Kiran Murthy, Florida, USA

Michelle is a dear friend with the kindest of hearts, with the willingness to always be there for her friends, be it just for a chat or to lend a shoulder or provide an insight into what the stars hold for them. She has provided me with well needed direction in many occasions. Most notable of them being the time when she was very persistent in having me cancel my trip to Phuket. I missed a lovely winter vacation in Phuket but I also missed the deadly Tsunami that year.

Michelle is very knowledgeable with astrology from different cultures and has a keen appreciation for different points of view. She is also aware of many different cultures and has always been curious to learn more about new cultures. She has brought together people from many different cultures and geographies as her friends and made many of us realize that people of all the cultures are exactly the same deep down inside.

Michelle has always been and will remain a dear friend to whom I will turn for friendship and direction.

Kiran Murthy, Florida, USA and Bangalore, India