Oh Morley, So Many Of Us Loved You–And Will Miss You Now!

CBS News correspondent Morley Safer retired this past week after 46 years in the news business. Viewers of “60 Minutes” and followrs of the Vietnam War on CBS will remember Safer for his compassionate focus on human interest stories that flowed with warmth and understanding at the same time he could tackle big stories, ask the tough questions, and develop essays with an eye toward what the viewer wanted to see (even if the viewer didn’t know it yet).
Irrefutable argument against warHe had just completed his Uranus return, significant in his having a Cardinal T-square of a Saturn-Pluto opposition with Uranus at the arm. There is, however, a possibility he was born with a Grand Cross, depending on what time he was born. His Venus-Mars conjunction in Sagittarius hints in this untimed chart that he probably loved the experience of different nations, different cultures even when he was changing the face of war by making us aware of its inhumanity.
Morley Safer - natal untimedNo surprise, his Mercury fell in Scorpio as did his Sun, and it’s likely that he drew on that detective-like ability to ferret out the questions that would get the answers.


This is another short piece because nobody may cover this obit better than CBS’ news team. They knew and loved him in closer ways than his fans did, of course, and they covered his career with love this past week when he retired. I sensed he might have been ill rather than “simply” retiring. It implied he had a long-term illness since one rarely sees the retirement of someone like Morley Safer without illness playing into the tributes he was receiving.

I will add a partial quote, however, from CBS Chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves because this lies at the heart of how so many felt about him:  “Morley was one of the most important journalists in any medium, ever. He broke ground in war reporting and made a name that will forever be synonymous with 60 Minutes.” Just as I was closing this brief article, the New York Times posted its obituary for this legendary newsman.

Farewell, Morley Safer. I know I’m not alone in saying I’ll miss your face and your voice in those interviews.

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