Pakistan – Solar Return 2014

Pakistan – Solar Return 2014

Pakistan – Solar Return 2014 inside, natal outside

The fourth house is rising in the new Solar Return for the nation of Pakistan this year. I really don’t find it particularly surprising at all with the on and off turmoil that seems to be present there. It hasn’t really been the calmest place–not before Osama bin Laden’s death, and certainly not since. From where I sit on the other side of the world, it almost feels like the nation went into more chaos after his death because the random suicide bombings among other tragic events seemed to pick up the pace throughout the country.

Now there are those who would insist that what’s going on there has been precipitated by other forces ranging from the USA to any number of factions the Pakistani population might see as an enemy. But sometimes–and this appears to be one of them–it’s wise to look in the mirror and examine personal motives, whether those are inspired by your own drives or those of the environment around you. In Pakistan’s case, I’m not really sure they’re as driven by personal motives as much as they are by the environment.

While the country’s chart is very much like India’s since the charts are only 24.5 hours apart, there is a feeling of slow and plodding movement with Pakistan as compared to what I would call thriving energy in India’s chart as a still surprisingly young nation where people realize they can retain the mystery and still be warm, open and forthcoming. That is, I believe, the difference between having a Mercury-ruled Gemini rising in the natal chart and one like Pakistan’s with Venus-ruled Taurus rising.

The nation’s 2014 Solar Return shows Moon-ruled Cancer on the Ascendant. I tend to see Cancer rising as somewhat self-protective while still being very capable of holding grudges when a single Cancer native gets crossed. That image in my mind can be very off-putting, needless to say. But how that Cancer rising will play out this year is a bit tricky since we’re not talking about a single person rather a nation of millions. When I look at the natal chart against the Solar Return and see Uranus, Mars and the Moon all in the 12th house, it seems to me we’ll be talking about a nation in which emotions can and will be hidden especially this year

There is a nice conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Leo, and Venus offers the bridge to conjunct the Ascendant in the Solar Return. In addition, Venus and Jupiter are also conjunct natal Mercury, giving that an additional connection to the Ascendant. While others may not see a more or less 8° orb between the Ascendant and Mercury, I would definitely consider it there because of the Solar Return aspects in play. In contrast, Uranus is conjunct the Midheaven as the arm of a T-square between the natal Moon and SR Pluto opposition which are just *barely* out of the partile square (The Moon is at a 40-minute partile; Pluto is at just outside of the partile at 1°04′ to the MC.). Yet there’s no mistaking the Moon’s partile opposition to Pluto. As much as anyone would like to tell me that things are going to remain calm–if it’s possible–in Pakistan this year, I really question it especially with an additional nod to the SR Moon in Pisces in the 9th house in square to the natal Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 12th.

Mind you, I’m not suggesting that everything is upheaval in terms of in-fighting or reaching proportions I used to worry about with words like “civil war” for this nation. I am suggesting the possibility of more internal environmental issues that will need to be addressed this year. It seems like the potential is there for another major quake or flooding that could again set the nation back on its heels and may even threaten a loss of life. But I don’t think there would be peace if these things didn’t take place.

Natal and SR Mars sit in the SR respective 12th and 4th houses. The Sun in the 2nd house has positioned itself in a 57-minute partile quincunx to the SR Moon, cautioning the need for adjustment again to the nation’s continuing plague of economic challenges. I cautioned as far back as 2006 about Pluto in Capricorn. These years were going to mandate a need to hold corporations including governments to a responsible stance on accountability. Especially in Pakistan where it seems as if authorities including politicians have often abused power, accountability is a serious concern. Yes, this does include the potential for government officials being involved in corruption. No surprise there. Now is not the time for insensitivity especially in one’s homeland where one serves as a public official!

I’m also concerned because of the dynamics I’m seeing in a 4/8/12 complex to this chart, given a potential loss of life if another environmental calamity were to occur as the chart seems to indicate. Children may be the “greatest” victims–if there is such a thing. The fifth house is showing SR Saturn in a partile conjunction to the cusp, and it’s already conjunct natal Jupiter in the 5th.

Thankfully, Pakistan seems to be showing a more conscious attitude that reflects their need to listen to others’ opinions and suggestions in their efforts to become self-sufficient and independent. After all, you can be declared independent; but if you’re still depending on others, there is a question of what the definition of “independence” actually means to you. That’s not for me to say, but for all of Pakistan to consider. In fact, with this below-the-horizon 1st quadrant dominance, it seems like there may still be too much resistance in general willingness to understand this point.

Were I to equate an age for better cognizance of this point, I’d give Pakistan to the age of the 16-yo boy (yes, specifically a boy) who is just discovering his search to be his own person at the same time he tries to balance all aspects of his life. Raging hormones coming to the fore in the midst of his trying to do what is right can often result in spontaneous outburst and misbehavior. The end result can be quite chaotic. That boy in Pakistan can learn now–but only if he’s willing. Too much dictation from his parents, and he could upset the apple cart, so to speak. Now the time for him to learn to stand a bit more on his own and to depend less on his parents except for guidance.

But Pakistan is not 16 and not a boy. By now, this nation should be willing to assume some responsibility without all the drama. Do I think it’s possible this year? I would love it! But no, I’d be inclined to say there are still more lessons to be learned from that transiting T-square affecting the nation’s chart, and it will continue to be problematic until everyone there is on the same page. Learning how to unite the nation with love and benevolence and an effort to work together as well as doing the homework to see–without blame–what happened historically to cause them to continue to struggle is really the cry to the nation of Pakistan this year. Everyone needs to work together without the drama and the infighting, without the corruption of officials, so when these events take place–whether another environmental one as appears to be here or another tragedy of any kind from internal or international forces–they can work as a united front on the outside as well as on the inside.

Anyone can be patriotic and nationalistic. What one does with that kind of energy reveals the age of the nation to the good or the bad. With Scorpio so present in the 4th and 5th houses and Pisces for the Solar Moon in addition to the natal Moon falling in the 12th house, it would seem that there’s still a long road to pave. This year, a lot more emphasis on this learning process–developing a better understanding of technology, of communication, of common bonds within a nation that can be less about dictation and more about the kindness we see from the father who bestows this kind of wisdom on children and the love we see from the mother through the nation’s leaders will go much further this year than the strong arms that seemed to be the whole point in the past. Conservatism will be needed, of course, but working on the improvement of the economy as well will go far to build a nation with a stronger, more solid foundation on which it can grow. Now is the time for that to be achieved. Whether it will be isn’t really the question. I personally think there’s far more time that will be needed because people can be stubborn or lose the drive to achieve it. This depends on what happens out of the reach of the public’s eye, and more in the home you know as Pakistan.

I can tell you from the energy I see here, that infighting and hostility inside the nation has to stop. You have more enemies from the environment and within your own borders than you do elsewhere from what I’m seeing. It’s not all external. Some will disagree with me, but I’m telling you what I see from my perspective as an astrologer. Doctrines can’t be force fed, and that’s true whether we’re speaking about religion and law or we’re speaking about laws being levied even when the people haven’t agreed.

Be at peace, Pakistan. It’s time to grow up and show that you can also be a positive energy in this world! Pay close attention to the period from mid-August through the end of the third full week of September 2014. This will be a telling period for you. On the 28th to 29th of August, tensions could start flaring again as a result of possible lies or a conspiracy of some kind coming to light. Check your sources so you know whether or not to believe what the media is telling you. While it may be easy to be allow officials or politicians to seduce by promises, step cautiously and don’t believe everything you hear.

Be especially cautious as well during 15-16 December, and this, I would say, is a huge warning for your physical safety. There’s an ongoing T-square that will be triggered–that one I mentioned involving the nation’s natal Moon along with Pluto and Uranus, and Uranus will be turning direct less than a week later, so this will be a sudden event. I will add, however, that this energy needs to be watched very careful as well during the entire month of January with potentials for the week of 11 January to increase again in tensions, and this will continue a good share of the time through at least June. That leads me to believe this tension is more related to internal situations–anger within the nation–than with environmental conditions; *however* that doesn’t mean your taking notice of the environment should ease up. After all, these periods I’m talking about can be related for one reason or another as I’ve already said.

Some months I haven’t made a point of pointing out because it seemed to be less likely. December through January is especially strong, and I’m inclined to focus on the period around the 15th and 16th. In addition, events from 21-22 March 2015 are warning signs–even more because there’s a Solar Eclipse on the 20th, and the energies here are going to be of grave importance since every time the Moon moves into position each month, touching one or more of these aspects, there is going to be tension again and again. I am not trying to be a drama queen on this, but this is what it is.

The 4th of April will be another period of concern with the Lunar Eclipse setting off the Cardinal Aspects again in the midst of Jupiter returning to Direct motion just a few days later and Pluto going retrograde a week after that. The Cardinal aspects will still be in partile square to each other, so don’t expect life to be in any way peaceful at this time. The Full Moon will be opposed to Uranus, offering a lot of unexpected surprises (not good ones, I’m sure) since Pluto will also be triggered with the square to the Full Moon. Events might start arising the day before, but by the Full Moon eclipse, you can be sure you’ll feel this one as well as the Solar Eclipse aspects are also triggered not only at this time but basically through the entire period for up to another 3 months or so past this pair of eclipses.

And then on the 3rd and 4th of May 2015, possibly also the 5th of May, there appears to be a sign that order may have to be restored around this time with still more tensions coming from inside Pakistan. It’s possible authorities will try to take charge with conservative action, but it seems like there will be some kind of breakdown and more rigorous action may be needed.

And finally, the first week of July warns that it’s wise again to stay focused on your safety. Again, some of this will be weather, but I don’t feel all of it will be. There is a strong potential here for internal upheaval in the nation. Stay safe and alert. This first week of July indicates an increase in tensions, and I believe this will be internal. With Mars within a clear orb of the conjunction to the Sun and the natal Moon, there is no way I see this as a period in which peace reigns.

It’s not the best year you’ve had, Pakistan, and hopefully not the worst. I wish I had a better Solar Return for you, but I simply don’t see it. As I said, be safe and stay alert.