Pakistan – Solar Return 2015

Please read India’s Solar Return 2015 as well

Pakistan, are you ready? This looks like it’s going to be another very busy year for you!
Pakistan - Solar Return 2015Unlike India’s approaching New Moon Solar Return (SR) this year, Pakistan’s sixth house rises with natal Neptune forming a 21-minute partile conjunction to the SR Ascendant (ASC). At the same time, the SR Moon-Mars conjunction (barely over 1°) forms a tight conjunction to natal Mercury in the chart’s 10th house, while the natal Moon conjuncts the SR Midheaven (MC). The chart seems to be saying we’ll be seeing Pakistan in the public eye once again this year.

The Eastern above-the-horizon fourth quadrant dominance would be hard to miss in the 2015 SR since six of the transiting bodies including both the Sun and the Moon fall in the 10th and 11th houses. But unlike the natal chart’s boasting that huge run to a stellium (3 or more bodies conjunct), these six pair off into their own groups while the latter four form a little stellium. But take note here: The 11th house 4-body merger hints that they’ll act and respond like a stellium. Some astrologers may say Jupiter is too far from the Sun to be conjunct. I would disagree, but I’d also point to Venus’ conjunction to Jupiter despite the ongoing Venus Retrograde (Rx). Venus serves as a bridge to merge the four–and yes, I can hear still others insisting Mercury is too far from Jupiter. Here too, I would disagree. I believe we’re likely to see this merger clearly behaving like a stellium.

Despite their fractious history, both India and Pakistan display a common behavior all of us may do in our own nations during some periods: Fervor comes in waves, and this one looks like it will be visible to the whole world. My biggest concern, however, lies in a potential involvement both nations see that can either bring them closer together–or drive a further wedge between them. Hopefully, they can come closer together this year. Such an effort seems to be important to try especially now.

Pink Floyd – COSMIC VOYAGE – Keep Talking

SR Saturn sits on the South Node in both India’s and Pakistan’s returns this year, each revealing a strong second house placement  that should remind us of life being quite cyclic in the ways it plays out at times. Economically, the picture still doesn’t look pretty for Pakistan, and that worries me. This country has had its struggles with the value of the Pakistani rupee even more than other nations have endured through the years.

Pakistan - 6th house rising SR, Natal outsideWith natal Neptune conjunct that SR ASC, both of which are making incredibly tight partile quincunx placements to transiting Neptune in the 5th house (natal to transiting at 7 minutes; ASC to transiting at 28 minutes), the stresses on the nation appear to be huge. I do believe this will point directly to the people being angry enough that officials appear to continue to possess a type of Marie Antoinette attitude of “let them eat cake.” The natal Moon is now on the MC. It seems the people won’t take it anymore. They are going to want action from their leaders. The people seem to be financially burdened just enough to be seeking answers they aren’t getting from officials, and there lies the danger.

With SR Neptune on the 5th/6th house cusps in 13-minute partile opposition to SR Mercury, the health of the nation seems to be in trouble. The out-of-sign Venus-Jupiter conjunction will create the stellium I suspected it would, and we’ll be seeing the likelihood of trouble brewing from people’s frustration at their inability to come out from under.

In the last SR, if you recall, I had worried about the children. That December 16, 2014 military school massacre in Peshawar still lingers in my mind as the SR Mercury-Neptune opposition nudges at me from its 5th to 6th house cusp placement. I wonder if the anger at seeing so many children dying in the last Solar Return will boil over. Most of us would probably understand such reactions.

Now here’s where things get tricky, but we need to consider these points: Through the years since 2009, we’ve watched how the Cardinal T-squares and Grand Crosses pointed to trouble that simply rocked both Pakistan and India. We appear to be shifting the focus now to a mutable T-square with the Mercury-Neptune opposition bringing Saturn back into play as the arm, thanks to the SR square between Saturn and the Venus-Jupiter conjunction. Consider the role 4th house SR Pluto is taking as well in opposition to the natal Moon-MC conjunction in square to the natal Neptune-SR ASC conjunction. I know. That’s a lot of action to ask you to watch. Still, pay close attention to this one because it isn’t over by any stretch of the imagination just yet!

While I see this period as giving financial grief yet again, be aware I don’t see that as everything. I am equally concerned about trouble related to the national image and possibly to children. This kind of trouble seems to be threatening to brew–or boil over–again. Despite wishes otherwise, I wonder whether the powers that be still haven’t learned. The question of children’s safety, education and the potential for many dying of starvation due to food shortages greatly worries me. The natal Moon-SR MC conjunction simply is not consoling to me with Pluto transiting that SR 4th house.

I wish national leaders there would begin to understand that you cannot keep stirring the proletariat pot and expect to skim off the top of the budget–or significantly deeper. It appears we’ll see another level of fury arising again in Pakistan, and I would imagine this one will hit the government and its officials. They would be wise to pay close attention now to the people and their complaints. At some point, officials actually need to do something, rather than sitting back on the laurels they haven’t earned and expect to continue the free ride. What’s that saying? You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. It would seem people have become wise to what’s going on, and they’re going to strike back and expect change.

Right from the start of the new Solar Return year, growing tensions from unexpected places appear to begin to build. From now through the end of the year, rising anger may give way to an especially strong outcry showing from October 5 on. By the 19th of October, it would seem that Pakistanis won’t want to hear soothing appeals amidst getting pats on the head. They’ll want to hear answers. I know we’ve been down this road before, Pakistan, and what worries me is the below-the-surface grumblings of people getting together and demanding change. At times, I know it can seem as if the world isn’t listening, and that can present a very desperate and gloomy picture.

Yes, you do need a strong leader who can make things happen. Whether that person exists appears to be the question. With natal Neptune sitting on the SR ASC as the arm of that Cardinal T-square, I have to wonder. It seems as if you’ve had the wool pulled over your eyes for too many years. Is there someone among you who can rise and be honest so you have the strong leadership to move you at last into a truly democratic nation? That will be up to you. I don’t see it this year, but perhaps it’s time to find another Benazir Bhutto to move you now into the 21st century. Can you? You first have to identify this person and protect his or her safety especially on the rise. It seems that this person may be among you and not sitting where you can see him/her just yet.

I will strongly caution you to watch out for the wolves in sheep’s clothing. The last thing in the world you need is to find someone who acts like he’s for the people when you discover far too late that you took the wrong path and ended up with worse than what you already have. As I’ve studied the patterns of the Lunar Returns for the coming year and noted the progressions of the Solar Return, one sentence has kept coming to mind: Be careful what you pray for, you just might get–and regret–it.

While this is a separate Solar Return for Pakistan than India’s, please take time to read India’s this year too. You will do well to work together now, to protect each other possibly in the face of danger from beyond. It’s possible that Pakistan and India, despite your differences over the last several decades, will find a need to work together against outside forces to protect each of your nations and possibly even friendly bordering nations as well. It’s a precarious time for you to be sure, but–whatever you do–keep the children in mind. They are, after all, your future. Meanwhile, be safe and make sure your children are too.

Namaste, I love you.

©2015 Michelle Young

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