Sara Croft, Portugal

I had been always been interested in Astrology, but meeting Michelle made me realise just how accurate this is when professionally done. The more she so generously shares her knowledge, the more I realise there’s so much more to learn than just your star sign, although she has such a special ability for teaching that makes it look simple. For the past several years, I have watched closely her passionate and caring daily input, as a moderator in an online forum on the subject. The forum has grown enormously, thanks to what I believe is her presence there.

Michelle successfully read my chart when I was going for a job interview. She told me the interview would go well, I’d be interviewed by an older/mature woman, who’d take a shine to me and that I’d get the job with no problems.

She got every detail right, and this was a wild guess; what are the odds of women being in key positions in investment banking?

In 2004, she said I would be in a serious successful relationship in the summer of 2006. I was adamant I was going to be single. I met the love of my life at the end of July 2006, and we started going out in August.

Michelle is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. Also a fine astrologer, I’ve been her client for many moons now and she is always on the nail.