Putin Critic Murdered in Moscow

I have two more events in queue and this just came in, from Russian news: Putin critic Boris Nemtsov has been murdered in Moscow. According to the most recent news from a television network there,I don’t imagine the murderer(s) will be caught. Take note of the Sun-Neptune conjunction in the 4th house with the Moon in Cancer in the 8th. While the 12th house is empty, Venus is still very much conjunct Mars giving the Mars connection to the 12th house in this case clear weight. A Western, below-the-horizon, 2nd quadrant dominance shows in the chart, indicating that they were waiting apparently for a while. It does tend to give rise to suspicions that Mr. Putin might indeed be behind this assassination.

The news first came out on this site in Russian, but thankfully the time is quite clearly showing:

Russia: Putin Critic Boris Nemtsov Murdered
2nd house Saturn in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius sits in a 39-minute partile quincunx to the Moon in its sign of rulership in the 8th house while Jupiter, in the 9th, is conjunct the Midheaven. And Jupiter as well is now in a one-minute partile quincunx to Pluto, bringing to mind again, of course, the issue of order and laws.
Philip Graves has been following the news from Russia far better than I have; but with Uranus conjunct the 6th house cusp in a 35-minute partile trine to Jupiter, the element of surprise, of course, appears to have been the key to this murder.

Pluto squares the nodes perhaps more widely than I might like to see them in this particular chart, but Uranus is conjunct the South Node, and with Uranus and Pluto on the path to the perfected square, the dynamics are just too obvious to me. The element of surprise said so much here.

Nemtsov was born on October 9, 1959 in Sochi, Russia. Unfortunately, I don’t have data confirming his time of birth. That may come out sometime in the future.

Russia - Boris Nemtsov untimed natal chartThe New York Times wrote in the news alert, “Mr. Nemtsov, 55, a smooth talking and worldly man who spoke accented but near-perfect English, Mr. Nemtsov rose to prominence as the governor of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast and became a vice premier in the late 1990s, during the last years of Boris Yeltsin’s presidency.”

Russia - Murder chart inside, Nemtsov untimed chart outside

Although we have no time of birth, the Uranus-Pluto square now in play points to the obvious with the transiting opposition of Uranus to his Sun and Pluto’s transiting square to the Sun, creating a Cardinal T-square even if Mars weren’t in the natal action. We often see the dynamics being played out in two charts like these, and it holds true here. Transiting Venus and Mars in the 5th:  The 5th house is the Sun’s natural home, and he had a Sun-Mars conjunction in Venus-ruled Libra. Talk about the obvious! He knew what the chances were that his life might be cut short, and I would imagine that Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio gave him a lot of insight as well.

But the timing for this assassination appears to have been linked perhaps to an effort to squash the momentum of supporters of an opposition march that was to take place on Sunday in Moscow. The situation doesn’t bode well certainly for that march.

There seems to be conflicting information as to whether several people or a lone gunman shot Mr. Nemtsov, but he was shot four times while walking with a woman near the Kremlin.

I have no doubt it was a planned attack. Take note of Mr. Nemtsov’s natal Mercury-Neptune conjunction to the Ascendant of the assassination chart while the natal Sun fell in the 12th house. His natal Sun was in the midst of a transiting opposition to Uranus in square to the transit of Pluto in square from the third house. Natal Mars was already already in the transiting 12th.

And then there’s the stunning timing: Nemtsov’s natal Mars fell in quindecile to the transiting placement of Mars in Aries at 164°05 (a quindecile is perfected at 165°00) and Venus, conjunct Mars, is also making a quindecile at 166°32! The midpoint of the quindeciles perfects it at 165°18’30. I’d venture to say this was planned for a long time.

In addition, Nemtsov’s natal Venus-Pluto conjunction opposed transiting Sun-Neptune conjunction in the 4th house of the event chart in square to Saturn in the 2nd. These points simply chill me because they’re so unmistakable in the events that came to pass for him as midnight neared in Moscow.

May this freedom fighter rest in peace.

I’ve just learned while writing this that Mr. Nemtsov was Jewish (Keep in mind the blatant anti-Semitism there) and that there were claims he was a CIA/State Department agent. I’m not surprised. Are you?

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