Missing in the Mediterranean: What Happened to Egyptair MS804?

Flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo went missing over the Mediterranean tonight, initially believed to have been roughly 135 km outside of Cairo airspace. Before I got very far into this article, authorities amended the range from Cairo to approximately 270 km north of the Egyptian coast, about twice as far. Nevertheless, based on the original information, I created the chart for when it went missing at 2:45 am based on Cairo with an adjusted series of coordinates falling deliberately shy of Cairo.

All news reports including from the Guardian and the New York Times said the flight was scheduled to arrive in Cairo at 3:05 am. CNN noted a Reuters report, “Officials believe the Egyptair plane crashed into the sea.” According to Ian Lee of CNN Cairo, “Search and rescue operations [were] now taking place,” with Greece helping to search for the plane. The flight was described as “very normal” with everything on schedule–even clear skies. Obviously, there was a different scenario in events that followed.
Egyptair flight missing 270-280 km from CairoA Western 1st quadrant dominance with an even North-South split in hemispheres is present with Aries rising. First house Uranus is opposed to the 7th house Moon still within orb of the square to 10th house Pluto, offering the first glimpse of an angular Cardinal T-square, but that’s not all: Jupiter in the 6th opposes Neptune in the 12th, and Saturn sits on the 9th house cusp, and this actually gives me more concern. Saturn’s presence here is significant since it is still the arm of the Mutable T-square formed with the Jupiter-Neptune opposition: The Peeling of Life’s Onion is still in play.
Egyptair missing 135 km from CairoWhile several undecaquartisextiles may hint at some ominous points including Mars in the 8th house in semisquare to Pluto, none are as dramatic as the 8-minute semisextile of Saturn on the 9th house cusp and the Part of Fortune (PoF) on the 8th house cusp, each also partile in the formation of the Blooming Undecaquartisextile (UQSXT) to the Sun which also makes a 40-minute partile opposition to the Saturn/PoF midpoint at the 29th anaretic degree of Scorpio, well within orb of Mars at 2 Sagittarius 58 Rx. It’s as if the two T-squares have become tightly intertwined with the Blooming UQSXT as the integral factor for both.

Astrologer Richard Nolle wrote for this month, “The biopsychic and geopolitical atmosphere remains disturbed all month long, with both Mercury Max and Mars Max continuing throughout May – and reaching a couple of peak points in both cases. Mars Max hits a peak around May 22 (give or take a week), the date when the Red Planet glows big and bright in the night sky as it reaches perigee (close approach to Earth), on the occasion of the Sun-Mars opposition. Likewise, all things martial and bellicose flare up in the human psyche, individually as well as collectively. The “fires, crashes, clashes and explosions ” so typical of this alignment are still surging all month long, but watch for them to reach a break-out point around the 22nd.

Now earlier tonight, astrology haters attempted to bash this forecast from Richard, claiming it wasn’t good enough because it was two days early. Astrologers are well aware there are haters in the world. That’s their issue, not mine. When they can forecast as well as Richard has, they might have a shot at such statements. Otherwise, they’re probably best at leaving well enough alone just as they do when an astrologer pinpoints the date to the T. Then again, they’d probably start demanding the times. Pity that such people have nothing better to do.

As for me, I’m far more concerned for the passengers on this flight, including two infants and a child. While I hope they find survivors, I confess this chart doesn’t look good for that to happen. Passengers on board hailed from more than a dozen nations including Egypt, Kuwait, France (15), Sudan, and one from Canada.

Ahmed Adel, Vice President of Egyptair, said the flight captain had 6000 hours of flight experience of which 2000 hours were on this particular craft. Earlier tonight, CNN Aviation Correspondent Richard Quest said, “It is a race against time. This is the safest part of the journey.” He said the crew was well-qualified with over 2000 hours of air time on this airbus, but the situation seemed to be “dramatic, fast, sudden, [and with] no warning.” Planes, he said, “do not simply fall out of the sky especially for no reason. If there is an emergency, the flight would have been able to send out a real time report about conditions on board, a fire, mechanical failure, etc.”

As I continue to write, now at 2:25 am EDT, CNN has just reported there had been a distress call, but some confusion surrounds that call. It’s possible this was from another source since the signal was detected roughly 2 hours after the flight went missing. And then it’s also possible the distress call was actually from the flight as well as a bomb perhaps having been on board. Authorities have said they don’t believe the missing flight had a mechanical failure. While the distress call appears to be electronic and not one triggered by human effort, witnesses in the area apparently had witnessed a flash, perhaps an explosion, in the late night skies.

The article is short because it’s late, and I need to sleep. Still, whether you pray or send energies for search teams to find survivors or answers, now is the time. I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping this isn’t another endless, fruitless search with the kind of ending none of us would want.

Until next time, my thoughts are with this flight, its passengers and their families…

Namaste, I love you,

©2016 Michelle Young