Seven Shot at Spring Break Party in Florida

According to Frank McKeithen, Bay County Sheriff, in a public memo on Facebook this morning, “The Bay County Sheriff’s Office responded to multiple 911 calls at 12:55 a.m. this morning in reference to a shooting…  …Several of the victims are students at Alabama A&M University visiting Panama City Beach for Spring Break.”

Florida - 7 Shot at Spring Break PartyCardinal energies seem to be rising one more time as the Lunar Eclipse begins to make itself known for the 4th of April, next Sunday’s appearance. 4th house Uranus is in place, conjunct the Sun in the Lunar Eclipse although the currently transiting Sun is only at 8 Aries 14 still. It’s conjunct, but a week away. Pluto in the 1st was still squaring Uranus by a 31-minute partile degree as a shooting of 7 people at a spring break party took place this morning in Panama City Beach, Florida. Three of the victims are in critical condition.

While there’s an even Eastern-Western split in the Pluto rising shooting chart, a first quadrant below-the-horizon dominance reveals a 24-minute partile quindecile between the transiting intercepted 8th house Leo Moon and Pluto, making me suspect this was a possible act of jealousy or passion. The shooter is around the same age as the partygoers, students at Alabama A&M University. He also hails from Mobile, as do many of the victims. Take note of Venus now at 14 Taurus 11, a 13-minute partile quincunx to the upcoming Lunar Eclipse Moon at 14 Libra 24. The 12th house Saturn square to Neptune in the 3rd warns that tempering one’s emotions at times like these is usually the wisest course of action.

There was also a quincunx between Pluto and Jupiter–intercepted in Leo in the 8th, which could imply there had been an effort to adjust to a situation in some way, but the police report said this was the area’s sixth firearm-related incident of the evening. Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius rising seems to point out the likelihood that police would have been busy early this morning.

In the case of a below-the-horizon dominance, it’s not likely that all of the details will be released in terms of this mass shooting. But take note of the Nodes making a mere 5-minute partile conjunction to the Meridian in the chart! Saturn also falls in the 12th house in square to Neptune in the third, bringing to mind the possibility that drugs or booze could have been behind the shooting although the shooter himself had not been invited to the party and is not a student at the university.

Hopefully this is the last of the spring break nightmares, but that angular Uranus-Pluto square is going to be dictating the script for a while to come. On the other hand, look at the comparison of the Lunar Eclipse chart for the United States to the shootings taking place this morning. Since there is no point to my offering the shootings chart as a comparison to the Lunar Eclipse when the eclipse will take place after the shootings, I’m using the Lunar Eclipse chart as a comparative transit.

Florida - Shooting inside, Lunar Eclipse outsideJupiter Retrograde was making an approaching 33-minute partile square to the Lunar Eclipse Ascendant this morning. By the time of the eclipse next week, the square will tighten even more to a 24-minute partile. This morning’s shooting also points to Mars in a 42-minute partile conjunction to the Lunar Eclipse East Point while the Sun today at 8 Aries 11 is making a 17-minute partile conjunction to next week’s placement of Mercury during the eclipse. While not all of the points of the eclipse will touch an event, there should be some correlation between events that follow. Not just the Sun and Moon, but each and every point touched by the transiting planets at the time of the eclipse can be noted through similar events, emotions or lessons as these transits touch a natal planet or luminary in one’s chart. It’s possible we may also see similar incidents arising during the period following the eclipse. It will be an interesting study in action.

©2015 Michelle Young