UPDATE:  CBS News is reporting that the situation appears to have been a murder-suicide, but this is still unconfirmed.

I am not waiting to do pics and videos on this. It’s a live situation that needs to be covered now.

NEWS ALERT! CNN TV, Washington Post, CBS News and NBC News are reporting on this now. It’s LIVE!

UCLA, Los Angeles campus has been locked down as a result of shootings near the engineering building of the university, home to some 43000 students. CNN reports there are two confirmed fatalities but the police have not yet acknowledged this. A witness mentioned a shotgun being used.
UCLA Shootings1 - update
Take note of the 42-minute partile conjunction of the Moon and Uranus, both of which, of course, are also conjunct the Midheaven. As well, the presence of this conjunction in the 9th house of higher education is highly relevant–not to mention that the FBI has already arrived on the scene as well although they are *not* yet actively involved. The Moon/Uranus conjunction is also forming 57-minute partile semisextile to Chiron, creating the Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile to 9 Libra 26, falling in the third house. This is a Western above-the-horizon dominance with the 2nd and 3rd quadrants emphasized. Note as well that Pluto falls in the 6th house in square to that Moon-Uranus conjunction.

Jupiter’s antiscion falls at 15 Aries 57 in square to Pluto, which appears to relate to the obvious police presence now there.

That’s all for now, not enough for a full article, but certainly prayers are needed!

Namaste, I love you!

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