Manchester, We Mourn With You – May 22, 2017

“Music,” it’s said, “soothes the savage beast.” And if some 20000 who attended the nearly packed Manchester Arena last night in the United Kingdom had been able to tell you after the show was over, perhaps all but one of them might have believed that old, misquoted adage. As I write, the toll is at 22 dead, some 59 injured, and the number of deaths are expected to rise.

But as much a contradiction as the last paragraph is since that one soul obviously wasn’t soothed at all, the quote itself is also not right–at least not from what William Congreve had intended when his 451-page play was published in 1797. The passage begins:

“Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast,
To soften Rocks, or bend a knotted Oak.
I’ve read, that things inanimate have mov’d,
And, as with living Souls, have been inform’d,
By Magick Numbers and persuasive Sound.”

Last night, in Manchester, it appears neither breast nor beast were soothed as the hour closed in on those horrific events and stole the lives of unsuspecting men, women and children who, as young as 8 years old, sat in the audience. In an instant, the cheers of Ariana Grande’s fans melded into screams of terror and throngs bolting for the exits. Nearly two dozen have lost their lives, close to five dozen more lay in various stages of injury in eight area hospitals. Saffie Roussos didn’t make it. She was 8, a beautiful child with straight brown hair and a sweet, shy look of innocence still on her face.

UK Manchester In Loving Memory - May 22, 2017

Manchester-local astrologer, Leah Whitehorse, posted her early reactions today in “The Astrology of the Manchester Terrorist Attack May 2017,” and I cannot and will not write what I had begun last night without acknowledging and honoring her wisdom as well as her pain. She is a dear friend whom I love and respect.

Still, I’d like to lend my own perspectives especially since I’d begun to gather my resource material for this article last night. I was simply too spent on the research and emotion overtaking me to write then. While I live on what is fondly called by many Brits, and I’ve adopted the phrase, “across the pond” from where this took place last night in what is apparently one of Europe’s largest and most well-established arenas, I can relate to the shock and complete devastation experienced in Manchester. Of course, this doesn’t diminish events that have taken place before–in New York City, Paris, Nice, Brussels, Madrid, Mumbai, Peshawar and in so many other places we’ve seen in the midst of the nightmares associated with terrorism in the last nearly 20 years now. I know, it doesn’t seem possible, does it? In September, we mark 16 years since the attack on the World Trade Center. It remains vividly in so many minds.

UK Manchester explosions

The chart is downright remarkable! In all these years, I’ve never seen a Western below-the-horizon dominated chart with a first quadrant emphasis before! Or at least I can’t seem to recall where I have. Normally, we see a tendency to have the Eastern hemisphere with the first or fourth quadrants, the Western with the 2nd or 3rd; but here we’re looking at a chart where this appeared to be selfishly driven. Not a single planet or luminary falls in the 4th quadrant at all! I also usually fall shy of calling an Eastern dominated chart “selfish” but this one points so obviously to that first quadrant. The focus is on the “look at me, and see me as I destroy the lives of all of you!” This wasn’t “merely” an attack on those inside the arena. This was an attack on all of Manchester, and on all of the United Kingdom. I have to wonder if this was motivated as much by a wish on his part to tell people he felt different in his having been born and raised in Manchester, or if he had indeed been self-radicalized. One might presume 22-year-old Salman Abedi actually had known many of the people who were injured last night or someone in their families.

The first house focuses on Self and one’s relationship to oneself and the world around him/her. While my thoughts are laced with compassion in what I’m about to say, that doesn’t mean I understand or condone the actions the attacker used, of course. But if Abedi was one of few from his ethnic and cultural background, it’s possible he felt so different, he was actually trying to make a stand. However,  the biggest challenge in that last sentence lies in his being in a highly diverse community in which people from all walks of life, all races, all religions come together and live in harmony, respecting and supporting each other. That was obvious on CBS TV Evening News with Scott Pelley tonight. Pelley was in Manchester with some CBS correspondents, one of whom interviewed a local man appearing to be of Middle Eastern descent. As they sat in his van, the man pointed to some young girls on their way home. “That one could have been my daughter,” he said.

So while I can ask who is to say whether that stand was in anger and frustration, or in his hopes of aligning himself with those who shared his roots, I stop short of speculating on my having learned about Manchester and its marvelously diverse community.

Salman Abedi used what have been described as nail bombs. Consider the symbolism then of Martian rage when placed on the 7th house cusp. In Gemini, it can be verbal–and it was in the sense of the venue he chose to destroy. But in opposition to Saturn on the Ascendant, this particular aspect offers a greater likelihood of his decision to use nail bombs. Mars in hard aspect to Saturn is often described as cruelty. We think of these two planetary bodies combined as cold, hard, cutting. In the right houses, it can be an ideal combination for a surgeon who needs to perform precise operations to save lives. In the wrong ones, like this obviously was, they become the tools of destruction.”

As I said, “look at me, and see me…!” For me, the thought can be laced with compassion for the person because I understand being markedly “different” in some way to the world in which one has been brought up. That isn’t enough. Not enough feeling of separateness, not enough alienation. There isn’t enough reason or even rationale I could hear to convince me of his thoughts in harming one or so many individuals much less in wreaking havoc, terror, injury and death.on thousands who probably hadn’t even known anyone like this.

The 2nd house intercepted South Node, now forming a 23-minute partile semisextile to 3rd house Chiron in the explosions chart forms a Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile (undecaquartisextile = 165°) in the 8th house at 13 Virgo 24 in a 42-minute partile opposition to Neptune. There’s also a Blooming Undecaquartisextile forming in the Chiron semisextile to 4th house Uranus, resolving at 12 Libra 23 in a mere 1°18′ of orb to conjunct the chart ruler Jupiter Rx in the 9th house! Jupiter as well opposes 3rd house Venus in Aries, forming a tight trine to the Jupiter-ruled Ascendant. The scene is clearly established: The crowd, thrilled with the performance, was relaxed and thoroughly enamored with the night. They were like lambs being led to the slaughter.

Triwheel – UK 1801 chart inside, attack middle, UK 1922 outside

UK Manchester 1801 inside, explosions middle, 1922 outside

At this point, I’ve moved to the triple wheel to examine the interactions of the UK 1801 chart (inside) the UK 1922 chart (outside) and the middle chart–the attack itself. Quoting from The Guardian’s dialogue with the police last night, the police offered the time of their having been called. This is the time I’ve used. “To remind you, we were called at 10.33pm to reports of an explosion at the Manchester Arena at the conclusion of an Ariana Grande concert.”

Pluto in the attack chart formed a 17-minute partile opposition to the 1801 Moon. While Pluto is retrograde, I will shy away from calling this a separating opposition since it’s not only partile but offers the caution of additional events taking place when Pluto again crosses the perfected point in opposition at 19 Capricorn 26. I suspect this will be a hot spot and warrants attention over at least the next 18 months to two years.

In the triwheel, we can compare all three charts to each other while keeping in mind the highly complex detail of this view. Here, we see the formation of an active Cardinal Grand Cross appearing. From the first house so we’re all on the same page, take note of the 1922 (outside) chart Saturn conjunct the attack chart’s Jupiter and the 1801 chart’s South Node (SN) in opposition to the attack chart’s Venus and Moon (7th house now) in square to the 4th house attack chart’s Pluto in partile (again, 17 minutes) opposition to the 10th house 1801 chart’s Moon and the 1922 chart’s Moon as well!

The attack chart’s SN-Chiron semisextile resolves now to the Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile on the 1801 chart’s 12th house cusp in opposition to Neptune on the 6th house cusp of the 1801 chart (a 4-minute partile, no less!) while the Chiron-Uranus semisextile resolves to the Blooming Undecaquartisextile conjunct Jupiter in the 1st house! But that’s still not all! Take note that the of the Equatorial Ascendant of the 1801 chart and Jupiter in the attack chart sits at 12 Libra 22, forming a one-minute partile conjunction to the Chiron-Uranus Blooming Undecaquartisextile resolution at 12 Libra 23!

The 1922 chart’s Pluto forms an orb of 1°19′ in a conjunction to the 1801 Midheaven (MC)–in a 28-minute opposition to the 1801 chart’s Sun-IC conjunction which also doesn’t hurt to mention, I suppose. But I couldn’t help note one final point in the attack’s chart’s placement of Uranus as it forms a 32-minute partile conjunction to Transpluto. As Leah pointed out in her analysis, Ariana Grande’s tour was called “Dangerous Woman.” Whew! Someone seemed to call that one, didn’t they?

If the devil is in the details, as they also say, it would seem to show here. But that doesn’t heal the aching hearts or dry the tears in Manchester or elsewhere in the United Kingdom tonight. It may take years, but somehow we do heal from these things too. To our neighbors across the pond in the United Kingdom, know many if not nearly all of us in the world mourn with you.

Until next time…

Namaste, I love you

©2017 Michelle Young