New Jersey: Stolen Picasso Painting Found After 14 Years

Fancy that! A Saturn opposition brings a missing Picasso painting back, thanks to the watchful eye of US Customs and Border Protection at a FedEx temperature-controlled warehouse in Long Island City, New York. Who knows where it was after it vanished from Paris in 2001 and then shipped from somewhere in Belgium to the warehouse before FedEx sent it on for Customs evaluation in Newark, New Jersey, where the story finally caught the ears of various editors and reporters around the world?

Just imagine: It was shipped for US$37 (€30) from Belgium to the United States in December as an “Art/Craft Toy.” Dear old Pablo Picasso would probably have laughed at the thought that his painting, valued at about US$2.5 million, was shipped at such a devalued rate. Or at least one could have hoped he would have laughed while being glad that the painting was found.

New Jersey - Stolen Picasso FoundNow this won’t be a lengthy post. But after some of the intense Feature Stories I’ve been covering of late, I thought it would be fun to examine the chart based on publication of the news in the LA Times, but for Newark, New Jersey, where the painting had been confirmed as a Picasso. The elusive wanderings of this work of art come to light with Neptune at the apex of the chart, conjunct the Midheaven (MC) within 2°55′, and the MC in square to Saturn at an 18-minute partile square! How appropriate!

9th house Mercury in Aquarius opposes Jupiter in the 3rd, an interesting combination since Mercury is in Jupiter’s natural home whlie Jupiter is in Mercury’s natural home. The uncovering of the facts (learning), and Mercury, the fleet-footed messenger bringing “gifts” (It was, after all, labeled as a Christmas gift.) from abroad (9th house – international affairs) to a local destination where the additional nations (France and Belgium, the latter of which was the shipping point of origin) became involved.

Of course this would have made news! Eastern, 4th quadrant, above-the-horizon. There’s no way it would have remained a matter of privacy between the three nations as they found themselves now focused on unraveling the mystery of a  stolen century-old painting. Authorities (Pluto in the 8th, within 5° of orb to the 8th, so it must be considered in the 8th) had to adjust to various international laws since other countries were going to need to address the situation as well, pointing to the 2-minute partile quincunx between Pluto and Jupiter in the third. And then there’s Pluto in 34-minute partile square to Uranus in the teamwork 11th house (its natural house). Could it get any more perfect than this? a Boomerang Yod with Jupiter at the eye in opposition to Mercury,  with a 1°45′ quincunx orb to Chiron, a 2-minute partile quincunx to Pluto, and Pluto’s 1°57′ orb in the sextile to Chiron.

Note that Mercury rules the chart from the 9th, while the Cancer Moon in its own sign of rulership sits in the first, in square to a Venus-Mars conjunction in the 11th. Looking at the heartbeat of the chart, I’d say this was a matter of valued art objects (a Venus house in the natural zodiac, but the Moon rules the 2nd house cusp) taking over the sensibilities perhaps with Mars in its own sign (conjunct Venus) and Neptune at the Midheaven. The mystery coming to light with the creative magic of Picasso.

It beats the negative news these days, doesn’t it?

Los Angeles Times – Long Lost Picasso Found After 14 Years

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