Mitch Rustad, USA

I get my astrology chart read regularly to learn more about myself, and as a basic guide for making life plans. I’ve discovered very quickly that Michelle has a gift for turning my chart, something I initially didn’t really understand, and translating it into a profound and amazing tool for tackling life’s puzzles.

She’s given me insight into myself, and my personality and motivations, that no one else could, all through reading my chart. Her instincts are almost uncanny, for she’s provided glimpses of myself that I perhaps knew, but had buried, away from the light. And while I’m learning more and more about astrology with each reading, Michelle is a wonderful guide in the process.

Michelle has the ability to translate my chart into meaningful—and fascinating—life tools when I’m pondering career options, moves, relationship challenges or an aspect of my personality I’d like to change. Michelle, without all the hype and promises, helps me feel empowered with every reading, and know myself a little bit better. She’s a revelation.