particular chart just offers a veritable feast of understandings through the Sabian Symbols! Venus sits at LEO 28, MANY LITTLE BIRDS CHIRPING ON THE LIMB OF A LARGE TREE, pointing to what seems to have been a lot of family involvement as well as involvement of authorities. It would seem the family and authorities were actively involved in this case long before the ruling was set in July. It’s also possible that Jody Herring had been trying to make her voice heard above the din of family involvement with state authorities. But it’s no guarantee that her words weren’t simply words rather than being backed up by action. Here is where Lynda Hill‘s advice from 360 Degrees of Wisdom: A Sabian Oracle (©Lynda Hill 2004) could have come in handy. “Try to relax and gain some perspective until things become a little more settled,” Lynda notes. If only she had utilized that out-of-sign Mercury conjunction to the Venus-Jupiter conjunction, this might have had a happier ending.

But the arm of the T-square with Venus and Jupiter conjunct, still needs to be considered as a critically important facet of the chart. Jupiter sits at LEO 30, AN UNSEALED LETTER HAS VITAL AND CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. This particular degree reminds me of a quote in the Burlington Free Press that seems to say volumes: “My mother got a call in the morning, maybe 7:30 or 8 o’clock, saying it was Jody Herring, saying ‘You guys need to stop calling DCF unless you guys are going to have it coming to you,'” Tiffany Herring said.

At the same time, LEO 30 points to a caution that someone might try to withhold information to deceive–or –as Lynda writes, “Being upset about having things out in the open. Passing on the secrets of others. Revealing things that shouldn’t be revealed.

In contrast to the Moon at TAURUS 25, A LARGE WELL-KEPT PUBLIC PARK, pointing to the likelihood of keeping a public image as if one’s image is all related to appearances, SCORPIO 29, AN INDIAN WOMAN PLEADING TO THE CHIEF FOR THE LIVES OF HER CHILDREN, points to the courts themselves. But there is wisdom in the words “it takes a village to raise a child,” and it would seem this is exactly what happened here with the state and Jody’s relatives stepping in for the sake of the child.

Unfortunately, Mars now at the final degree of Cancer also formed a 46-minute partile undecaquartisextile to that first house Pluto, and Jody’s effort to prove herself as a responsible parent went terribly wrong with her decision to pull the trigger. Sadly, in this case, she obviously would have been better off staying away from family and not being so actively involved. On the other hand, I suspect her family had been acting with what had been positive intentions for all (Pluto is, after all, about “for the good of all.”), and Jody would have been wise to have allowed the system to work with her instead of feeling as if they were working against her.

Mars sits at the Sabian degree of CANCER 30, A DAUGHTER OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, quite fitting when we consider the context of revolution as a need to change conditions for the better. But this symbol offers keywords that include, “Being bound by social conditioning OR leading the charge to break down the barriers of tradition. Putting in the time to change social conditions for the betterment of all.” What more fitting context as we consider this undecaquartisextile between Mars on this degree and Pluto in the first house? “For the betterment of all…

In contrast, Pluto at CAPRICORN 14 notes the Sabian Symbol at AN ANCIENT BAS-RELIEF CARVED IN GRANITE REMAINS A WITNESS TO A LONG-FORGOTTEN CULTURE. I suspect the concepts Jody Herring had developed in her life had much to do with the ways in which she was raised that perhaps gave her an inappropriate sense of what should be versus the reality. But if she had been unrelenting in her beliefs, refusing to see the reality of her need to change her own attitude or patterns of behavior, this could have lent to the problem that forced the state to remove her child from custody. If “no growth is possible,” then the situation requires a change for everyone’s best interests–but certainly with the child first in line.

I’ll cut this article and start Kafka’s Metamorphosis Didn’t Describe This, Part III here.

©2015 Michelle Young

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