My Life Changing Journey With Astrologer Michelle Young

1:14 AM

My Life Changing Journey With Astrologer Michelle Young

Karen Marie Shelton
CEO & Founder

Through a series of odd occurrences and coincidences in my life, I stumbled into the world of astrology when I was 15 years old.This may not seem all that unusual to most people, but I grew up in a very strict Catholic family where astrology was a forbidden topic.  Even more unusual was the fact my introduction to astrology came by way of Heaven Knows What, a book by the renowned late astrologer Grant Lewi, which literally fell on my head while I was studying in my Catholic high school library.Since I was first bitten by the astrology bug so many eons ago, I’ve had my natal chart cast by such a diverse cast and crew of astrologers, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve received interpretations of my chart.My natal chart has been calculated in every imaginable astrological house system.  It’s also been rectified multiple times and updated constantly with planetary transits, progressions, lunations, and eclipses. Along the way, it’s also been analyzed with a vast array of asteroids, points, and other formulations.During the many years every aspect of my astrological signature has been unpacked, deconstructed and picked apart, I’ve never been 100% satisfied with the results.  There were always nagging questions about my life which no astrologer seemed to help me completely figure out or resolve.Yes, I’ve had amazing readings from great, world famous astrologers, such as Alphee Lavoie, Gilbert Navarro, Diana Stone, Marcia Starck, Angela Gallo, Buzz Myers, Sophia Mason, and Lois Rodden, to name just a few of the many noteworthy experts.

I’ve also had my chart studied countless times in a dizzying number of astrology classes, during forum discussions, at parties with other astrologers, and by my many astrologer friends in casual conversations.

While some of the most intimate and hidden aspects of my chart have ultimately been unearthed over the many years, until I recently had a reading by the renowned astrologer, Michelle Young, I had absolutely no clue my chart contained a resonant Yod, triggered by the location of Ceres in my natal chart.

As Michelle so brilliantly explained, Ceres, which is 1 minute off from being a perfected quincunx with my natal Venus and 4 minutes away from being perfected with my natal Neptune, formed a resonant Yod.

At first, I was thunderstruck by what she was telling me.  Then Michelle further explained that because the Yod in my chart was resonant, it was invisible.

Yes, indeed, not only have I never spotted it before, none of the long lines of astrologers who’ve studied my chart in the past have discovered it either.

A Yod?  It was a huge missing piece of my life which was solved in the first few minutes of Michelle’s discussion of my natal chart.

Just the amazing information Michelle provided about my undiscovered Yod would have made her consultation worthwhile, but that was just the very beginning.

Michelle answered many questions about my life, from her work on my chart, which I’ve honestly never heard before.  I experienced multiple spine-tingling moments when many of my life’s most puzzling challenges suddenly became crystal clear.

During my time with Michelle, I felt as if I’d been suffering from a mysterious set of symptoms which no physician could ever diagnose, but she handily unpacked and clearly explained.

Great astrologers are constantly studying ways of understanding the art to an even finer degree.  It was very obvious to me Michelle has never stopped advancing her astrological knowledge and is constantly taking deep dives into all aspects of the needs of her clients.

It’s impossible to compare astrologers or their work like you might contrast brands of orange juice, restaurants or cars.  Becoming a highly knowledgeable astrologer is a journey which takes many years.  It never ends until the moment of physical death.

Every astrologer is an artist in their own right creating their own interpretations based on a mind-numbing array of factors. It would be the height of disrespect for me to claim one astrologer is better than all the others, but I am very tempted to do so with Michelle because of the spectacular results she achieved for me with just her first consultation.Michelle is definitely a maestro in the world of astrology.  She’s truly a great artist who provided me with an interpretation which was life altering for me in every way.

Questions about my life, which have been nagging me forever, have now been finally answered by Michelle.

There hasn’t been a day which has passed since her consultation where I haven’t replayed her words in my head.

I wanted to share my experience with Michelle with others, but I’ve had a challenging time finding just the right words to express my amazement and awe.

Why?  Because Michelle’s consultation moved me in so many ways.  I laughed, cried and then sucked in my breath with shock.  I was amazed, delighted, moved and transformed.

I have no doubt Michelle Young’s astrological consultation with me, along with her words of wisdom and enlightenment, will echo in my head for many years to come.

Michelle Young is the astrologer that other astrologers go to for their consultations.

I am humbled and will be eternally grateful for her consultation.

The time I spent with her was truly a gift from the gods.