Roe versus Wade – On the anniversary of the US Supreme Court decision
This article has been amended to reflect the undecaquartisextile (165°) aspects present in the charts. The aspects were initially called quindeciles, but a quindecile is 24°, not 165°. With no offense to those who had misapplied or misnamed 24° name to the 165° aspect, the amendment has been applied to ensure accuracy and clarity.

Today is the 42nd anniversary of the Roe versus Wade decision in the US Supreme Court. AstroDataBank notes a 10 am decision with a legal note of 10:00:01, so I’m using the additional one second. Very interesting, in fact, since this decision brings all of the angles to 29° of mutable signs as well as the East Point and the Vertex of the chart.

US – Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision

Roe vs Wade natal chart

The hemispheres are evenly divided with evenly divided quadrants as well, pointing to an open book kind of energy in the decision, noted through the above-the-horizon dominance. The Supreme Court appears to have been truly impartial that day.

Despite these kinds of approach, it seems many will not let the issue alone. Today’s (January 22, 2015) protest marches just may manage to find lawmakers moving to revisit this argument in the Supreme Court. If it does, it seems the decision would be coming down then in November 2015 for yet one more time of evaluation. Saturn will only touch this point one time in its transit through Sagittarius, but remember Neptune is also going to be squaring this point during November.

US – Roe versus Wade – Lunar Return for November 2015
US - Roe versus Wade - Lunar Return for November 2015

US – Roe vs Wade inside, November 2015 Lunar Return Outside

US - Roe vs Wade inside, November 2015 Lunar Return outside

This is the period as well of the Life Cycles Crisis transit series for Roe vs Wade with Neptune approaching the square to the decision’s natal Neptune next month, on February 16. This could be when the Supreme Court might see reason to reevaluate their earlier decision in 1962. Venus and Mars in November, however, will be making a transit through the interception portion of the chart’s 7th house while Neptune will have moved to direct position in mid-November. At the same time, the chart’s natal Venus will have been in a conjunction aspect from transiting Pluto on the 13th of November.

Ironically, the Lunar Return for that month reveals a stunning first house return with partile angles to the original angles! In addition, the Lunar Return Ascendant is conjunct the East Point at a mere 3-minute partile, and the Nodes will have turned direct. The Lunar Return also reveals a partile trine between transiting Mercury in the 8th and 12th house Neptune with Neptune taking on additional oomph since Neptune will go direct during this Lunar Return (LR). Note LR Venus’ conjunction to Mars and the Moon against the 7th house cusp in square to that Midheaven–both the LR and the original decision. But take note that we’re looking at a stellium in Virgo, quite fitting if this is a decision again as I’m suspecting it is.

The Lunar Return chart shows a dominance this time of the Western hemisphere with the 2nd quadrant pointing to much deliberation if this actually goes to a decision. Originally I was thinking this might be a time of decisions, but I would expect if this period actually brings those decisions, there will be a hue and cry to rival what we’ve already seen. Regardless of which side were to win such an argument, it’s not likely to go down with that “proverbial spoonful of sugar.”

And then there’s the aspect of 9th house Mars in opposition to 3rd house Saturn in square to the 12th house LR Chiron opposing the LR stellium. A mutable Grand Cross in square to the Moon, not to mention the LR stellium!

Progressing the Lunar Return reveals another interesting dynamic pointing to a court decision related to this case between the 13th and the 27th of November. The Lunar Return shows the Sun-Uranus quincunx (150°), and quincunxes generally mean adjustments need to be made. But Uranus is in Mars-ruled Aries while the Sun at that time is in Pluto-ruled Scorpio. (I know, some will disagree and say Mars is ruling both, but take note that Mars isn’t the only one making that quincunx: Jupiter is too since they’re both part of that Virgo stellium. I’m certainly interested in your thoughts on that, but I do think this planetary duo points to a volatile situation at this time.)

The Moon is also making a undecaquartisextile to Neptune during the month. Certainly this is a great example of when obsession with concepts can threaten the beliefs perhaps of those who are protesting for the rights of the baby. And while Jupiter makes a 169°22′ aspect to Neptune, which some–including myself–will tend to find a bit wide, I have to give it up to this one as an undecaquartisextile since we’re speaking about health issues and Jupiter’s 6th house transit to Neptune’s 12th house placement.

Saturn will have moved to square Neptune precisely in November. It’s potent and powerful, and it promises to be a month that does indeed question about fact and fiction, reality and fantasy–and someone is going to have to deal with the consequences. My hunch? If there is indeed another Supreme Court decision on Roe versus Wade at that time, I’ll call it again for the mother. It seems like the Court would consider all arguments very seriously and thoughtfully, but it doesn’t look like they will change the decision then.

It will be an interesting time for all of us in November 2015. While the exact placements look like the 26th of November, that would be Thanksgiving week. I’d be more inclined to see the 20th of the month as they break for holiday recess.

©January 22, 2015 Michelle Young