Kafka’s Metamorphosis Didn’t Describe This, Part III

Please note: In 2015, long after I wrote this article, my understandings of the quindecile, a 24° aspect, were born out of the new–mathematically accurate–name for the 165° aspect, now called undecaquartisextile. Please read about the Undecaquartisextile as its related aspect patterns which can be found in the Pluto – Full On series. You’ll find the Pluto – Full On series under the subcategory of Undecaquartisextile, located in the Feature Articles tab. Thanks for your patience with the modification of the name.

Picking up again with the analyses, here in Part III:

Vermont - 911 callI won’t linger too long on this chart since the first one offered such a clear picture. By morning, when 911 was called, the chart shows a shift from the Western to the Eastern hemisphere and the 4th quadrant rather than the 3rd being dominant. It remains, however, still above-the-horizon, since you can’t hide the secrets no matter how you try when you have bodies all around you. Still, take note of the Neptune conjunction to the 7th house cusp in opposition to Mercury, still in the out-of-sign stellium with Jupiter and Venus.

The Moon now sits at the apex of the chart in Gemini, forming a Grand Cross between the Mercury-Neptune opposition and the Moon out-of-sign opposition to Saturn. The situation is tragic at best, and sadly Jody Herring’s rage has probably been replaced by tears.

In Texas, the calls to Houston Police for welfare check requests apparently began to arrive around 9 PM on Saturday night. Since neither reported time in the news was noted as exact rather than as “around,” I chose the midpoint time instead. Any time I do a midpoint time, it’s because no exact time has been reported. If the first call actually was made at 9 PM, the Moon in the Domestic Violence (DV) Mass Murder chart would fall in the 4th house. Neptune in the 12th house, however, making a 26-minute partile conjunction to the Ascendant, offers just as much reliability to be considered in this chart.
Texas - DV Mass MurderBut remember now that this chart will still pick up much of what we saw in the pair of charts that were active over the previous 29 hours with one huge difference: Whether we opt for the 9 PM or 9:15 PM chart for Saturday night, any one of three out of four points of the Mutable Grand Cross (with the out-of-sign square this time between the 9th house Saturn and the 6th house stellium with Mercury still conjunct the Venus Rx-Jupiter conjunction) will have touched an angle of the chart. Although the Moon is no longer directly opposed to Saturn, Mercury creates the bridge to ensuring the opposition through its connection to each of the other points in the Grand Cross. The likelihood of the angles being triggered is especially great when you watch the Houston television station videos airing the police news conference:

Houston sheriff: “We’re all hurting” after mass murder

Victims in Mass Killing in Northwest Harris County Identified

My final conclusion on the 9:15 PM time relied on the 5th house Mars now in Leo. I suppose it’s possible that Mars could have fallen on the 6th house cusp by the call at 9, but the presence of that 5th house Mars as I remembered the children and the first sign of trouble appearing to police when they saw one child through the window just seemed to point me in that direction.

The Moon and Saturn on their own also form an undecaquartisextile although they are contraparallel as well and are therefore still within reason to be considered opposed. The Mars-Pluto, Venus-Neptune, and Venus-Ascendant undecaquartisextiles, however, appear far more relevant as undecaquartisextiles. The Moon-Saturn undecaquartisextile can be manipulative, which certainly holds weight even through the other three undecaquartisextiles; but the Moon-Saturn opposition points to the cold-bloodedness of the act that cut so many young lives short.

The Sabian degree on which GEMINI 12, A BLACK SLAVE-GIRL DEMANDS HER RIGHTS OF HER MISTRESS, the Moon, stands points to the issues at hand through the focus on blaming others instead of recognizing the role one has played in the moments right before this. Lynda points to “Bucking authority… Feeling used and abused,” and these are also relevant in the chart. Could this be a moment of our understanding where the Moon-Saturn undecaquartisextile portion of this aspect fits in? Absolutely! But don’t ignore that the Moon is still opposed to Saturn because of the Mercury bridge. This is the simultaneous transition from the Fixed emphasis of the T-square between Saturn and the Moon in Friday’s chart with the arm focused on Jupiter and the Venus retrograde to the Mutable Grand Cross on Saturday. Because of the Venus-Jupiter-Mercury stellium and the Moon now in Gemini, the Mutable Grand Cross with Saturn now out-of-sign takes the more dominant notice. In addition, however, that strength of Saturn is powerfully on point since the Solstice Point (Antiscia) of Mars opposes Saturn on Saturday, and we see the unbridled element of inhumane treatment and cruelty taking the act to the next level.

Texas - Mass Murder inside, Conley UNTIMED chart outside

Texas – Mass Murder inside, Conley UNTIMED chart outside

I thought about offering Conley’s natal chart on its own despite that I didn’t have the time or even his place of birth. But when I placed the untimed chart against the more accurately timed calls related to the welfare checks, the picture became a true eye-opener.

Before I move to the synastric conversation, however, I will point to some particularly notable midpoints as offered by Reinhold Ebertin in COSI (The Combination of Stellar Influences (©2000 AFA) where the Mars-Saturn midpoint can manifest through brutality and death. Conley’s Mars-Saturn midpoint squares the transiting Nodes from Saturday while his natal Mars at 13 Libra 04 in the incident’s 8th house, formed a 26-minute partile square to transiting Pluto!

I’m intrigued by the placements I see, placements that are critically important for timing, even without the timing for Conley’s chart. Still, the Mars transit conjuncts his Moon and makes me suspect he was born within perhaps the 6-hour period preceding the noontime shown by his chart. At 6 hours earlier, his Moon would have been conjunct Jupiter and transiting Mars. Not that Mars isn’t close in this chart, it is. But this placement of Mars makes me suspect that his rage might have been otherwise set off two  days later.

His natal Mars opposes transiting Uranus, bringing the Uranus-Pluto square back into consideration with a synastric Cardinal T-square through natal Venus as the arm. Natal Venus forms a 33-minute partile square to Uranus. In the transiting chart, Saturn creates a Fixed square to the Venus Rx-Jupiter-Mercury stellium and the transiting Sun–all of which create a square to Conley’s natal Neptune in the peeling of Life’s onion.

Domestic violence presents chilling odds, no matter where or when they take place. Even Kafka would have been riveted by the dynamics drawing this weekend into a pair of deadly domestic disasters. Not by nation or gender, not by state or occupation, not by race or income, It seemed to be in the air this weekend–not just in Vermont or in Texas. The only difference is that some of the abused are still alive, and some of the abusers just haven’t revealed the full capacity within themselves for similar events. Domestic violence and mass murder. Who would have ever thought it would show like this? Not even Kafka.

Give it time. That’s what’s so scary about it. The dichotomy of Mass Murder when we tend to see it only in mundane situations… Never in DV–until now.

Namaste, I love you.

©2015 Michelle Young

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