Steve B., Grapevine, TX

With Michelle’s experience as a writer at Dell, I’m sure people just interested in astrology find her to be a great bridge from the world of horoscopes to the world of actual astrological chart work. For intermediate astrologers like myself though, it was terrific to talk the language of astrology as we walked through my natal, solar and lunar return snapshots. Questions I’ve had over my chart, which I’ve been studying for the last four decades, were not just answered but solved in a way that broadened my knowledge of the practice. I learned about areas I’ve never heard of such as solstice points and how they related to planets I thought were unaspected. She brought in the asteroid connections as needed to fill out my life story so that critical events and character traits now make much more sense.  I have to say a reading with Michelle is not just a get better acquainted with yourself session, it is also a great learning opportunity from someone who really gets the profession at every level.