New York City: Chaos Cloaked in White, June 30, 2017

A major New York City area hospital was the scene of a stunning series of gunshots today in which 5 were wounded and two more including the shooter were dead. Dr. Henry Bello, the shooter, had slipped into the hospital wearing a white lab coat in which he hid a “long gun.” As I’ve written this, I’ve just learned that “long gun” was no rifle, rather an AR-15 machine gun. Within minutes, 6 people on the 16th and 17th floors of the hospital were wounded. One of them died near where he later pulled the trigger on himself. Two of his victims–a gastroenterologist and a medical student–are listed in serious condition.

Because there’s so much news today that I want to cover, I’ll move into the chart analysis from here: I felt this one was important to cover, but there was so much happening! By now, I know others have touched a bit on the event, noting that it took place. Hopefully I’ve taken it a bit further than that.

A Western 3rd quadrant above-the-horizon dominance points to the likelihood that Dr. Bello had been hoping for someone to hear his frustration and anger about whatever had caused him to explode as he did at one of the New York metropolitan area’s largest hospitals, located near the famed Yankee Stadium. Given the news reports, I’d have to say his no longer being an employee of Bronx-Lebanon Hospital was likely to have served as his single motivation. A recent Mars-Saturn opposition might have been behind it; however, a close friend who worked there told me today that the gunman hadn’t even looked familiar.

Mercury sits at the apex of the event chart as if to promise that Bello would be likely to be in the news. But “being in the news” didn’t necessarily start with this event today–or all other birth or event charts. In this chart, the placement is especially powerful. A Mercury-Mars conjunction has formed in the 9th house–a fitting position for a hospital that also serves as a teaching center. But that 9th house conjunction at its midpoint offers a powerful look into his emotion-filled rage. The midpoint–18 Cancer 33/34 forms a 12- to 13-minute partile opposition to Pluto. I am not a believer in automatic declarations that a Mars-Pluto opposition points to violence. Much more than this would go into such a declaration; however the opposition is still pointing to Jupiter in the 12th house as the arm of what turned out to be a still active Cardinal T-square

Be aware, however, that T-square is just a small piece of the puzzle since this chart offers a simply stunning look into how events would turn out: (I had the time long before the onslaught had been done.) While Neptune and Jupiter are now forming a 2-minute partile quincunx as well as being within 1° of each other’s perfected antiscion, this is still not all of the story.

Next, we consider the 47-minute partile semisextile between Chiron at 28 Pisces 52 and Uranus at 28 Aries 05, resolving in a Blooming Undecaquartisextile (165°) 24- to 25-minute partile conjunction to Jupiter. Take note as well that in this case, Chiron and Uranus hold the 6th house in the space between their positions!

“We fired him because he was kind of crazy,” Dr. Maureen Kwankam, 50, who was just steps away from Bello’s bloody rampage, told the New York Daily News.

“He promised to come back and kill us then.” Dr. Kwankam said Bello had been bitter after another doctor had been accepted into the residency program while he had been passed over. “He said to him, ‘Trust me, you will not graduate from residency. I will kill you before that.’”

Could this have been an event set off by progressions in Dr. Bello’s chart? Of course! Unfortunately, I haven’t a clue about his date of birth beyond his having been 45 years of age and his having been born in Nigeria. He also apparently had amassed several arrests going back to 2004, including at least one for sexual assault. He had not, however, been fired. It seems he resigned before things went that far. In 2014, he had a “limited permit to practice as an international medical graduate to gain experience…” at the hospital under the supervision of a licensed physician; but that permit had expired on July 1, 2016.

According to the Daily News, Bello “had vowed to get back at his former co-workers” more than two years ago, shortly before he was forced to resign over accusations of sexual harassment. While we know the accusations of sexual harassment had begun some 13 years back–alluding to the Saturn cycle moving to an opposition soon from where it began–Transpluto (can we say the Divine Feminine here?) sits within 5 minutes of a partile conjunction to the antiscion for Uranus! Based on his age, it’s also likely that he’d just completed his Life Cycles Crisis Transits or was in the midst of doing so as transiting Uranus opposed natal Uranus.

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Report: Two people shot at New York’s Bronx Lebanon Hospital

As the event drew to a close, Dr. Bello, whose license had been suspended in 2015, set himself on fire. The hospital sprinklers, however, extinguished the blaze, and he then turned the gun on himself. A tragic ending to what apparently had begun as well with a tragic life.

In the midst of everything, I still haven’t moved to the Venus rulership over the anaretic Libra Ascendant of the chart or Jupiter–or even the placement of Venus in the other sign it rules–Taurus. Venus offers another clue too for that matter, in the conjunction to the 8th house cusp, alluding to how events would turn out. While the Sun joins Mars and Mercury in the 9th house, it squares the Moon in its 24-minute partile conjunction to the 12th house cusp, implying to me at least that he truly wasn’t in a good state of mind. i know that seems almost trivial to say, but the Sun sits in Cancer, ruled by the Moon in Venus-ruled Libra!

He did indeed have serious mental health problems, and it would seem his rage had been so intense, he couldn’t have calmed down if he’d tried. Of course by the time the police came–a matter of just a few minutes–he knew it was going to be over one way or another. Jupiter’s hard aspect to Pluto was pretty much a promise of the events that followed.

My greatest hope lies now with the survivors of today’s attack. Hopefully, they will all continue to heal and be well on the road to recovery before too long. As for Dr. Bello, I fervently pray that his ex-wife in California somewhere and their children won’t have suffered more than they have from these events today–or before that.

That’s all for now. More to come within the next 24 hours. It’s been quite a day. In the meantime…

Namaste, I love you

©2017 Michelle Young