Miracles in the Midst of a Day of Disasters

It’s been a day of crises; but somehow, at least a dozen miracles took place in the Village of Johnson City, New York (population 15000) today when the second level of a parking ramp suddenly collapsed. The ramp, across the street from Wilson Memorial Hospital, has served as extra parking for doctors, visitors and patients headed for the emergency room.

A search dog was brought in to seek out anyone who might have been involved when the level collapsed at 3:21 PM EDT, and miraculously, the dog found none even though there were offices one level below ground floor of the ramp!

The first news from WBNG-TV that no injuries seemed to have taken place sent waves of hope throughout the area as EMT crews from Binghamton and the Town of Union began to leave the scene. But a state of emergency was put into effect, and that will remain for the next five days as removal of cars and assessment of damages begins.

As a side note, motorcycle lovers may be sorry to hear of the possibility that a Harley-Davidson might have been a casualty. No word yet on that Harley; but luckily, its owner was not injured.

NY - parking ramp collapseLooking at the chart, the Mars-Pluto 49-minute partile opposition fell in the respective 8th and 2nd houses at the time of the collapse. Financial loss on top of the costs of repairing the ramp–or replacing it with a new one–seemed almost a given. With 9th house Jupiter on the Midheaven (MC) conjunct 10th house Venus–also on the MC–it may be time to construct a new one rather than tempting fate especially when it serves the hospital.

A humorous twist that simultaneously created a bit of tension in the situation today took place when a car was heard running inside the collapsed structure. Luckily, the owner was not inside, and it apparently started as a result of the collapse.

As officials begin to plan for recovery of the area, the Jupiter conjunction to the MC pointed to the Leo 25 Sabian Symbol, A LARGE CAMEL CROSSING A VAST AND FORBIDDING DESERT. Consider the journey the camel and the caravan make as they cross the desert–perhaps the Sahara. Lynda Hill calls this an “arduous” or “daunting journey,” and she is right. Such a challenge would be a natural conclusion with the collapse of a facility like this. She suggests the task may seem insurmountable; but when you have several working as a team, you can achieve wonders.

But it was a serious day especially with Saturn in the first house and Scorpio on the Ascendant. Anything could have come up. Saturn was making a Solstice Point conjunction to the transiting Moon in the ninth, implying that there will be costs incurred through damages to the vehicles. Of course police had determined there were no “incendiary devices,” and this was a natural occurrence.

Not long after this event, another startling bit of news hit the air, the result of a person being stabbed in the chest. It’s weird. I was raised here in Broome County. Things just aren’t the same as they were when I was growing up.

Namaste, I love you.

©2015 Michelle Young