Reflecting on the Markets: All Planets–or One?

Moving into several more intense articles after this one. This one is really based on spontaneous reflections from tonight’s news. It’s time for some thoughts, nothing really intense, just thoughts for you to consider:

Ducky, the markets today dipped below the price at which my mom and I bought a tiny amount of stock in the week following Black Monday, the Stock Market Crash of 1987. (Not that we could lose much with what we invested, honest. We just wanted to learn about the markets, not to make a killing. In fact, with the first returns we received, Mom and I laughed and decided to buy a “luxury”–an embroidered, padded toilet seat.)
Sorrow and GreedWhile the stock we owned dived much lower than that–to less than 50% of where we began–in the early- to mid-1990s, today’s hit just seemed to make me sigh. Pluto in Capricorn was where I first identified these things taking place. I wrote in 2006 about Pluto’s ingress to Capricorn, but I hadn’t yet connected all of the pieces.

On the other hand, oil is where market analysts seem to be focusing their attention now. To be sure, oil will–or should–bring Neptune to mind.

Ocean, oil well, Neptune

The ocean, of course; First oil well by Frank Robbins, taken 1846; and Neptune on a bottle of oil!

I noted a couple of days ago in the KISS (Keep It Simply Serious) Astrology group on Facebook about avoiding the tendency to blame only one planet on the cause of any woes, and that’s true whether we’re considering our Saturn Return, a Saturn transit, or an aspect involving Saturn, like the Peeling of Life’s Onion–Saturn in hard aspect to Neptune:


Saturn, by Hans Sebald Behamd, 1539

“I just think it can incline the student to see one and only one factor being the reason behind x or y taking place. I’m reminded of those who give Saturn a bad name when they experience their Saturn Return while not grasping that the same Saturn they perceive negatively will be as a result of Saturn’s energies working in their favor at other times.
pierre victurnien vergniaud drawing and quote“I had a terminal illness 11 years ago. At that time, there was a particular natal configuration showing in the Solar Return (SR). I had always seen it as a positive thing, yet when I expected it to be good, that hard aspect repeated in the SR became the nightmare I didn’t want. But even that wasn’t alone; it was simply one of the most pointed factors rather than that being all she wrote. I’m obviously alive (or would like to think I am), and there was a factor for that as well in the chart. This was the point for my addressing this–especially with Mercury Rx (Retrograde). You can’t just have a terrestrial body–Rx or not–taking the whole ball of wax…or an Oscar for that matter, not even that dear old winged, fleet-footed messenger.”
mercury-in-retrograde - 1This will remain the case–even when we’re talking about the stock market and my having sighed at noticing how the numbers again dropped even those few cents below the price at which Mom and I bought it. (After that “luxury” purchase the first year following our modest plunge into the stock market, we decided to leave the rest in for reinvesting along the way.) Now, of course, the shares continue to grow in number even if the price of the stock diminishes for a while. It’s fine. As I said, the initial purchase was just the cost of the lesson. In time the value will rise again just as it will fall. Like the river and other waters of the world rise and fall, just like the Moon waxes and wanes. And maybe at some point, the shares will even quadruple again like they did in 2000. Now there’s a Neptunian thought! 😉

English lyrics
The water of the river is flowing away,
These are the days of your life
The days of your life
Are being washed away with the flow
That comes with the first rains.

The water of the river is flowing away,
These are the brooks
That will eventually reach a dying desert
In the silence following the storm.

Even if I drank up the whole sea
It wouldn’t quench my thirst
For one more day in your presence
For one more day in your arms.

And sitting under the sun
Its rays will not burn me up
The same way my heart is burned
By the flames of your love.

Hebrew Lyrics, with transliteration following
מי נהר זורמים
אלו הם ימי חייך
הם מימי חייך
נשטפים בזרם
שמתחיל עם גשם ראשון

מי נהר זורמים
אלו הם פלגי המים
שיגיעו אל מדבר גווע
עם השקט שיבוא

גם אם אשתה את כל הים
הוא לא ירווה את צימאוני
לעוד יום קרוב אליך
לעוד יום בזרועותיך

גם אם אשב מתחת שמש
לא ישרפו אותי קרניה
כמו לבי נשרף בלהבות אהבתך

Mey Nahar Zormim
Elu Hem Yemey Khayekha
Hem Memey Khayekha
Nishtafim BaZerem
Shematkhil im Geshem Rishon.

Mey Nahar Zormim
Elu Hem Palgey HaMayim
SheYagiu el Midbar Goveah
Im HaSheket SheYavo

Gam im Eshteh et Kol HaYam
Hu Lo Yarveh et Tzimoni
LeOd Yom Karov Elekha
LeOd Yom Bizrootekha

Gam im Eshev Mitakhat Shemesh
Lo Yisrefu Oti Karneha
Kmo Libi Nisraf BiLhavot Ahavatkha.

I’ll be back shortly with several major articles on which I’ve been working; but I hope this gives you a few thoughts to consider about the planets and the patterns they’re weaving in your life. It’s never just one.

Until then…

Namaste, I love you,

©2016 Michelle Young