NYSE Shutdown! Another Of Those Undecaquartisextile Days!

Please note: In 2015, long after I wrote this article, my understandings of the quindecile, a 24° aspect, were born out of the new–mathematically accurate–name for the 165° aspect, now called undecaquartisextile. Please read about the Undecaquartisextile as its related aspect patterns which can be found in the Pluto – Full On series. You’ll find the Pluto – Full On series under the subcategory of Undecaquartisextile, located in the Feature Articles tab. Thanks for your patience with the modification of the name.

UPDATE: More observations…

This morning, at 11:46 am EDT, the New York Stock Exchange was shut down in a stunning move without either warning or precedent.

New York Stock Exchange Suspends Trading

NYSE trading unexpectedly shut downPulling up the chart quickly, I can’t help but notice Mercury’s 29 Gemini 47 position in a 55-minute partile conjunction to the Midheaven (MC) in 46-minute partile square to the Ascendant at 29 Virgo 01 with Cancer and Capricorn intercepted, pulling that 10th house Mars and its still lingering conjunction to the Sun in opposition to 4th house Pluto and in tight square to the Moon’s conjunction to Uranus. Take note that Pluto is sitting in 34-minute partile square to the Moon. The Moon is also sitting in a 22-minute partile undecaquartisextile to the Ascendant while Mercury is making a second 33-minute partile undecaquartisextile to Pluto. Venus and Neptune are coming in with a third undecaquartisextile while Jupiter and Neptune offer yet a fourth undecaquartisextile ! (Take note, this time is accurate! This series of undecaquartisextiles does not include those between the Uranus to the North Node or Pluto and the MC.

These undecaquartisextiles point to the breakdown of communications that may be linked to an overload. On the heels of Greece’s woes, it’s possibly linked to the situation in Europe, but it could be as well linked to too many changes going on in the markets at this time. A shutdown in communications can offer another consideration, of course, that would perhaps point to security concerns.

Is it coincidence that United Airlines has also halted flights? One needs to wonder, given Neptune’s role in this situation and its interplay with Saturn’s upcoming apparent directional move next month. Ordinarily, we might not think so, but Neptune also comes to mind here since we can’t forget the Saturn-Neptune square that began to affect us from late December on. We will start seeing this Peeling of Life’s Onion coming into play again as Saturn nears its upcoming shift back to direct motion. While this doesn’t seem to be the case today, we still need to consider it.

NYSE shut down inside, NYSE natal outsideWhile the Sabian Symbols for both 29 Gemini, the placement of the MC–THE FIRST MOCKINGBIRD OF SPRING SINGS FROM THE TREE TOP–and 30 GeminiA PARADE OF BATHING BEAUTIES BEFORE LARGE BEACH CROWDS–where Mercury is initially seem to be off, perhaps it’s not so far-fetched. Consider the quick timing of the news. I received the news as an alert a mere 16 minutes after the story broke. That surely points to 29 Gemini on the MC! And then there’s the issue of 30 Gemini, and no one can tell me that the New York Stock Exchange isn’t paraded before us each day with the numbers as they rise and fall on the ticker tape. Lynda Hill writes of 30 Gemini in the Oracle portion of this degree in 360 Degrees of Wisdom: The Sabian Oracle (©2004 Lynda Hill) as “Be aware that you are getting a lot of attention, so it is important to put on your best face and to present it with confidence as there is a potential audience that may be used to your advantage.” That certainly fits the moment, doesn’t it? She also cautions against “giving too much importance to the issues of appearance.” (Once again, Lynda, thanks for the permissions.)

And then there’s the Ascendant at 30 Virgo:


Commentary: ‘Having an Urgent Task to Complete, a Man Doesn’t Look To Any Distractions’ shows the need for an undisturbed focus in application and not allowing ‘Distractions’ to interfere. The person pictured here has got something that needs to be done and completed, and he doesn’t let anything ‘Distract’ him from it.

Oracle: There is a need to pay complete attention to the job at hand as this is necessary now in order to get things done. Pushing through with the work and avoiding temptations regardless of what’s going on around you will hasten the rewards of completion. However, sometimes friends, lovers, partners or children require our assistance, and we have to drop what we’d rather be doing. If these intrusions happen time and time again, we can feel loaded down with responsibilities that aren’t ours, and can be weighed down by not getting on with what we really need to achieve. We must remember to put time and effort into what we want to accomplish, and not allow ourselves to be led astray. Alternatively, you may be allowing these intrusions as a way to solve boredom, or as an excuse to procrastinate. If this describes your situation, ask yourself how much you actually want what you are trying to do. An exercise to improve clarity is keeping a goals list. Write down everything you need to do, no matter how small, in order to realize your objectives. Every time you tick something off, you are that much closer to getting them done. On the other hand, one can become bogged down in the attempt to complete something and actually accomplish nothing. If this is so, a closer focus on what it is that you really need to achieve would help.

Keywords: Staying true to yourself and remaining on the path or on the job. One-pointedness. Meditation. Blocking out the external world in order to achieve complete focus on a situation or state of mind. Religious experiences. Maintaining one direction. Seeing something through to completion. Taking the phone off the hook. One-eyed behavior.

The Caution: Paying attention to outside influences. Letting the slightest excuse take one away from what needs to be done. Rigidity of thought or action leading to missed creative or intuitive opportunities. Obsession. Indulgences. Workaholics. Addictions and destructive behavior. Superficial distractions.

Sadly, while I can’t offer the perspective of the birth of the NYSE Part of Fortune even though it makes a partile square to the Nodes today, that does present a curious point of note. Uranus, however, is moving to an opposition to Neptune in the birth of the NYSE chart, and with Uranus moving into the 8th house, that promises more concerns. It becomes an anything-goes kind of transit especially with Uranus also now squaring the birth of the NYSE Pluto! We’re not done with this Uranus-Pluto square! Are you surprised? I’m not, not with Pluto’s continuing travels through Capricorn!

And if you take another look, is it any wonder that the NYSE would even have these bull and bear markets? I don’t think so, not with that natal Saturn-Neptune opposition in play. There is our Peeling of Life’s Onion! I truly hope we’re not seeing signs of another world market disaster; but with aspects like these, it does warrant concern. Take note as well that Jupiter at 23 Leo 01 is making a 45-minute partile square to the birth chart’s Mercury!

Why doesn’t this surprise me? This event may be unprecedented, but it seems it’s been bound to happen. It would also seem that we’re about to go on one of those magic carpet rides you didn’t want to take. Turbulence could cause the numbers to go much higher and much lower–also unexpectedly. If you’re into Tarot, remember the Wheel of Fortune.

UPDATE…more observations here, I really have no choice now. After further thoughts on this, there’s just no way I can ignore mentioning this. Immediately after posting this, the Wall Street Journal “was hit” as well as Air Canada in the midst of challenges as well. I had already been aware of United Airlines, as you know. But all of these venues down at once? It does seem a “bit” odd, doesn’t it? Keep in mind the 29 Pisces 27 degree of the last Solar Eclipse from March 20, 2015, and then the Lunar Eclipse that hit on April 4 shortly after at 14 Libra 24! Talk about a direct hit in 11-minute partile square to Pluto today as well as something else that just absolutely chilled me. Look at Mercury and the angles of the WTC 9/11 chart for September 11, 2001:

WTC 9-11We have 360° in the wheel, and we sit here now with Saturn, after its shift back to direct motion next month, heading toward the opposition point to where Saturn was that fateful day 14 years ago. It will actually hit the opposition point on February 9, May 11 and November 19, 2016. I’m concerned particularly about the hit in May.

Sorry, but no, I do not call this a computer glitch as all the news implies. We may not know it yet, but give it time. It seems there’s far more than meets the eye here now.

Namaste, I love you.

©2015 Michelle Young