One for the Books!

After nearly 56 years on the run, Frank Freshwaters’ life as a fugitive has met the end of the road, and he’s back behind bars. I was curious about this man probably for the most obvious reasons, so I went in search of some data.

Fingerprint ruse IDs Florida man as longtime Ohio fugitive

Washington Post – Shawshank Prison Escape Ends 56 Years Later with Cinematic Stakeout 

Ironically, my search pulled up the date of birth and linked it to the MSN news link, but I can’t find it directly. Still, the date of birth clearly showed and I grabbed it for a point of interest. With the Full Moon here, I had to peek, didn’t I?

The story itself is fascinating. It seems he had been in his early 20s when he struck and killed a 24-year-old pedestrian and was given a bye, so to speak, provided he never drove again. As 20-somethings go, he was no different and decided to try driving again anyway. As a result, he was considered having violated his parole. I wondered why he was captured now, after nearly 56 years of post-parole-violation freedom.

Following this second incident, he was reported as escaped on September 30, 1959. So combined with the recent Full Moon in Scorpio and his untimed chart, I decided to explore to see what contacts were here. Since only the Full Moon chart is timed, that is the center of the wheel. The chart on the outside is the untimed violation of parole, and the natal chart is the one in the center wheel.

Full Moon in Scorpio chart inside, Frank Freshwaters natal untimed middle, Escape chart outside
Transiting Saturn in Capricorn from the Escape chart tightly conjuncts the Ascendant and falls in the 1st house of the Full Moon along with Frank’s natal North Node. Take note as well that the Full Moon–both the Sun and the Moon make a direct hit to Frank’s natal Mars. We don’t know if it’s partile or not, but it’s close enough to take notice especially since he has a Uranus-Mercury-Mars stellium in Taurus, and each of the Full Moon luminaries are making contact by conjunction or opposition. For this observation alone, it would have been quite intriguing. But this went even better since that Full Moon has a T-square from Jupiter asd the arm. Even transiting Jupiter in that Full Moon chart was squaring his natal Mars.

The news pointed out that authorities had developed some kind of trap with his fingerprints and nailed him as a result. Frank’s Sun is clearly within orb of the Full Moon chart’s IC, the 4th house cusp, while his Escape chart shows transiting Uranus in Leo in square to the Full Moon’s Mars. The Full Moon’s South Node makes a conjunction to his natal Venus while Mars makes a quincunx to his natal Jupiter. With this kind of dynamic in the synastry between the three charts, authorities made the adjustments needed to capture him in the midst of his having changed his name, his social security number and even his place of residence. Remarkably, they even had him one time before this, and they lost him again when he fled from Virginia to Florida where he lived for the last 20 years.

This may be the most anticlimactic event in any of our lives, and certainly we can’t see too much, but it gives us some intriguing perspectives when we consider how all of it went down. He probably had more attention (charisma and sizzle here) from his potential natal Moon-Saturn conjunction (definitely Saturn) to the Full Moon’s Chiron because his having been caught not once but three times (the first crime that set the stage in 1959, the escape several months later in the same year, and then his arrest at last after nearly 56 years certainly got attention this time. If he was looking for his 15 minutes of fame, I think he got it now. If nothing else, he had a very long vacation.

This one is certainly for the books!

©2015 Michelle Young