Oregon: At least 15 dead in Mass Shootings at Community College

Rest assured, the Pluto, Full On series will be completed; but this is news now, and news still needs to be examined where we can…

After posting this article, I re-checked the Oregon Live site, where the time had been updated to the 911 call coming in at 10:37 am. This accounts for what will be a slight variation from the chart you see. It should not be too significant past the angles themselves. The Ascendant will still be Scorpio, and the Midheaven should still be in Leo. The most significant shift points to the Moon still at the degree you see but in a 21-minute partile square to the Midheaven at 28 Leo 54. There are no planetary changes of houses 

UPDATE as of 10:18 pm EDT:  The Washington Post reports 10 dead including the gunman, 26-year-old Chris Harper Mercer. While I’m leaving the original article intact below, I wanted to offer the update with these details. He was prepared–and he was clearly hunting for victims according to the article.One of the key points in the article they reported, however, was Mercer’s having asked religions before shooting.

At roughly 10:40 am today, a still unidentified shooter began firing rounds of bullets, killing more than a dozen people (television news reports are saying 10, but Oregon Live reports at least 15 and another 20 injured. Meanwhile, according to reports coming from Twitter, the shooter “is down,” indicating a likelihood that the shooter is among the dead.
Oregon - at least 15 dead, Mass ShootingBefore I noticed anything else, the anaretic Midheaven (MC) just 18 minutes from 00 Virgo caught my eye especially since the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo stood intercepted in the 10th opposition to intercepted Neptune in the 4th, all three bodies of which are squaring Saturn in the 1st and are forming an angular Mutable Grand Cross with an out-of-sign opposition between Saturn and the Taurus Moon which happens to square that Leo MC. I took one look at that chart, and I really felt like I’d been plugged into an electical socket!

While the Moon forms an undecaquartisextile (UQSXT) to the Ascendant (3°56 orb), the UQSXT appears to be in highly active mode today: Mercury and Uranus show a UQSXT with a mere 1°56 orb; Mercury and Chiron have a 2°32 orb orb; Venus-Neptune comes to light with another one in 2°01 orb, and Mars-Chiron with a partile 49-minute orb.

The Sun and Mercury are still conjunct today, and Venus in the 9th makes me wonder if this was a matter of someone distraught over a love issue although Venus’ 9th house placement could explain that the shooting simply took place at a college campus. The heartbeat of the chart, however, points to the mutual reception of Sun and Venus with the Sun in the 11th house and then Neptune in the 4th. With Mercury Retrograde, it seems as if this might have been caused from mixed signals and missed communications rather than what really happened here.

Take note of the above-the-horizon dominance with the Eastern 4th quadrant emphasis. It’s possible, I suppose, that this was a matter of the shooter’s wanting attention and perhaps feeling as if he had no control. Saturn in the mix of this Mutable Grand Cross–not to mention its presence in the 1st house–seems to be speaking about depression, frustration (Mars on the MC as the apex planet), and the possibility that love was at the heart of this kind of frustrated despair–the Peeling of Life’s Onion again.

In case you haven’t noticed, btw, there is another eye-opening trigger in the Sun-Mercury Retrograde opposition to Uranus in the 5th in square to Pluto in the 2nd house. But that’s not all. Jupiter sits at the Solstice Point–antiscion–to Uranus, bringing to mind with the conjunction to Mars in the 10th, the instability of this particular aspect now. Uranus is still the planet we associate with the unexpected. And lest you forget, the Cardinal squares are still going to be around on and off through 2017 (at least) while we also start playing musical planets with the mutables, the highlight of which will be that Saturn-Neptune Peeling of Life’s Onion. Tensions began building throughout September, and you can be relatively sure they will continue to build throughout October as well. The Northern hemisphere may have moved into cooler temperatures as the autumn hues kiss the surrounding hills and mountains; but at the rate I’m seeing these charts showing up now, we may be looking at a long cold winter.

In terms of the multiple deaths in Roseburg, Oregon, there’s sure to be more news on this one. It won’t be cooling down from the headlines for a while especially with such highly active aspects in place today.  By now, I’m sure you’ve noticed…

Namaste, I love you.

©2015 Michelle Young