Road Rage and George Zimmerman’s been shot?!

Busy day today, but then the whole week has been, as you’ll see! I’ve been trying to post a series of articles in the midst of another story for publication.

We start out the day’s events, however, with the possible shooting of–yes, he’s in the news again–George Zimmerman. Now frankly, the only reason I’m looking lies in my thought about Mars in the first house. After all, the news made a point of saying he was shot in the face.

Road Rage: George Zimmerman Shot in the Face

George Zimmerman shot today inside, Zimmerman's untimed natal outsideThe transiting chart shows quite a bit even with that time rounded off. While there’s a balance of the Eastern and Western hemispheres, the 4th quadrant is strongly apparent as is the above-the-horizon dominance, making it quite evident that the incident happened in broad daylight (1 pm) and was intended that way.

His injuries are minor, btw. According to the news sources noted in the article–the Orlando Sentinel, the Associated Press, and at least one television stations–this was probably the result of his having had a confrontation with another driver right before the shooting took place. (Question, btw, remains whether he was actually shot or glass from the shattering window actually injured him.)

His natal Venus is rising in this chart, in the last degree of Leo (a mere 5 minutes from Virgo) in opposition to the transiting Moon, and in square to the Sun conjunct the Midheaven. A fixed T-square with the arm–the Sun–sextiling transiting Chiron in the 8th by a mere 2 minutes.

I suspect the other driver probably wasn’t trying to kill Zimmerman as much as he was to terrorize Zimmerman, but that’s just a bit of speculation on my part. Nevertheless, it’s obvious Zimmerman was lucky: Transiting Jupiter falls in the 12th house of the shooting chart in not-quite partile-yet quincunx to transiting Pluto on the 6th house cusp.

On the other hand, never say that Mars and Venus aren’t magnetic energies–not when transiting Mars is making a 12-minute approaching partile square to George’s Venus. Also note that transiting Mars is is going to be making a partile square to George’s natal Mars next–this coming Sunday–and his natal Mars is in the path of transiting Saturn’s opposition to that transit of Mars, forming yet another T-square with his natal Mars as the arm this time.

Forgive the “no duh” statement here but George Zimmerman appears to have some challenging days ahead.

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