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South Carolina took the first step to rewrite its future today when the Senate cast the first vote to remove the Confederate flag from the grounds of the State House.

South Carolina Senate Casts First Vote to Remove Confederate Flag

If you’ve been following Part 1, MASS MURDER IN SOUTH CAROLINA and FROM BULLETS AND A FLAG TO FEDERAL CHARGES: MASS MURDER IN SOUTH CAROLINA, PART 2, hopefully you were counting on this new entry. I was!

It’s truly interesting, you know, watching Charleston evolve from the first shot of the Civil War, the War Between the States, in Charleston Harbor on April 12, 1861, and the long trek in its history until this moment today.
Civil War beganWhile I can’t offer the starting time of that first shot from the sea where Fort Sumter stood in Charleston Harbor, the chart still offers us a view that can give us many perspectives on today’s vote. On April 4 this year, with the onset of the Lunar Eclipse at 14 Libra 24, the Full Moon was already pointing to this moment in Civil War history with the eclipse making a 47-minute partile aspect (conjunction of the Sun and opposition from the Moon) to the War’s placement of Venus while transiting Jupiter on the 3rd and 4th of June, just a month ago, made another return to the War chart! But days after the Lunar Eclipse, transiting Uranus had squared the Nodes of the Civil War chart, pointing to a dramatic incident that would potentially change history and shake up the status quo. That, of course, was the killing of the Charleston 9.

SC - 9 Shot inside, Civil War outsideAt the time of the killings in Charleston on the 17th of June 2015, Mercury was making a 16-minute partile conjunction to the placement of Mars in the Civil War began chart while transiting Mars was making a 20-minute partile square to the Civil War chart’s Mercury! Dylann Storm Roof was mincing no words when he said he wanted to cause a race war. For those who are wondering, no, I haven’t missed the 10-minute partile trine between the shooting chart’s Saturn at 29 Scorpio 48 and the Civil War chart’s Neptune at 29 Pisces 58. I won’t consider the Moon’s placement in Taurus where I have it since this is an untimed chart and is therefore probably irrelevant save for the perhaps coincidental 4-minute partile square between the Civil War chart’s Moon placement as I have it and the placement of Jupiter in the shooting chart.

But just look at the Civil War chart’s Sun in its 2-minute partile conjunction to the IC of the shooting chart. While the chart showed a 24-minute partile opposition between the Moon and Pluto in a partile T-square to the Civil War chart’s Venus, the killings chart was transiting toward yet another conjunction to each of the Nodes of the Civil War chart! I’m reminded of the words, “There is no such thing as coincidence.”

Neptune in the shooting chart was also still within a 28-minute partile square to the Civil War chart’s Uranus, bringing to mind all of the focus John Davenport and I have had in considering the issues of multiculturalism and Civil Rights dating back to the Magna Carta and before.

I’m going to shift my focus now away from the more current crime scene Roof had caused. It’s actually a small piece of the Civil Rights puzzle for which we can actually be grateful. It opened so many eyes to what needed to take place in the United States. This may actually become the first step to a truly equal-rights-for-all nation! Time will tell, of course.

South Carolina state chart

The South Carolina state chart shows a 7 Virgo 26 Ascendant (ASC) in Placidus, but I want to point out that the Koch house system Carolyn Dodson said she used, offers a 5 Virgo 49 ASC and a 2 Gemini 03 Midheaven as compared to a 3 Gemini 58 MC with Placidus. I’m pointing to these angles since anything focused on either chart’s angles will potentially be relevant to today’s vote as well.

SC vote inside, State chart outsidePluto is making a 14-minute partile conjunction to the state’s Moon, actually a unique placement since the Solstice Point for the North Node of the state chart joins this duo for a lasting, transforming legacy. At the MC, joining Jupiter, Venus makes a partile 47-minute square to the state chart’s Mercury, telling just enough for me to suspect that I’ll see even more with the Columbia chart since Columbia is the state capital where the vote took place.

Today, in Columbia, the state capital, the South Carolina Senate made one of the most important steps, pretty much sealing the fate of the Confederate flag and relegating it to museums other than its remaining in the hands of those who still choose to hold on to it. The move met with little resistance by a 37 to 3 vote. While the Western dominance and neither a quadrant nor above- or below-the-horizon emphasis show up, the effort to do what’s right in listening to each other and to the people they serve was evident in the tight conjunction of Jupiter to the Leo Midheaven.
South Carolina votes to remove Confederate flag!Of course, it made sense for me to bring up the chart for today’s vote with the state capital on the outside since we know the time of the vote while the creation of the capital is just speculation. But take note of the 7-minute partile conjunction of first house Saturn in Scorpio to the capital’s Neptune, and again we have the Peeling of Life’s Onion! I have no doubt that the resistance of the few was vigorous.

SC will remove flag inside, SC Capital chart outsideThe capital chart’s Mars in its opposition to Mars in the voting chart made a 52-minute partile conjunction to the South Node of the outside (capital) chart while transiting Neptune was still within a 47-minute partile conjunction to the capital’s placement of Pluto! During today’s vote, the Sun made a 17-minute partile quincunx to the capital’s Venus, pointing to the need to adjust to the times according to the law. The Sun’s placement on the cusp of the 9th house indicated that there was no other way this would have been.

Now in all fairness to Carolyn Dodson and her Horoscopes of the US States and Cities, I will add here that the placement of the Moon at the time of the vote ironically conjuncted the ASC she used at 17 Pisces 26 by a mere 18-minutes, yet another partile! And then there was the icing on the cake with transiting Uranus on the 6th house cusp, making a 43-minute partile trine to the voting chart’s MC. It would seem this was a move that was simply bound to take place!

If the Neptune-Pluto conjuncting transit represents the evolution of a person, perhaps the same thing is true when we’re considering such a dramatic move in state laws and politics. It certainly would seem to indicate this being the case under the surface of what will become the American landscape over the next ten years or so.

Today’s spate of undecaquartisextiles points to the opportunities through debate and firm focus on the changes that would be needed specifically in the values before them in such a vote. While three senators held out and resisted going with the majority, the good of all prevailed, and the effort for change was met through the Mercury undecaquartisextile to Pluto. Many factors were at work today as shown by Neptune’s undecaquartisextile to the MC, a Neptune undecaquartisextile to Jupiter, and a Neptune-Venus 22-minute partile undecaquartisextile, focusing on the need to meet the ideals and legal issues of the state while some personal values may have been the ultimate sacrifice. When the vote finally came to a head, the public’s needs were met through awareness and action that offered the ideal solution for all.

The heartbeat of the chart points to several energies going through the debate from the effort to discussion rationally, addressing the ideals they needed to meet, and then the process of responsibility to their constituents. All I can say is great job, South Carolina Senate! Now you will lead those remaining states with the Confederate symbol still flying. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say Mississippi will be next in line.

Thank you, South Carolina! It is indeed time.

Namaste, I love you.

©2015 Michelle Young