Saturn Goes to Church – The Peeling of Life’s Onion – in Layers and Textures: Part 2

Continuing from Saturn Goes to Church – The Peeling of Life’s Onion – in Layers and Textures: Part 1 with my apologies for the length. I was shocked to see how long this was!


Part 2

But keep in mind the Peeling of Life’s Onion. We often see Saturn as cold, unrelenting, the disciplinarian, the teacher. But teachers also reward and remind us that we simply can’t take shortcuts in life. Saturn in this particular aspect–The Peeling of Life’s Onion–comes into hard aspect with Neptune. Some see Neptune as illusory, confused, deluded just as often as others remember its spiritually symbolic presence in our lives. I often joke and talk about Neptune’s dust bunnies because it’s easy to create the images of mental chaos one can experience in some Neptune-based transits.
Neptune and the cleaning fairyBut it’s also said that Neptune is a higher octave of Venus. The Peeling of Life’s Onion offers us an opportunity to wade through the muck and mire of our lives at times with cold hard looks at what we can do about it. Fareed Zakaria on his CNN show “GPS” (Sunday morning) compared a recent quote of Pope Francis–“The Earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth. In many parts of the planet, the elderly lament that once beautiful landscapes are now covered with rubbish”– to the words of a Sengalese imam who was interviewed by Al Jazeera, encouraging a “green jihad.” The Al Jazeera reporter wrote in his article, “Not a call for violence, but a fight to protect the environment against human pollution.” The comparison of the two religious leaders’ thoughts is the important thing as it relates to global environmental issues and grossly shortened lives of children across the polluted African landscape who die by the age of 5.

Saturn and Neptune, as does any transit, offers us a look at the textures of aspects. The Peeling of Life’s Onion serves as a reminder that the delineation of any planet or luminary has a positive or negative symbolic impact. I just pointed out a mental perspective in reference to quotes from two great leaders–Pope Francis and a Muslim imam. Neptune can be and often is perceived as “way out there.” Saturn is often feared. But perhaps we need to see luminaries and planets and their transits and aspects for the many layers of built-in symbolic meanings they possess. Consider this as you read on…

The Venus-Saturn square sets the stage in the sesquiquadrate as a direct caution that those participating in the situation are treading unsteady waters. It’s possible that emotions in this position could suddenly become explosive. It bears noting that some at this time may have been unstable at best, sending everything potentially out of control.

Pandora’s Box Opens
Pandora's Box OpensFrom the time the beatings started until they stopped, at least 14 hours had passed. But the Leonards didn’t take Lucas’ body to the hospital until about 12:30 when he was declared dead. The New Moon was now well within orb, offering hope to law enforcement officials that they would find Christopher in time as well. With no help from church members, officials found Christopher on the second floor of the church. He hadn’t made a sound, and apparently no one attempted to assist authorities in locating him.

By now, the Ascendant had moved to the first degree of Leo with the Sun in the 4th house now in 2-minute partile opposition to Uranus. Only two outer planets (what I like to call the extraterrestrials, or ETs) fell above-the-horizon at this time, with Uranus conjunct the MC and Neptune clearly placed in the 8th house. Chiron was now in the 9th house of legal matters and higher thought, both of which would certainly apply here.

Keep in mind what I said early on about the quadrants of the chart. In this case, the dominance shifts to the East and the 1st quadrant. The emphasis remains below-the-horizon. Now, in opposition to Neptune, the Virgo stellium sits in the 2nd house, a house perhaps of values in this case. Although I’m sure church members and the Leonards will be looking for money to cover their bail, the issue remains strong that this house will be focused–especially with religion serving as the core of what was happening during this period–on value systems. The arm of the T-square, Saturn, has moved to the 5th house.

The Western hemisphere speaks of one’s receiving energy in the chart. This chart offers a view of the consequences of their Eastern-focused actions), and while the Virgo stellium forms a quincunx to the MC with Jupiter involved in a 41-minute partile aspect, Pluto, now intercepted in the 6th house, makes a 43-minute partile square to the MC. It would seem that no matter how hard the courts are in this case, it appears that the sentence will be a just one. Note the 2-minute partile trine between Jupiter and Pluto. It doesn’t seem like anyone will simply walk away from this situation now.

Over the last several years, we’ve seen the evolution of the Cardinal squares, and this chart again points to these dynamics even in the midst of the shift to the Mutable squares I noted above with the 5th house Venus-11th house Neptune opposition in square to 7th house Saturn. It’s especially important to note here that while we have the obvious Mutable T-square with Venus-Mars-Jupiter stellium in opposition to Neptune in square to Saturn as the arm, we also still have the Cardinal T-square with the Sun-Uranus opposition in square to Pluto as the arm. What makes this especially dynamic in both charts relevant to this article, lies in the interweaving of these aspects, as you’ll see through the undecaquartisextiles.

The story is far from done at this point, of course. The investigation still isn’t finished, and more arrests will be made. Let’s see if there’s a part 3.

Perhaps Deborah Leonard claimed to lack the strength to do what took place on Sunday night, but she acquiesced with no foreseeable reason to do so except for the thought that she loves her husband perhaps more than her children. Perhaps you’ll think I’ve been hard on the parents in this story. But please understnd, these two teens had never been allowed to host or attend a sleep over, probably had never been on a date, and may never have had the joy of dancing or playing a ball game. They had, on the other hand, from what I read in various articles, been forced to read the Bible two hours a day.

I thought about Lucas and Christopher as I researched some of the story last night and discovered the following that seems like it was just made for this article. I’ve never heard it before and normally, I’m not a huge fan of country-style music. This one, given the place and the story, fits the bill.

Lyrics: Gentle Moon

smile down on us sun, show your rays
when things come undone
all animals lead, us to light
when we can’t see
stars, saturn and moon, glow for those
who cannot get through
rain fall and voice sound for those of whom
still are not found

gentle moon, find them soon
gentle moon, find them

black sky and black sea, lighten up
when we can’t breathe
all dreams escape fire, over worlds
fly but won’t tire
slow down on us wind, hold us still
when everything spins
all secrets and lies, let them out

dreams escape fire, they won’t tire
dreams escape fire, they won’t tire

gentle moon, find them soon
gentle moon, find them soon

all calendars pass, days die off
and hope cannot last
but if love was like stone, then yours was mine
through to my bones
but how can we give back to those
with whom we can’t live
when will the flame break
and spare the good people it takes

souls escape fire, they rise higher
souls escape fire, they rise higher

gentle moon, find us soon
gentle moon, find us soon

Namaste, I love you.

©2015 Michelle Young

Saturn Goes to Church – The Peeling of Life’s Onion – in Layers and Textures: Part 1