Super Typhoon Hits the Philippines

Four regional signals alerted the Philippines to the arrival of Typhoon “Ompong” (Mangkhut) as it touched down in Luzon, home to the capital, Manila, in North Philippines at Baggao, Cagayan on Saturday morning. Bringing in heavy rains and gusts and winds up to 285 kph (pushing 178 mph), the category 5 typhoon promises to be one of those “you’ll never forget” storms of gigantic proportions. News reports anticipated a 900-km-wide storm with no signs that this typhoon would lose strength.
“The US Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) has classified Ompong as a Super Typhoon Mangkhut on September 11, Tuesday, even before it entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility on Wednesday,” The Philippine Star reported about the then incoming storm which has 4 regions being signalled for anticipated hits from the typhoon. NASA has also classified this as a Super Typhoon. The consequences show in the charts I’ve used to compare when “Ompong” (Mangkhut) touched down at 1:40 AM on the 15th in North Philippines.

I’m going to plunge right in with these analyses and side step all of the music this time except perhaps for one piece and one piece of art. This site is blessed with those who understand when I make a sudden shift for an article, as I am doing now, so I’ll thank you for that kindness. I’m trying to keep this relatively short.

We’re all used to bad weather, but 900 kilometers wide is 559 miles! Super Typhoon indeed! A quick look at the Solar Return for 2018 placed the 5th house rising with SR Pluto forming a conjunction to the Ascendant and SR Uranus in the 4th. Asteroid followers will be pleased to see I’m biting the bullet–kind of. You might recall that I do, from time to time, take notice of the Centaurs. This is one of those times. I can’t help but see 12th house SR Saturn Rx forming an approaching 13-minute partile conjunction to Pallas while 7th house SR Pallas forms a 1°04′ approaching conjunction to natal Saturn. That struck my curiosity since this is an exchange between the natal and Solar Return charts, and I turned to Bob Marks‘ page for a quick assessment. Both point to seeing patterns and solving problems. Marks also indicates an ability to arrange as well as his mentioning therapists and social workers, both of which could certainly apply here for working with families as well as those who might be hospitalized.

Although SR Mars (1st house despite how it looks) forms an opposition to the Mercury-North Node 4-minute partile conjunction in the 7th. Obviously, that means Mars was conjunct the South Node, even then as it is now, two months later since Mars moved to Stationary Direct on the 27th/28th of August. It would have been the 28th in the Philippines.

SR Mars, however, forms a semisextile to the 2nd house Moon in Pisces, resolving in a Blooming Undecaquartisextile conjunction to SR Venus in the 8th house (1°16’30” orb). In terms of the nation, I wouldn’t say this is a good sign. The SR Moon forms a conjunction to SR Neptune Rx while Neptune opposes the 8th house natal Moon, giving me a suspicion about rescue efforts feeling futile at times, especially since the Moon is also forming a 43-minute partile opposition to natal Mars in the SR 8th house. It’s also worth mentioning that SR Mars forms an opposition to natal Pluto with a 1°34′ orb. But as if that’s not enough, natal Mercury and natal Mars are in perfect position for a natal semisextile which resolves in this chart at 22 Aquarius 04 in a Resonant Blooming Undecaquartisextile 26-minute partile opposition to SR Venus!

Yet all of this chatter, and I still haven’t pointed to Mars in its waning SR square that would be waxing after the 27th/28th of August, and this is important too! Take note of SR Uranus in the 4th, not only squaring SR Mars but in an approaching conjunction to the natal Vertex. Fate? Well, you tell me: The Vertex is one of the fate points in a chart. Again, this is significant since Uranus and that natal Vertex are also positioned in square to the Nodes.

But Uranus isn’t involved in the T-square 10th house SR Jupiter forms with SR Mars and 7th house natal and SR Mercury and natal Pluto. On the other hand, don’t count Uranus out just yet. It’s still involved in a T-square since Mars, remember, is opposed to natal and SR Mercury! So while it’s not what we can call a Fixed Grand Cross just yet, it is involved in a second T-square! (One T-square is formed from houses 1 and 7 to the 4th house as the arm; the other T-square is formed from houses 1 and 7 to the 10th as the arm!)

Those of you who know my style with returns have probably already noticed my lack this time of identifying the dominant quadrants and hemispheres. It’s not that I’ve changed, rather that I felt these weren’t as important this time as the aspects themselves. In this chart, for example, LR Saturn’s conjunction to the Descendant seems as pointed to me as the double Saturn positions (SR and natal) in the Solar Return. But you don’t need to take my word for that. Take a look at LR Mars in the 8th (I’m not surprised, are you?) in opposition to natal Saturn in the 2nd house!

I suppose that’s not so remarkable, is it? Well, how about the Moon in the midst of its return just happening to be precisely 1° from the LR Sun–or how the Moon forms a 54-minute partile opposition to Neptune in the 9th in square to 12th house natal Uranus as the arm of a mutable T-square this time? Then you might also spot the 3rd house natal Mars conjunction to the natal Ascendant receiving the conjunction from LR Mercury, both of which are forming a square to the natal MC positioned in the 12th house (intercepted at that!). It’s not enough for a T-square by any means, but a square to the MC from LR Mercury alone is significant because of its conjunction to that natal Mars-Ascendant conjunction. Still, it’s not quite the same as the Moon in its T-square when the Moon is ruling the chart!

At the same time, LR Venus in this chart still opposes LR Uranus Rx and its currently ongoing conjunction to the natal Vertex in the 11th house. This too is a T-square although anaretic Mars at 29 Capricorn 45 is forming the arm from its out-of-sign position. Look closely though: Mars is forming a 27-minute partile square to LR Venus. I’d call that well within orb!

With all this in comparison, now we can look at the typhoon chart as well as the natal chart with that outside. I’ve already progressed the Solar Return MC to September 15, which places SR Jupiter on the MC, a warning that this will be massive, deadly and widespread; but then, we already figured that out, didn’t we?

Transiting Mars moved to the Descendant on the morning of the 15th of September, but it forms an out-of-sign opposition to natal Saturn which forms a 31-minute partile conjunction to the transiting Ascendant. I wouldn’t mention these things if they didn’t stick out like that hammered sore thumb to me. Of all things, a Mars-Saturn opposition on the horizon can’t really be missed, even when it’s out-of-sign. If anything, however, while Saturn sits in an in-your-face conjunction to the Ascendant, it’s actually Mars playing a major role here. Aside from Mars with the obvious “foot on the gas pedal” in Aquarius, it’s the arm of a T-square to transiting Venus in the 4th in opposition to both transiting Uranus Rx in the 10th and that natal Vertex, the latter of which is a mere 2 minutes of a degree in opposition to Venus!

If Taurus is said to be slow, Uranus probably hasn’t noticed with those winds it encouraged as “Ompong” (Mangkhut) finally made landfall. Again, imagine winds at 178 miles per hour and a 559-mile wide hurricane, which is the equivalent of this typhoon! Between the wind at that velocity and the water coming in, I’m not really surprised to see the natal Moon-transiting Mercury 15-minute partile conjunction in the 2nd house in opposition to 8th house transiting Neptune Rx. Does one ask in level 5 hurricane–again, the equivalent of the typhoon–how this nightmare will take lives? It seems like the water itself will be the deadly force. I keep remembering the tales from Phuket, Thailand nearly 14 years ago and shudder.

There’s so much here, and not enough time for me to write more. Every time I start to finish the returns I’ve been doing, another disaster comes along. Hopefully no more at least until I’m through the returns. I’m so close to being done now!

On that note, as I said earlier, just the one piece of music. This is short, but I need to get back to the other two articles. Forgive me for not including the antiscia this time. They’re pretty obvious with all of these Cardinal connections but perhaps not as much with the Fixed and Mutable signs. My not including them this time was simply as a time saver. You may or may not want to watch the dynamics of these too in the various charts I’ve used. They can enhance the additional points you’ll see and give you an opportunity for more of the nuances in the chart.

Until next time…

Namaste, I love you,

©2018 Michelle Young